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WRITING: Poetry: Under the Apple Tree

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"Under the Apple Tree (Garden of the Morn)  

[A Song for My Loved One]

I loved you in the morning, my caresses soft and warm,
Your head upon my shoulder like a sleepy golden storm,
Though the apples of the tree were yet so green and new,
And so it was as I confessed just like my love for you,
Your eyes smiled at me and they laughed a little too,
I touched your face and your sweet lips and longed to kiss the two,
But the season hadn't come, our passion not yet born,
And so I just held you closer in the Garden of the Morn,

That moment shared in silence I pray will come again,
And a thousand mornings like it together without end,
Gina, my friend, lover not yet love,
Which way will our branches grow,
Together, or your way stretched above,
With my own just below you and growing in a different form,
Only time will tell,
But until then I will hold you closer in the Garden of the Morn,

So walk with me along this path, this trek through endless time,
You'll know me well and I'll know you, Our steps will always rhyme,
The apples that we'll share our hunger they will mend,
Or shall we keep on sinning by remaining only friends,
We've been set in the Garden with all our time before us,
Come on Gina let's join in that angelic chorus,
Which knows the joy that Love can be,
What may we might, which maybe may be,
Who can know and so I'll take another apple from our tree,
In time it too will ripen just the way all loved things do,
And so again just like it our friendship deepens too,
Meanwhile lets just sit awhile beneath our little tree,
Against the lonely storm it's a haven for you and me,
And when the new day is born we'll still be sitting here,
Holding each other beneath our little tree in the Garden,
        In the Garden of the Morn.

(199 (Some of the phrasing suggested by "Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye  by L. Cohen)

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