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Cria's Epic Summer

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8 July 2010, 04:23 AM   #1
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Cria was busy sleeping in her bed dreaming a wonderful dream.She was dreaming that she
was small enough to ride her pet guinea pig whose name was Sam.He had an adorable coat of
white fur on him along with a brown spot on his back which to Crea made him look like the
perfect guinea pig.She, was in sweet bliss enjoying her dream when suddenly a loud noise
infiltrated her room the sound was coming from none other then her alarm clock.She opened
her eyes feeling cranky still listening to the loud sound of her alarm clock which read
7:30am.Cria, with a hercules amount of effort managed to turn off her alarm clock and then
lazily send her arm flying down to the side of her bed.Finally she managed to sit herself
up in her bed and let out a yawn as a display of how tired she still felt.Cria was a stoic
and calm girl 12 years old and standing at the hieght of 5'7.She was definately tall for
her age and was black she was light skinned with blue eyes and blonde hair.She forgot how
she obtained these traits, even though she was a black person.Everyone else in her family
simply had green eyes and black hair.

Cria, lazily got up out of her bed completely and yawned a second time she wasn't feeling
like going to school today but decided, she should put some effort into doing so.After all
after today she was going to be able to enjoy summer vacation.She was a 6th grader for one
last day today and once she left school today she was going to begin her summer and become
a 7th grader during the fall season.Cria walked out of her room opening the white door
infront of her and stepped out walking across the staires leading to the kitchen and
living room and over into the bathroom.She washed her face,brushed her teeth, and walked
out of the bathroom after all the hygiene affairs of the morning were done she walked back
over into her room.She put on some deodorant, and opened her closet she took off her
pagamas and chose a set of clothing.She decided to put on a black shirt and zipped up a
blue jacket over it that she loved wearing inparticular as part of her clothing.Next, she
put on black jeans and white converses that she thought suited her well and was okay to
wear for the last day of school.

Cria finally exited her room and began walked downstaires feeling calm as usual, and once
at the end of the staires headed straight for the kitchen smelling what smelt like
pancakes.To her delight blueberry pancakes were being made they had blueberry syrup and
she had every intention of putting that on them.She sat down at the table and since she
had done her homework there last night her book bag was right next to her and while
sitting in the chair she pulled it closer to her.Finally the pancakes were made, and her
mother put two of them on her plate.Her mother had short hair, that she had dyed brown and
bright green eyes that matched her joyful attitude even in the most stressful
situations.After Cria put syrup on the pancakes she began eating them and they were gone
in what seemed like seconds.After that she both washed her hands and got the front of her
mouth cleaned up with a wet paper towel.

''Bye mom''she said to her mother who was washing dishes.

''Bye honey, have a good time during your last day of school''Cria's mother said
cheerfully with a large smile on her face.

Cria, slung her book bag onto her back then opened and closed the front door of her
house.Cria was feeling excited about today not to mention she even had a half day today at
school so would probably be home by the time it was 12:50pm.Cria started thinking about
what she would spend her summer doing she had a group of friends which consisted of three
girls she reguraly hung out with.She figured she would be doing things with them.She had
been doing things with them for the summer ever since, first grade.Her and her three
friends hung out almost everyday during the summer she enjoyed hanging out with them and
they seemed to have no problem hanging out with her.All of them were white, and one of
them was japanese.Sometimes the one girl of the group who was japanese while mad would
speak japanese.It would make everyone sort of laugh and they all always wonder why the
girl had a habit of speaking in japanese real fast while mad.Cria, thought it was sort of
awesome for some reason Cria soon even began feeling excited just thinking about how much
fun they would be having.The three girls names were Twea,Claudia, and Naniko.

Twea was a very energetic girl who had a habit of drinking lots of cocoa on a regular
basis and spent almost all of her allowance on it.Once she was lucky enough to end up
getting some for free from her grandmother who is a very kind woman especially when it
came to making sure Twea and her friends had a good time.Twea, at times was even a bit
adorable in the sorts of outfits she dressed in.Claudia, was looked down on by most people
at school as a bit of an idiot she had talents though when it came to drawing but could be
quite clumsy once it came down to painting.She was also a bit of a tom boy and good play
foot ball better than most boys at the school which the name of was Ellington Middle
School.Naniko was very intelligent and usually the person who had to be the voice of
reason and put her sharp wisdom to use.She usually got 90's and 100's as grades on her
papers and her math skills seemed infinitly incredible.Naniko was a master at dodge ball,
and loved playing mmorpgs especially along with her friends.

Now Cria was at her middle school and ready to start off her last day as a 6th grader.She
entered the school building and once infront of the entrance to her classroom, was
searching for her friends who were over near the classroom windows all the way on the left
side of the classroom.She walked over taking a seat, one desk away from the one completely
near the window which Claudia was occupying.

''Hi Cria''all three of her friends greeted in unison.

''How are you guys?''asked Cria monotounisly.

''Well I kicked someone's ass playing world of warcraft last night''beamed Naniko

''I found out my mom brought me somemore cocoa mix this morning so I can't wait to get
home so I can make somemore I already had made some this morning too, so i'm feeling
pretty happy''said Twea sounding laid back.

''I scored somemore pointers playing football on my xbox360 last night''said Claudia
obviously with great pride.

''Well all I did last night was do my homework,laundry, and watch a marathon of Lost so
things were pretty boring for me just the way I like it''said Cria without an expression
on her face.

''Haha, yeah we know you like things as you say nice and boring''said Naniko.

''Well, now we have to read silently which is lame because our teacher Ms.Kuroi is
here''said Claudia.

They all took out books they brought with them to class and began reading, some kids
continued to chat but the four of them just didn't want to get into any type of trouble.

8 July 2010, 02:38 PM   #2
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Good story. Just remember to put in commas now and then. "^_^
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8 July 2010, 04:07 PM   #3
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Agreed with above, but I like it so far. Also, each paragraph can indent, but that's the
authors choice.

8 July 2010, 04:13 PM   #4
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@Above: I don't indent on mine and you never said anything about it. :/
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8 July 2010, 04:14 PM   #5
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I sometimes notice tings and sometimesx don't. Haha, whoops. Here.

8 July 2010, 04:37 PM   #6
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Oh lol. OK.
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18 July 2010, 06:17 AM   #7
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After reading time was over it was time for everyone to hand in their homework
assignments from last night Cria and her friends got up out of their seats and handed in
their homework.After that was over they sat down silently having a conversation amongst,
themselves about rather or not a slug could be considered a bug which was started by
Claudia.Naniko was very intelligent but didn't know the answer when Claudia asked so it
started a debate which wasn't all that heated that lasted about 3 minutes.The out come was
that Naniko could just look it up for them.About ten minutes later, it was time for the
talent show and everyone walked to the auditorium where the talent show would be held in
one line for the boys and another for the girls.Cria and her friends had been anticipating
this because they knew they were going to be in it.The act the four of them were suppost
to put on was one where the four of them danced to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.They had
watched Lady Gaga's video for this numerous times and practiced copying the cheography
moves used in the music video as best they could.After days of practicing, they believed
they finally had everything down.

Everyone took their seats and Cria,Twea,Claudia, and Naniko were sitting together ready to
watch the show they all knew how the talent show was going to start off.It was going to
start off with the teachers, wanting the first graders to perform first.

''Okay, everyone no more chatter it's time for the talent show and performing first are
the first graders I ask for the two first grade students, Lisa and Ron to come onto
stage''said a teacher with blonde hair named Ashley.

The two first graders came onto stage and began to dance to Single Ladies by Beyonce they
seemed to have learned the dance moves well.

Some of them were whispering in each other's ears about how stupid it was Cria didn't know
exactly what was stupid about it the dance and music all together were sort of
entertaining.Some of the them even thought the first grader Ron was being flamboyantly
gay.Cria, didn't expect a first grader to know he was doing something that could be
considered gay.After that performance was over and other talents were show cased on the
stage it was time for Cria and her friends to go up.She walked up, in a robotic manner
only because she was feeling nervous.Once on stage after a few seconds, the music began
playing and Cria and her friends danced to the music.A few laughs, some clapping and a bit
of cheering could be heard as they danced to the music bad romance by Lady Gaga.The music
continued to boom across the auditorium as they danced and finally came to an end with
Cria, and her friends each striking a sort of pose.Finally cheering and clapping was all
that could be heard and they all walked off stage enjoying the rest of the perfomances

''Alright everyone please exit in an orderly manor''said the principal into a microphone.

''Can't believe those two pip squeek first graders won''Claudia whispered to herself.

''Get over it''said Cria quitely looking down at her shoes obviously dissapointed as

Everyone formed a line and walked back to their classroom upon entering Cria rested her
head on her desk.She began, thinking in a dramatic fashoin about how much she wanted to
win the talent show.She wanted her and her friends to win but then again that was probably
what many other kids wanted.Cria's closed her eyes for a bit deciding to think about
random things feeling she was more calm and at peace now.Before she knew it she fell
asleep, while thinking.Cria opened her eyes once again after sometime of sleeping it was
time to go home the day had went by really fast.It seemed apparently what was planned for
everyone was staying in class the rest of the day.How boring, but Cria managed to sleep
through it all and raised her head from her desk looking everywhere with no form of
emotion visible on her face.She took a homework math packet that was handed to her by a
girl with long red hair and green eyes, who was also very tall and slender she was big
breasted for her age.Cria looked over the math packet unzipped her book bag and then
slowly tucked it inside rezipping her book bag and slunged it onto her back.Everyone began
exiting the classroom sne Cria and her friends did the same walking out without saying a
word to each other once they were standing infront of the school Claudia finally spoke.

''So who's house we heading to?''asked Claudia sounding calm and casual.

''Cria's I guess''said Naniko turning to take a look at Cria.

''Alright we'll play games at my house and discuss what we will first do for the
summer''said Cria.

note:Yes I got lazy.

19 July 2010, 03:15 PM   #8
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It's great,some spelling and grammer mistakes but that's alright.Not sure what it's
about,all though my stories are like that.Can't wait for more

20 July 2010, 03:18 AM    #9
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Yeah well I was typing late at night and had a tired mind at the time so I couldn't
spell, and use grammar to my very best.

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