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26 May 2011, 05:16 PM    #1
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I know a another one?Yes another one!I have 1 more up my sleeve!

She puts on the make up.She writes her letters.
To her angry disapproving mom she writes to be more loving.
To her dad that was never there.
She cries on the pages for her little sister!Oh woe is her!!
She wanders to the kitchen putting on a show!
Oh no!She opens the cabinets!She takes the pills effortlessly.
She feels drowsy she goes to her bed!No don't sleep!
She wakes up in a unfamiliar room with familiar faces.
'mom?dad?I'm sorry!!'
Her sister forms malice but not towards her.Towards the boy,who tried to rape her sister!
malice boils into the young girl she hates until she see's,
Her sister is safe.
all is well.
Tears form at her eyes and spill unto her.
She runs to her sisters bed.
Her sister signs 'I love you over' and over
The sister embraces her and whispers,
"I love you to!."
All is forgiven!She shouldn't be here today
180 pills she swallowed that fateful day!
It wasn't all her fault though!Her 'Happy levels'
where low!Yet her mom still holds back.
she snaps.It's hell.
Oppression!Depression fill her sister!Can she take?
If she couldn't why would she be writing you this?

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