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Writing: Erotic: My Sister's Friend (pt I)

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(cross-posted from club Salon ErotiKa)

My Sister’s Friend

Gina’s boyfriend came in through the side door of her house. She greeted him with a soft
and light kiss. 

“Come on, we only have an hour before my mom comes home and I want to show you something
I found,” she said mischieviously and took him by the hand.

“Oh this sounds interesting,” he said and followed her upstairs to her bedroom. When
they got upstairs, she sat on the bed and then with a flourish pulled something from
underneath her pillow.

“Ta da!” she giggled. Her boyfriend’s jaw dropped. Gina held up a shiny looking
cylindrical object about six inches long. It had a purple sheen and a twist cap at the

“Is that what I think it is” he stammered. “Where did you get it?” Gina just
giggled and then said finally.

“Well you know how my big sister had all her things packed for college cause she was
leaving this week, right? Well last Sunday when she was out, I was snooping through all
her boxes, making sure she wasn’t filching anything of mine and I found it, along with a
bunch of other naughty things I didn’t know she had! But this was the only thing I

“Let me see it!” her boyfriend commanded.

“See with your eyes, not with your hands,” Gina teased waving it around.

“Come on,” he pleaded “let me hold it please.”

She handed the vibrator over to her boyfriend with a raised eyebrow wondering what he
might possibly do with it. He handled it, quite literally, like a boy who had just been
given a new toy. He ran his fingers along its shiny smooth sides fascinated and then made
an “O” with his finger to measure its circumference. And then to her disgust he
smelled it.

“Eeewww!” She tried to take it away but he kept it out of her reach.

“Have you tried it?” He asked devilishly.

“No!” She said. “You know nothings been in my pussy except your fingers and

“Eeewww!” It was his turn to be disgusted while Gina giggled.

“Besides,” she added sounding disappointed, “I think it's broken. I can’t get it
to turn on.” 

“Well I think you just twist the cap,” her boyfriend said smugly and turned the bottom
knob first one way then another.

Nothing happened.

“See smart ass!” said Gina reaching for the vibrator again. “Now give it back.”

“Wait a sec,” her boyfriend. “Did you check the batteries?”

“Ummm, the batteries?” mumbled Gina hating to let on that she hadn’t.

“Hah!” Her boyfriend said triumphantly. He twisted off the end cap and slid out the
four AA batteries. “You’re in luck too!” he said as he pulled out a brand new four
pack of batteries from his backpack. He loaded the vibrator with the new ones, replaced
the end cap and then gingerly twisted the end knob. Immediately the little machine began
to hum.

“Well done. Now hand it over,” Gina said. Her boyfriend passed the vibrator to her
still humming. She turned the knob and found that turned one way it vibrated faster and
turned the other way, slower until it went all the way off.

“Thank you,” she grinned up at her boyfriend. “Now if you could excuse me for a
while,” she mocked and waved toward the door. “Wha?” he said hurt, then realizing
she was only teasing, he just smiled and stood there, waiting like a kid in anticipation
of a carnival show.

“Fine,” she narrowed her eyes in jest, “But no laughing or anything! I’m not even
sure what to do with it? He made no reply, not wanting to admit that he was pretty unsure
himself, but he did let out a few subvocal “mmmms” as he watched Gina strip off first
her dark brown cargo pants and then slide off the little light blue cotton panties she was
wearing. She laid lengthwise on the bed and turned on the vibrator. It hummed happily. She
first placed the dull round tip on her stomach to know what it felt like but that was very
ticklish and she pulled it away. She then tried it lengthwise against her thigh and that
was tolerable. Very slowly she slid it up her thigh and finally rolled it to the outside
of her pussy.  She took turns rolling it on one side and then the other and it felt a bit
weird but not bad. Finally, she let it rest on her pussy and that started to feel really
good. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the vibrating sensations and the feel of the
cool metal which was warming up. She had only masturbated a few times before and it was ok
but this felt entirely different. She slowly slid the vibrator up and down between her
pussy lips and she could feel how wet it was starting to get her. It felt amazing when she
would raise it up high and just nick her little sex button. It also felt very good to
slide it along deep in her pussy where it moved her inner pussy lips. After about ten
minutes of this she had to stop and catch her breath. Her whole lower body was tingling
and twitchy. She decided she would try it inside just a bit and raised her legs up and
parted them. She eased the tip of the vibrator inside her tight hole. It was a lot bigger
than a tampon or even two of her boyfriends fingers so she went slowly. She looked over at
her boyfriend whom she had entirely forgotten was there! He was seated in the chair at her
computer desk across the room, he had his cock out and was stroking it fast, the little

She laughed at him and commanded, “Come here!” He slid out of his pants and came over
to the bed pretty quickly. She started playing with his balls and finally took the end of
his cock which was already quite slippery with precum into her mouth. She licked and ran
her tongue around the tip of the head in circles the way she knew drove him crazy and then
sucked a few inches of it hard in her mouth. Meanwhile, she was sliding the tip of the
vibrator in and out of her pussy just an inch or two. Her boyfriend didn’t last more
then a couple of minutes with his cock in her hot young mouth, just as she knew he
wouldn’t as usual, and he started shaking and came quickly. His hot salty cum dribbled
out the side of her mouth and on her cheek and her pillow as he sort of stumbled and
collapsed back in the chair again in a spent heap.

Her pussy was a bit loosened now and she thrust the vibrator a bit deeper than she had
before. She experimented with turning the speed of it just a bit faster. And in a few
minutes more, it was her turn to feel a wave of deep pleasure washing over her, her toes
curled in weird directions and she tried not to make any strange faces in front of her
boyfriend but she really didn’t care too much as this felt too good. She had only had
one real orgasm before in her life and her boyfriend had never seen her cum. He was
already hard again at the sight of her laying there, legs splayed, out of breath and
sweaty, with her new purple friend still propped a few inches inside of her.

Then a car door slammed and in a flash they were both scrambling to get dressed. He was
just sliding out her bedroom window and into the tree when Gina’s mom came in the front
door and called up to her.


“Yeah?” she tried to sound calm.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing mom, just on Kupika.”

“Ok, well if you have homework to do, you better get that done first. I’m going to
start dinner, what do you want?”

“I don’t care.”

Her mom muttered something underneath her breath and wandered over to the kitchen. Gina,
collapsed back on the bed exhausted and hyper at the same time, if that’s possible. She
slid her hand underneath her pillow and felt the smooth cylinder hidden there.

“Thanks sis,” she said out loud. She closed her eyes and smiled.

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