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Rules 1. This is an advanced roleplay. Each roleplay post must be a minimum 10 lines long. There are NO exceptions to this rule. The first time this rule is broken, you will receive a warning. The second time, you will be banned. 10 lines is not a lot to ask, so please do not give me any reason to ban you. 2. You may have up to three characters. If you have two female characters, your third must be male and vice versa. If you have two characters who are patients, the third must be a staff member. If you apply for a character who does not coincide with this rule, your application will be rejected. 3. Only human characters please. Also, no over dramatic characters who bring their own tragedy into everything. 4. Obviously, no mary-sues. If you do not know what a mary-sue is, you are probably not an advanced roleplayer and therefore not welcome in this club. 5. You may be in as many roleplays as you want, however, do not be that annoying person who joins every roleplay topic that is made. Everyone hates that person. 6. You may tag people for certain roleplays, but don't constantly roleplay with the same person. That's no fun (: 7. If Ronnie or I say something is wrong, it's wrong. Do not question us because we have the power to destroy ban you. 8. When you're roleplaying, make sure each person participating gets chance to post. for example, if you are roleplaying with three people, the first poster may not post again until person two and person three have made their post. As a personal pet peeve of mine, breaking this rule will result in immediate removal from the club.

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