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Welcome to the world of Ghidora! For the most part, this is a story role play meaning it will follow a plot line that I have created and is left for you to discover and follow ^w^. So dispite the strict rules, please enjoy yourself! X3 Rule #1: Because of the neglect to follow the NO ONE LINER rule, anyone who writes and submits a post with simply 1-3 sentences repeatedly, will recieve a warning from Myself or The Co-Founder Azure.. Please, this club is not a place to RP halfway. If you are new, learn from the more expirienced role players! One liners are incredibly annoying and show a lack of creativity, and attention to detail. I apologize for being so brash, but it is needed if the abuse of RolePlay freedom is continued. Rule #2: No God modding unless they are an NPC (A "Non player charecter") meaning if it's someone elses charecter, don't touch 'em (Unless they've given you the okay of course). There will be no "all powerful beings" going around picking fights with everyone they see. (Unless they're a member of the demons... the dark beings ^w^) Don't make an all powerful NPC that goes nuts. They are technically supposed to be useless and fillers. Rule #3: Please don't have any epic fights with another member in a topic. Not even in the OCC topic. Small disputes can be settled of course. But please...... don't be at eachothers throats 24/7. Rule #3: No OCCing in a RP topic unless it's neccessary. If I see any conversations not related to the RP going in inside a RP thread, I WILL delete them. So if posts suddenly start vanashing... you know you've been caught ;D Rule #4: No tlkin lik dis plz it gts rly anoyin. I mean if evrybdy postd lik dis how wld anybdy undrstnd anythn u wr sayin??!!! So please talk like human beings since I'm assuming we all are. ^w^ Rule #5 Cybering and sex stuff. Please don't have any major sex scenes with the details. Let's keep this a non-pornographic club, please? While smut is aloud it needs to be...proper smut. There can be romantic scenes and some lovey dovey intereactions but please... Spare us the details of your charecters erotic love lives. Rule #6 KEEP EVERYTHING FICTIONAL. No making God or Lucifer or any of the actual biblical Angels any NPC's. Keep them totally out of this. Don't even say "I'm the daughter/son/wife/sibling/cousin/or whatever of Lucifer or God or anything. Religion is completely out of this. Pretend as if they don't exist here. The only ones who have been permitted to do this are I, and the Co-founder. Why? Because we understand the importance of personal beliefs. People are very easily offended, and we are careful with what we post. It's not that we don't trust you, it's just that we don't KNOW you. Rule #7 ROLE PLAYING IS LIKE TELLING A STORY!!!! So, TELL A STORY! Writing in present Tense is not permitted. Present Tense: *Walks up and hugs him* Thanks *Starts to cry* Frankly, I'm surprized more people don't know that when you Role Play, you do so in PAST TENSE. Past Tense: She walked up to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Thanks..." She began to cry. Please understand that different people have different ways of Role playing. But in THIS Role Play, we are telling a story. So, it is natural that we all would write it like one. Rule#8 So it's been awhile since I've had to add a new rule here ^W^ Not that most people really check this often haha! However, I feel that it is important to let this be known here on the rule page to make it as official as possible. This role play has shifted to one that completely surrounds the Co-Founder and I. It's not a bad thing, in fact it's easier for us to make our story! Since this is the case, and we don't have many other roleplayers these days, it should be known that we don't want other characters in our "Main story line" of this place. This means that when you make a character you look for posts my myself, and by Auraze101, and keep away from them. I know it sounds harsh but this club was made for us and our story. It's pretty empty of other people now anyhow so we shouldn't need to worry about it, but if you would like to roleplay with someone else here and make up your own epic story then you can absolutly do that! Just make sure it doesn't mix with ours We really appreciate how well everyone who's role played has followed the rules! It's very encouraging that there are good role players out there in Kupika! Thanks so much :D Light Social Classes: Celestial Royal Class- Conists of Angels and the Royal families of elves. If you want to be part of this class let me know. Not too many people can be apart of this class. This is the highest ranking Class in Ghidora. So if you are planning on creating a Royal or Angel, please ask first! Enchanted Middle Class- These are the other Elves who are not part of any Royal Family. Anyone can be a part of this class. Magick Class-Consists of Faeries and Witches. Fey- All the rest of the beings. Or any other creature that isn't listed above. More rules may be added later since it's pretty late right now, and frankly, I'm starving If you have any questions, please ask and I will answer as best as I can. Happy Role Playing kiddos!!! <333

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