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"Finding Emberlynne" Chapter Four

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Helooooooo!!!! I think I'm gonna start naming the chapters!!!! You know what? I WILL!!!!
This one is called: The Escape
I won't put it on the tital, but from here on out I will  

HELP WANTED - EDITER..... plz  lolz

      elouai's doll maker 3
Chapter Four

    Emberlynne lifted the sleeping Marie out of the crib. She carried her into the room
with Miss May. The old woman was busy packing their things. Emberlynne had grabbed some
food from the kitchen and put it in the large pack that Miss May was now shoving baby
clothes into. Clother for herself would go in the side pocket. Bottles were in the front
poutch. Miss May had stashed some money in the wallet placed at the very bottom. A long
black scarf looking thing lay on the bed beside the bag. 
            "Miss May, whats that for?" Emberlynn's brow furrowed. The woman looked up in
            " Well, a Woven Wrap of course! To carry little Marie!" She exclaimed and went
back to work. Emberlynne stood confused. How would that work? Suddenly she herd the two
large glass front doors open. Emberlynne and Miss May turned to eachother in horrer. 
            " Hurry!" Emberlynne whispered to Miss May. She ran over to help her pack the
last few things. There were voices now. Emberlynne carfully layed Marie on the bed. She
picked up the wrap and looked at Miss May for help. 
            "Like this dear!" She threw up her hands and grabbed the wrap. She circled
around Emberlynne with the wrap and it covered her belly. Than she lifted Marie and leaned
her on Emberlynnes cheast. She wrapped the Wrap around them both untill Marie was secured
to Emberlynne. Marie's head was nestled against Emberlynne's breast. Emberlynne stared in
astonishment at what a wrap could do. 
            " Lets move it Dear! We have to get you out the back door before it's blocked,
or we're caught!!" Miss May whispered feircly in her ear. Emberlynne grabbed the pack, and
quietly followed her. 
             They sped down the cold marble stairs. Marie moved in her wrap, and looked up
at Emberlynne with groggy eyes. Emberlynne shooshed her, and sped on. They reached the
kitchen before Kreagor or Ryan could come into the sitting room. Miss May pushed her to
the door. Emberlynne turned to face her.
             "How could I ever thank you?" She whispered as she stepped outside. The old
maid smiled and shook her head. Her eyes were sad. She hugged Emberlynne. Emberlynne
hugged her back, and silentely cried. Marie wiggled uncomfortibly in her wrap. The Maid
laughed, and stepped back.
              "Well, you best be off dear." She wiped her eyes with a.... hankie?
Emberlynne laughed and ujusted Marie. She picked up the heavy pack, and looked around the
              A large elaborate fountain was in the center. A lush garden of roses
surrounded the small pebble pathway that led to it. A high rock wall surrounded it.
Emberlynne's heart sank. How was she suppose to get over the wall?!
              "Look, over there dear! The garden door is to the side, you can jump over
it." Miss May pointed off the the right. There was a small white picket door. 
              " But after you get past the gate, you need to follow the outside fence. The
fence will be too high to climb, and the gate after that is locked. So you need to follow
the fence untill you see a large oak tree. Behind the Oak tree is a little secret
passageway you might say. The fance flips over, and you canduck under it. But watch out
for other servants! If they see you they WILL tell the master. Do you understand dear?"
Miss May stared inteltely into Emberlynne's eyes. She nodded and gave the maid a quick hug
before turning and running to the gate. 
           The green grass was fesh and healthy as she ran. Once she reached the gate, she
swung a leg over, than the other, trying not to wake Marie from here light sleep. She
pressed against the cold rock wall, and quickly flew down the large yard. This one was
empy besides a few trees. Emberlynne spotted the large oak, and laughed with releif as she
reached it. She covered her mouth quickly realizing that her laugh had awoken Marie. Marie
let out a loud wimper and she lifter her head, and peered around with her sleepy eyes.
Emberlynne ran as fast as she could to reach the secret gate. Marie's wimpers grew loud,
and became cries, which turned into wailes. She attampted to quiet her, but the toddler
screamed as if being murdered. 
      Emberlynne gasped as she saw a man swing open the side door, and yell. He was in a
servent uniform. He glared at her, and ranback inside. Emberlynne picked up the pace, and
finally reached the tree. And quickly put her hands to the wall and pushed. Nothing. She
moved slowly down the wall, and finally found the secret gate. It swung open just as a mob
of largely built men came running out the door... with guns! She let a sob escape than
raced out the gate. She slamed the gate shut, and ran into the thick woods. 
           Her breathing was fast, and her ears buzzed from the high piched wails coming
from Marie. She had to get her to calm down or she would never be able to get away from
them! She hid behind a tree, and dugg though the bag, looking for a paccifier. She herd
the faraway voices of the men just now coming out of the yard. She found it and ribbed the
nipple against Marie's lips. Her eyes opend and her wails stopped as she sucked pulled it
into her mouth, and sucked. Emberlynne kissed her forhead, and thanked the Lord for the
paccifier. She picked up the pack and raced on.

           Emberlynne soon grew tired, and she could still hear the faraway voices in the
background, yelling and cursing. She wondered what would happen to Miss May. Fear grasped
her chest, and filled her head with worries. What would happen if they found out that she
had helped them?!
      Marie's head layed against her cheast as she ran. Her eyes growing heavy as she
sucked the paccifier. Emberlynne decided to stop, and hide in one of the large trees. She
searched for one with large branches that would hide them from the men. She found a thick
one with many green leaves that would cover them. 
             Carfully she grabbed a high branch. She lifted her leg, and stepped on a
lower on. She continued this process until she reached the higher branches. She tossed up
the bag, and it stuck, cradled inbetween two thicker branches. She smiled, and climbed up
with it.

               About an hour later, she could hear the men getting close. She shivered,
and snuggled close to Marie. Her warm little body kept the feer from spreading into panic
as she herd their boots crackling the leaves underfoot. She peered through the calloge of
leaves. She could see one man. She hald her breath as he came and stood to the right of
the tree. She held extremely still. The wind rustled the leaves, making the man look up.
Her heart froze as his gaze met hers. She felt as if he could see her. As if he was
taunting her.
              The man shook his head, and stalked off. Emberlynne let out a long sigh. She
was safe.... for now. 

        About an 45 minets later, Emberlynne nimbly climed down from the tree, being sure
to check everywhere to make sure all the men were really gone. Than, with pack in hand,
and Marie in check, she ran in the direction she had come. 
           Miss May had told her where to go. She'd said to run across the street, and
past the neighboring houses. To folllow the stone trail that circled the rich
neighborhood, and find the gate. She was to climb the bars, and jump over. Then she would
find a bus stop, and ride back to her town. Miss May said that they were in Kennewick,
Washington State. 
       And thats all the direction she had. After that, she would have to make it back to
her house on Spurgeon Creek Road on her own. But something had confused her. Why had they
been on a plane for so long when all she had to do was take a 5 hour bus ride to Olimpia?
Miss May had said that they probubly did that in case she did escape, she would be
confused as to where she was, and all those boxes were filled with drugs. Yes, Kreagor was
a drug dealer. It make Emberlynne wonder what her parents were doing with a drug

       Emberlynne followed the map Miss May had printed out. One the buss started going it
would be about 5 hours, not counting the stops that it would make. She checked her watch.
4:27 PM. 
              She had made it to the gate. She gazed up at the high metal poles, and
wondered how she would manage to climb it. She tightened Marie's wrap, and put the packs
strap over her head to her other shoulder. Once she had everything zipped and secure, she
started the climb. The scariest part was trying not to slip. She didn't let herself look
         She was halfway up before she heard a cry. She jerked her head to the side to see
that a woman was yelling and pointing. Two men in police uniforms were standing by her.
Emberlynne gasped and climbed faster. Her arms ached, but she had to press on! She reached
the top about 15 seconds later, but the men were already standing at the bottom. One
pulled out his walkie talkie. The other ran into the small shed-like place the stood
beside the gate. He used a key to unlock it. 
           Emberlynne knew what he was doing. He was going to open the gate. She hurriedly
started her trip down. She was almost to the bottom when the gates electronic lock opend.
The gate jolted, and she lost her balence. She screamed, and held on to Maire as she fell.
She hit the ground on her side, and a vibrating pain sprung in her arm. The pushed herself
up with her uningered one, and sped away from the gate. Her arm was numb, but she ignoored
it as she ran from the cops. 
              She finally reached the residentiual area, and she had lost the officers.
She quickly pulled out the map to search for the nearest bus stop. It was about a mile and
a half away. She set off.

            An hour later she sat at a bench, feeding Marie a bottle of lukwarm milk that
Miss May had made right before they had left. She would have to get her to finish it
because it wouldn't last much longer before souring. 
         She wathed as Marie's sleepy eyes sagged. She reached up and held the bottle, but
her hands went limp as she started to fall asleep. Emberlynne shook the bottle to try and
get her to wake up and finish it. Marie's eyes snapped open and she let out a frustrated
grunt. She drank again. 
           Emberlynne let out a sigh of relief as the bus pulled up. She had been getting
worried. The cops were looking for her, and she had to dissapeer, and fast! 
       She climbed borded the bus, and handed the driver a ticket. He took it with a
                     "Where 'Ya headed?" He asked in a gruffy voice. 
                     " To Olimpia, Surgeon Creek Road, please." Emberlynne replied in a
tight voice. 
                    " The nearest stop is Kelly Beach Road, right by Yelm Highway." He
grunted. She knew that place. It was very close to town. She could walk to her house from
there. It would take about 20 minets....

                    "Thank you sir." She mumbled. Than sat down in the back row. The bus
learched, and they set off. 
            Emberlynne stroked Marie's sleeping face. She herself got comfotible, and fell
into a light sleep.......


Good grief!!!!!!!!! You ppl do NOT know how much research I had to do for this chapter! I
do not live anwhere NEAR Washington, so I had to google ALL THIS!!! GAAAAA!!!! It's 11:58
PM now lolz. Anyways I liked this chapter. No rape scenes, or vilence.

                          Love {Taylor}

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