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1 June 2010, 05:33 AM    #1
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Welcome to The Contest Planners Club! I, Doo, am the founder
and OhNOES is the co-founder. We created The Contest
Planners Club to help better the contest creators', judges', and participants' contesting
experience. We hope to help contest creators get better publicity for their contests, help
judges find contests to volunteer (or get paid for!) to work for, help contestants find
contests to enter, or just allow members to follow contests taking place around Kupika.
Here are some guidelines to help you get started!

Advertising For Your ContestHave an idea for your contest!
   ○ Your contest does NOT have to be an art one! If you're into writing, have a poetry
contest. If you're into designing, have a profile contest. If you're into clubs, have an
awesome club contest. But if you're into art, have an oekaki contest.
   ○ Decide what will determine 1st place. Maybe you want a contestant to portray a mood
correctly, create the most original entry, or just do the best at following your rules.
   ○ Once you have an idea of what your contest is going to be about, give it a name! It
can be generic or interesting, but it should be relevant to the subject.
   ○ Don't forget the prize! Reward your contestants for their efforts with prize art,
KupiPoints, or whatever you find appropriate. There should be prizes for the top three at
least. The best prize should be for 1st place.
   ○ The last thing you might want to consider is having judges to help you pick your
winners. You can find them here or ask your friends for help. It's up to you.
 ● Create a new topic!
   ○ Once you believe your contest is properly prepared, feel free to create a new topic
under your contest's name.
   ○ Give the important details. Tell everyone what your contest is for, what they have
to do to enter, the rules, the prizes, and the judges. Make it interesting if you can.
   ○ Keep an eye on your topic. Maybe edit your topic to include contestants, their
members, and maybe answers to questions that might have been asked. Don't forget to
include a due date and an ending date! No one wants to enter a never ending contest!
 ● When the contest is all over!
   ○ Update us. List the winners, maybe their prizes, and close the contest.

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