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17 November 2011, 07:29 PM    #1
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Fading anger passes out of mind
Severing the weary person's binds
Fear fails to find purchase in my heart
No more running from the failed starts

Mortal am I subject to time's whims
Acceptance freeing me from shame and sin
Whirlwinds crack on my resolve
Desires pushing try to make me fall

In my agony I find my escape
Fury subsides in me as I release
My lies
My hiding
No running
Just finding a way 
To abate this tempest of life

Trust in the ways of the world
Balance is nature's price
Unyielding unrelenting
All things will come to pass

No wrath will bend the plans of God
For my thoughts are as finite as my existence
In this temporary torture
Bound to life and injustice

To the world's dismay 
The maelstrom calms
I rise to say
In the end we all pass on

Hate fades with time
Anger waxes and wanes
Lust dissipates
Wrath turns to apathy

All the darkest fears of saints and sinners
Fail to continue as time grows thinner
At the end minds find peace
A peace that resides in me

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