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22 April 2011, 02:30 PM    #1
The Founder~Haru and Shiro
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These are the rules of the club

1. Do not harass other members out of character. Don't bring hatred into the club
2. Must discuss it with me before you decide to add an anime discussion. The original
topics Idrc what you add or what not.
3. May talk outside of the club about decisions and if you want two characters to be
siblings or lovers or what not.
4. You may make an evil character trying to steal away another character or something
creative like that
5. Be creative when it comes to characters and don't be lazy. use as much detail as you
want. I'm not promising I will read it but still.
6. No actual killing!!!! Have something happen that will stop people from killing the
character. ESPECIALLY MY CHARACTER!!!!!! Well I don't really care if you kill other
characters or characters I don't like. Just not my favorite characters
7. There is fighting so if you don't like don't join
8. Will be cybering so if you don't like don't join
9. Don't be all virgin minded and when it comes to sex freak out cause then you will be
thrown out and stepped on.
Haru and Shiro/17/Vampires

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