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WRITING: Poetry: G

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11 April 2009, 04:44 AM   #1
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Your golden hair and hazel eyes,
never make me blue
And each time I see you smile,
I think so much of you,
Your tender lips, which send your voice,
show me that you care,
And every time I need a friend,
it seems you're always there,
But still G it's not enough,
and it brings me so much pain,
To love you, and to be so near,
when you don't feel the same,
I must tell you,
The fire burns within,
Like Jeremiah filled with spirit,
I cannot hold it in,
I love you, that is all,
such a little thing,
Yet three words when spoken truthfully
so much happiness can bring,
A chance to love someone,
I've not been given many,
Give our love a chance, G,
it'll be as strong as any,
I say: "I love you"
You say it is infatuation,
Gina this is love,
Can't you see my dedication?
I long to touch you,
and kiss you in delight,
To hold you would be a blessing,
I'd thank God for every night,
But I'll never have you,
It's not meant to be,
If I can't hold you,
Then there's no one left for me,
All I want is your happiness,
by every way and means,
If that means letting you go,
then I will surrender these dreams,
I'm such a fool anyway,
to think that you'd be mine
From the beginning I knew it,
and still I drank the wine,
So what do I do now,
now that I'm to sink,
And I keep getting deeper, deeper
with every drop I drink,
And still you don't see,
how drunk I am with pain,
And you are blind to the tears,
that fall like rain,
I'll die by the dagger,
the one you've sunk within,
But withdraw it now, G,
and my blood will soon run thin,
Stay close to me,
and kill me with your toxin,
Or pull away and kill me,
either way I can't win,
It is at times like these, 
When I wish it were you,
In whom I could confide in,
And it is at times like these,
when I remember the words,
those truthful words of Dryden:

"Love is not in our choice, it is in our fate."

(1998 )

28 June 2009, 01:08 PM    #2
Guest Poster
That was gorgeous . Amazing . You're really good with poetry , Eddie .

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