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[Hinder Mist Grove- Weeping Willow Square]

27 March 2008, 11:18 AM   #1
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Welcome to Weeping Willow Square. It's just outside the Weeping Gardens, which is where it gets its name. It's not as popular as, say, the Purity Square, but it's not abandoned. There's many park benches around the edge, among many rose bushes of different colors. Here in the square, you can find the old tea and pastry shop, the little fashion boutique, The candle store, and Spencer and Paris's apartment building. So, take a seat, pick a flower or two, grab a cup of tea and a small cake, buy some new clothes, purchase a sweet smelling candle, or pay Spencer and Paris a visit. Enjoy.

27 March 2008, 03:14 PM   #2
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Cecilia knew where she was going immediately after she arrived in the Weeping Willow
Square. It was the same as she always did. 
The little bell hanging off the door jingled as Cecilia pushed through into her favorite
little cafe, the Willow Corner.
"The same as usual, Bert," she said with a sigh as she took her favorite seat, the one by
the window. 
Bert and his cafe were her safe havens, the place she could turn to when she was confused
or upset. Cecilia busied herself with fixing her hair and brushing of her dress, but it
was only to distract herself from the real issue pressing on her mind. 
That boy was right. She was a stuck up brat who expected to be treated like a princess.
The truth, which hit her so suddenly now, had actually been hiding deep under the surface
for years, and all it took was one man's words to cause all of that to spill out around
her, drowning her. 
Bert laid a steaming mug, boiling water to the brim and a peppermint tea bag just starting
to taint the area around it. Cecilia accepted it with a nod and lifted the spoon from the
table to stir with. She stared deep into the bottom of the cup, seeing more through it
than at it, and let her sadness envelope her. 
Within seconds her shoulders started shaking and her spoon clattered to the table.
No one was here. No one could see. The only living, breathing thing in sight was Bert, and
he was so much to Cecilia like family that it didn't even matter. Bert wasn't even an
emotional type; he didn't want to get involved. She could see his face even now in her
mind, cheeks red behind his glasses, as he scrubbed persistently at the same dish over and
over again as though that were the most important thing in his life.
Cecilia thanked him silently. What she needed right now was time on her own.
That ideal was shattered when she heard the gentle ring of that bell on the door.

27 March 2008, 04:02 PM   #3
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The sound of the bell attatched to the cafe door rang in Spencer's ears, soon after the door closed. Silence fell on most of the cafe, accept for a slight clank clank clank coming from a spoon against a teacup from one side of the room. The whole place was almost empty. "Hello, Bert. I'll just have my usual, please." He said, heading over to the table in the shady corner of the room. The clank clank clanking continued, making Spencer want to tap his foot along with it. He twitched as he tried to keep his foot still, and he thankfully accepted the pomogranite flavoured green tea that Bert handed to him. "Thanks." Spencer uttered silently, and twitched as the clanking seemed to get louder. "Shit." He said, more to himself. His eyes flew up and scanned the cafe for the source of the noise. His ears and eyes led him to a woman sitting by the window, staring into her cup of tea, her spoon tapping against her cup. There was something farmilliar about the girl, but he couldn't say who she was just yet. He watched her for another few minutes, then finally realized. Her posture, her dress, her fancy hairdo. It all should have given her away at first glance. "Damn it. Pride."

27 March 2008, 04:48 PM   #4
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Cecilia's whole back stiffened. 
She felt an aura of anger emanating from the newcomer. And then she heard his voice.
And that was when she knew it was him.
Cecilia lifted her head to stare straight out the window, paying attention to him but not
giving him her full undivided attention.
Instead of rebuking him on his behavior in the Weeping Gardens, she decided to treat him
as she would any human being.
"Hello, my name is Cecilia," she greeted him. Her voice shook only slightly. Then she
turned, finally, to look at him. "Would you like to take a seat?" She gestured to the
empty seat across from her.

27 March 2008, 05:41 PM    #5
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Anna ran into the square, crying.
Her wrists were still bleeding,
but she didn't give a damn.

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