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24 January 2013, 09:41 PM    #1
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Last edited by xMaxIsHappyx, 25 January 2013
You've heard them all once, don't make me repeat them. You will be taken out of
the club on three strikes, and can return after a week after you have reflected. Four
strikes, and you're out for good.

.  Yaoi/Yuri/Shipping or whatever is okay, just put it into a
[PRIVATE] so people know things are going to happen. Make sure the other is fine with
. I know some of the characters cuss a lot, so don't use it in OOC
. Be nice to everyone, we are a family 8 )
. Not too much OOC, there's a reason for that particular
. Minimum to 2 characters from the show, it's unlimited if you
want to make ones of your own
. More than one sentence, please
. Yes, I would like for you in the RP to type the way your
troll/character does, in less you can't figure out how then tell me and I will arrange
. Drama? Take it to messages, we don't want to hear it
. please, be active. Tell me when or if you are leaving for time
and I will put you and your topic on hold if you need time so when you come back, you can
go back to what you were doing.
. If you want more than three role-layers in a topic for an idea,
make a chart or whatever for who posts first, then next, then third and so on that
everyone has a turn and no one gets left out
. If there are already people roleplaying or the topic is dead,
don't bump into there. If it's dead and the people don't want to use it anymore, I swill
clean it and you can start from there if you like
. Grammar and literate sentences are what I like, but try as you
can. For some it is hard.
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