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Character Creation

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Hello! This is where you reveal to us the character which you will be playing! Remember
to include name, age, abilities (if any), personality, and position (if you are a Bad,
Good or Neutral, basically; if you are for the idea of people with abilities ruling,
against it, or have no thought on the matter.) Feel free to include any additional details
if you'd like!
Adele | 15 | I'm afraid of them, so I keep my mouth shut.

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Name: Adele Comeau
Age: 15
Ability: Sees others' emotions in the form of surreal beasts.
Position: Technically neutral; very opinionated
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Body type: Very lanky and scrawny in appearance.

  Although Adele can see and identify others' emotions without prior notice, this
certainly doesn't give her the upper hand in any conversation. She gets very uncomfortable
during social activities and is terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing, often
leaving her at a literal loss for words. She is timid and skittish, and her emotions
usually take the form of what appears to be a sentient many-headed mass of shadow
whispering things into her ear -- fear, which she is quite used to. The beast is rarely
happy, and subsequently so for her.

  Adele was raised by two mothers. They are divorced. That's really all there is to say
about that. She also has a brother named Jean, who is about 20 years of age with no
ability. He is an art major in another country, and does not come to visit often since he
has grown to hate the City.
Adele | 15 | I'm afraid of them, so I keep my mouth shut.

27 January 2013, 12:57 PM   #3
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Name: Hyeon Ho Hiatus
Age: Seventeen
Ability: Can read others' minds by touching them, and can hear what people
are thinking from before or present.
Position: Good total sweetheart
Body Type: Lanky, very thin but muscular for his age. Normal weight.
Personality: Hyo is a very nice, sweet and caring boy who spends a lot of
his time sweet talking spending time with his friends and trying to get away from
his grouchy family almost all day. All of his life he had tried to live a way he was
expected to, doing things others wanted for good. It was until around fourteen that he
finally opened up to himself and did his own thing, spending time with people he wants to;
even if they were bad or had poor excuses. Though, he truly stayed on the safe side. He
loves to listen to music and it's one of his most precious things to him, although his
friends and family come first. Despite this, he is still a cheerful young man that lives
life the easy way. He is very clumsy and gets hurt a lot, sometimes forgetful.
History: Hyo was raised by his two grandparents who decided to want to take
him in and teach him the ways of 'Back then.....'. He learned a lot of interesting things,
and knew his grandparents hated the newly government and traumatizing kid things they sold
those days, and kept Hyo away from them as long as they could. When he was thirteen, his
grandparents passed away and left Hyo with two parents who didn't know or want anything to
do with him, and sent him off on his own with enough money to live his own life, by
fourteen. He got a career in music making, and worked part-job in a café.

30 January 2013, 06:26 PM   #4
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Name: Blitz Sahko 
Age: 15
Ability: Blitz is good with electricity 
Position: She is good.
Body type: Blitz is short and thin. Her hair is white from the lightning and her
skin is also very pale from not liking to be outside
History: Blitz loved to go outside and play when she was little. She would be out
there rain sleet or shine. One day is was quite rainy and it was thundering and lightning
outside. Her mother told her to come inside and stay away from the field but she didn't
listen. She wandered out to the field in the back and was running through it when a
lightning bolt came out and struck her arm. Shockingly enough Blitz was still alive, sure
she was a bit twitchy and off balance but she was fine. She had  a lesion that ran along
her arm and went in odd patterns; occasionally it even glowed a bright florescent white.
That's when she discovered her mutant abilities.
Personality: Blitz is very quiet because when she talks she stutters. Blitz is also
very clumsy, she falls all over herself on a regular basis. She doesn't like to be
embarrassed and she is very sensitive; when she gets upset she often cries or goes on a
crazy electrical rampage. She also loves to read and write and play music, Blitz is very
talented in playing the piano.Blitz is also a techno- head; if you have a tech problem
Blitz is the one you call. She likes to focus on her homework most of the time and then on
her friends. 

19 February 2013, 01:52 PM    #5
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Name; Hannah Roberts
Age; Sixteen
Ability; super fast. like speed of sound fast
Position; neutral 
Height; 5''5

Body Type; muscle on her legs from all the running. otherwise she's not very curvy; wide
hips and small boobs.
Personality; Hannah is pretty loud, pretty in your face. She loves to chat and talk but
she also likes to yell profanities at people who walk past or give comments about her
ability. She's kinda a nice person, her brash and loud attitude tend to overshadow this
simple fact. She's quite competitive against others with abilities and always likes to
race people cause she knows she'll win lickity split. If people prove her wrong she gets
kinda huffy and mad like a small child. Its funny to watch.

History; Hannah grew up with two sisters and a brother who she has been competing with
since the day they both got put into the same class in school. (There's a 9 month gap
between them with her being the older). Her family were pretty rich in terms of income,
her father going into medical research and her mom was a florist. Hannah is one of three
with abilities in her family, the other two being her mom who has control over flora and
fauna and her Eldest sister Jesse who can mimic people. Her mom died in a car accident
when she was 9 and her dad never got over it. She spends most of her time out of the house
so she doesn't have to deal with shit these days.

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