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The Abyss (So Far)

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This is the actual story that I've written so far.

	“You cannot escape us, Amelia. You are ours forever.” She struggles against their
hands as they pull her down into the darkness. “Someone save me,” she screamed. She
heard their laughter. She opened her eyes and appeared in a field. She smiled as she saw
flowers all around her. She sniffed one flower and giggled. She saw a handsome boy with
rabbit ears and she smiled. “Who are you?” She called out. He didn’t reply. His
blond hair swayed with the wind and he gazed at her with icy blue eyes. He was possibly
the most gorgeous boy she had ever seen. She walked closer to him, hypnotized by his
beauty. When she was inches away from him, he went to kiss her. She smiled, letting him.
His hands turned to claws and they gripped onto her. His teeth sharpened and he went to
bite her instead of kissing her. She screamed and tried to push him away but he was
stronger than her. “Let me go!” Monsters appeared all around her and she struggled
against them but they started to feed on her flesh. The pain was unbearable. This was it.
She was going to die. She fell into darkness, gasping for air.
	Amelia sat up in her bed, she was shaking in fear. She sighed with relief. “I-It was
just a dream.” She heard her parents screaming at each other downstairs. She got up and
walked onto her balcony. It was such a beautiful morning out. She smiled. The city of
London was so beautiful. It was a lot different than Boston, Massachusetts in America.
Today was her first day of school and she was excited to start it. She has been here for a
week and hasn’t gotten over the beauty of it. It was so much different than any city in
America. She quickly got into her school uniform and brushed out her straight, black hair.
She started doing her makeup and once she was done, she walked out of her room. She ran
down the stairs and said “I’m going.” Her mother looked at her and she saw the
visible bruises on her. When she saw that, she knew her father was drunk. Her mother said
“you’re not having breakfast? OK. See you later. Hope you have a good day.” Amelia
ran out of the house, not wanting to face her father. She started to walk to school and
saw other students walking to the school. They were all having fun and laughing with their
friends. She felt so alone. She looked down. When she got to the school, she went to the
main office to get her timetable. She looked down and thanked the secretary quietly. She
walked into the auditorium for the daily assembly and sat in the back, alone. A girl sat
beside her. Amelia looked over at her and noticed she had beautiful long blond hair with
hazel eyes. Amelia smiled but when the girl looked over, she looked down. She had to admit
that the girl was beautiful but she couldn’t just sit there gawking at her. She smiled
at Amelia and said “hey there. Haven’t seen you before. Are you new?” She had a
thick British accent which made her even cuter. Amelia blushed and said quickly “uh,
yeah!” The girl started to giggle and said “wanna be friends then?” Amelia was
shocked but smiled. “Yeah!” The girl said “my name is Namine. What’s yours?”
Amelia replied “mines Amelia.” The two giggled a little and Namine told her “such a
cute name!”
After the assembly, the two walked out. “So where are you from?” Amelia looked over at
her and replied “America. Boston, Massachusetts to be exact. I moved here a week ago but
we were so busy moving.” Namine smiled and asked her “what class do you have now?”
Amelia looked at her timetable and showed it to her. Namine grinned and said “so we both
have English!” They both walked into their classroom. The teacher looked over and asked
“who are you?” Amelia was about to reply but Namine said “she just moved here. Her
name is Amelia.” The teacher seemed to know what she was talking about and handed Amelia
a book. “You can go sit over there. Aidan would sit next to you but it seems like he’s
not here yet.” Amelia nodded and walked over to the desk, sitting down. Namine went to
sit in her desk, behind her. They started the class. Amelia looked at the book and noticed
it was Frankenstein. The teacher asked “so who does Frankenstein find out was killed by
the creature?” No one raised their hands. Amelia raised her hand and she said
“Frankenstein finds out from his father that William was killed by the…” A handsome
boy walked into the classroom. He ran a hand through his long silver hair that went down
to the middle of his back and all the girls blushed at the sight of him. Namine whispered
in her ear “that’s the prince of the school. Every girl is in love with him but
don’t try to get close to him. Unless you’re popular, you won’t get within miles of
him because of the skanks that run this school.” Amelia nodded and her hazel eyes met
with his mysterious, grey eyes and she looked down. She continued, “W-William was killed
by the creature in an act of vengeance.” The teacher nodded and said “good.” The boy
sat in the desk beside Amelia and he glanced over at her. “Who are you?” He asked her,
curiously. She looked up and their eyes met once again. She replied “I-I’m Amelia.”
He started to chuckle and said “you look like someone I know. You American?” She
nodded, slowly. He smirked and told her “meet me at the back of the school after
school.” Amelia stared at him, bewildered. She blushed a little and Namine seemed
shocked as well. The two glanced at each other and started to giggle.
The rest of the day was pretty normal. Amelia went to her classes but seemed to be in deep
thought throughout the day. Finally, at the end of the day she went out in the back of the
school and waited for that boy who she assumed was Aidan. After a few moments, he walked
out of the back door and smirked at the sight of her. “It’s been a while. You look
different though.” He approached her and she stepped away from him. He gently touched
her cheek and she let him. “If you were scared of me, you wouldn’t have shown up.”
His hand fell to her neck and she started to choke her. Her eyes fell close, accepting it.
She knew something was different about this boy and if he was going to kill her, she’d
let him. He slammed her against the tree. “Amaranth,” he whispered. Amelia’s eyes
fluttered open and she asked weakly “who?” His hands loosened on her neck and asked
“you honestly don’t remember who I am?” He sighed and then started to laugh. “So
you haven’t awoken yet. I see.” He pulled away from her. Amelia looked at him and then
heard her phone start to ring. She answered it. “Who is this? What!?” Her eyes widened
and she stepped back. Her body was shaking. Aidan looked at her curiously and she muttered
“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She hung up and looked at Aidan. “Can you
drive?” She asked him. He nodded and she said pleadingly “please, drive me to the
hospital.” He nodded and the two of them hurried to his car. He got in and she slipped
into the passenger seat. He drove off and asked “what happened?” Amelia didn’t
reply. She looked out the window. After a few moments, she explained “since I was
little, my father has been drinking. My parents fight a lot because of that. My father can
get really abusive towards me and mom. I was actually supposed to come to England during
the summer but over the summer and a month after summer ended, I was in the hospital
because of my father. When he’s not drinking, he’s actually really nice and caring. I
love him when he’s not drinking. As years went on, though, he’s drunk more than he is
sober. My mom was rushed to the hospital because she was stabbed by my father.” Amelia
was shaking and she started to cry. Aidan stroked her back. There was something about this
boy that made her feel like she’s known him her whole life. They got to the hospital,
and he brought her inside. They found her room and Amelia ran into the room. Her mother
was still unconscious but she seemed stable. Amelia took her mother’s hand and cried
like she’s never cried before. Aidan stood in the corner, watching her. She looked so
much like her mother and nothing like her father. No one knew the secrets her family held.
A man walked in the room. He had a beard, grey hair, brown eyes, and was chubby.
“Amelia…” Amelia looked at him with hatred and screamed “get out!” Her father
stepped back and walked out of the room. Aidan followed him out and said “excuse me,
sir.” Amelia’s father turned to look at him and Aidan smiled. “I’m a friend of
Amelia’s from school and I’m really sorry about your wife.” He gave the older man a
charming smile and he nodded. Before he could walk away, Aidan punched him hard. “I’m
sorry about that but scum like you shouldn’t be allowed to live on Earth.” He walked
back into the hospital room and comforted Amelia.
	Days went by and Amelia hadn’t gone to school. She stayed by her mother’s side. Every
day, Aidan would come to the hospital after school and give her the work she’s missed.
He would stay by her side until late at night. Amelia was exhausted from lack of sleep but
she refused to leave her mother’s side. Her mother was everything to her and she never
wanted to lose her. She was constantly crying. Luckily, her father hadn’t come to visit
again. After a week, her mother finally opened her eyes and she smiled. “Mom!” Tears
rolled down her cheeks. She hadn’t been happy in the past week. She hugged her and she
whispered “mom… please don’t leave me.” Aidan was sitting on the other side of the
bed and he stood up. “I should be going.” Amelia’s mother looked over and asked
“who is he?” Amelia smiled and replied “he’s my friend Aidan. He’s been here
every day with me.” Her mother gave him a slight smile and he whispered
“Amaranth…” Amelia looked at him, curiously. Her mother said “it’s you!
Evander!” His eyes widened, shocked that she knew who he really was. “Who are you?”
He asked. She chuckled and fell unconscious. “Mom! Mom!” He slipped a knife out of his
boot and demanded “you’re not like the other women. Who are you?” He put the knife
to Amelia’s throat. She looked at him and said “I don’t know what you’re talking
about. Why not ask my mom?” She hit his hand away and walked out of the room. She
stopped when she saw her father. “You’re coming home with me, young lady. You can’t
be here every day. Who knows how much school you’ve missed?” Amelia tried to get away
from him but he grabbed her arm, tightly. She tried to scream but he covered her mouth. He
dragged her out of the hospital and brought her home against her will. As soon as they
were home, he threw her on the floor. “Now who are you going to cry to?” The stench of
alcohol was so strong it nearly made Amelia throw up. He started to beat her and she
screamed out in pain. “Someone! Help me!” She screamed but, as usual, no one came. She
tried to run but was thrown into the counter. She coughed as it hit her stomach. He
grabbed a knife and threw it at her. It cut her arm and she grabbed it in pain. “Why are
you doing this, dad?” She cried out. He kneed her in the stomach causing her to cough.
“Because you’re not my child and should never have existed.” Her eyes widened. She
grabbed the knife that stuck in the wall now and held it toward her father. “Even so,
you still raised me.” She heard a gunshot and winced. Blood spilled out of her
father’s mouth and she watched him fall. She was about to run over to him but noticed
Aidan standing there with a gun in his hand. “Why’d you kill him?” She asked. He
looked at her and said “he was trying to kill you.” She shook her head and checked her
father’s pulse. She looked at him and said “he’s dead.” Aidan shrugged, not really
caring. She looked at him, angrily. “I might have hated my father but he’s still my
father.” She walked over to Aidan and the two looked at each other with hatred. He said
“didn’t you hear what he said? He’s not your father!” Amelia started to laugh and
said coldly “yeah well he’s the only one I’ve got. You ass.” She pushed past him
and he yelled “don’t run away. Let’s finish this!” Amelia spun around and said
“it’s people like you that make this world hard to live in.” He angrily pushed her.
He caught her off guard and she fell, hitting her head on the counter. “Amelia!” He
ran over to her and kept calling her name but she slowly fell unconscious.
	Amelia woke up in the middle of a forest. “Where am I?” Her head was killing her.
“Damn it.” She looked around and heard voices all around her.
“What a slut!”
“She should have killed herself long ago.”
Amelia covered her ears, screaming “shut up!” The laughter got louder and louder until
it broke with one final voice saying “I’m surprised you don’t remember us.” She
looked around trying to find out where the voice was coming from. She saw a rabbit which
was the most normal thing she’d seen since she came to this place five years ago. She
slowly approached it but it hopped off. She continued to follow the rabbit until they got
to a hole. “Come to The Abyss. Come. Embrace us.” The whispers flooded her ears. She
felt hands all over her. Finally with one final push, she fell into the hole. The shadow
hands were devouring her. “You are ours forever,” the voice whispered in her ear. She
coughed up blood. She reached out and tried to scream for help but she couldn’t. It was
as if something was silencing her. She felt her life being drawn out of her. She started
to slowly close her eyes. Suddenly she heard her name being screamed. Her eyes opened and
she reached out once again, clasping onto another’s.
	“Amelia!” Her eyes fluttered open.  He whispered “you can’t fall into The Abyss,
yet. The power is too great. It will kill you.” Her eyes widened and she asked “what
do you know about The Abyss?” Doctors came running in and he shrugged. “Sorry. Had to
call an ambulance. You hit your head hard.” They took Amelia out on a stretcher and
rushed her to the hospital. Aidan stayed by her side the entire time. She felt tired but
she was yelled at to stay awake. “M-My head hurts.” She smirked and started to laugh.
Aidan chuckled and said “you’ll be fine. You’re strong.” 
	After hours in the hospital, she was released. She had a concussion but for the most
part, she was alright. Aidan brought her to her mother’s room and she smiled. She looked
at Aidan and asked “what do you know about The Abyss?” He smirked and said “I know
it tried to kill you.” She looked down and he stroked her cheek gently. “The Abyss is
the demon realm. It’s their sanctuary and any human that tries to enter it, will be
killed. That’s why you almost died when you almost entered it. You’re not exactly
human but right now, you’re too human to enter it. Though your other self craves to
enter The Abyss. If you give in, it will be the end of you.” She looked down, listening
to everything. She couldn’t believe a word he was telling her. She knew she was
different because she’s seen strange things since she was little and have been having
these nightmares for five years now but she couldn’t believe him. It couldn’t be true.
“Who are you?” She asked him. “I mean who are you really? When we first met, you
tried to kill me.” He looked away and said softly “you were born to be enemies with
me…” And at that, he left. Amelia watched him with wide eyes. She didn’t understand
anything he was talking about. She couldn’t go back to school any more. She sat beside
her mom’s bed and stroked her cheek. Suddenly, Namine threw open the door and was
panting. “I wanted to ask you something! Since when did you become close friends with
Aidan?” Amelia looked down and was silent for a few moments. “Were not close,” she
finally replied. But was that the truth? He’s come here every day after school and
stayed until late for her mother who he didn’t even know. He’s even comforted her when
she was crying. He might have killed her father but she understood that it was for the
best. If he hadn’t, her father would have killed her. “Amelia?” She looked up and
saw Namine looking at her curiously. “I-I’m sorry. What were you saying?” Namine
started to laugh a little and said “I was saying that you seemed more than just
acquaintances. I mean he’s gotten your homework for your classes every day. Did you know
he’s missed sport practices and a couple of his games to, what I assume, come here for
you.” Amelia looked down, blushing. She noticed Aidan had come back into the room and
Namine blushed as soon as she saw him. “E-Excuse me.” She hurried out of the room. He
sighed and said “I called a friend of mine and he said he’ll let you stay with us
until your mother wakes up.” Amelia’s eyes widened “W-What?” She gasped. She was
perfectly fine staying on her own. She didn’t want to be a bother to Aidan. He looked
down and said “yeah. It was a foolish idea.” He shook his head. “I should go. Will
you be in school tomorrow?” Amelia thought about it but then nodded. “Yeah. I really
shouldn’t miss any more days of school.” He smiled and left the room swiftly.
	The next morning, Amelia woke up. That night, she actually went to sleep in her own bed.
She got ready for school quickly and left. Her dad’s funeral was in a few more days so
she should go to school a little before she has to take off another day. She walked to
school without looking at anyone. When she walked through the front gates of the school.
People looked at her with strange looks. Namine ran over to her. “Hey! So what did Aidan
have to say to you?” She asked. Amelia let out an annoyed sigh. She knew Namine would
immediately talk about her and Aidan. She was about to respond but Aidan went over to her
side. She looked at him and he said “may I speak with you?” Girls glanced over when
they saw the two together. Aidan didn't seem to care but Amelia was blushing immensely.
When he brought her to the back of the school, he turned to face her. "There's been a
change of plans. I need you to awaken earlier than expected." Amelia raised an eyebrow at
him. She finally said "stop keeping all this from me! You say all this shit and I have no
idea what your talking about!" She was sick of the secrets he kept from her. If he was
going to tell her, he should tell her. Especially since it involved her. Aidan noticed her
frustration but didn't move to comfort her or anything. He just watched her closely.
"Fine. If your not going to tell me, then I'm leaving," Amelia said coldly. She pushed
past him. Before she could get far, he yelled "wait!" Amelia stopped on command. She
turned her head back to look at him coldly. "Are you going to tell me?" She was sick of
this charade. She wanted to know everything. If no one told her, she would just continue
her life like she has been. "Fine." He seemed defeated. "Every hundred years there's a
baby born who's the reincarnation of an angel and you are the baby... well teenager I
should say." Amelia started to laugh like he just told a funny joke. "That's the most
cliche thing I have ever heard. Fine, if your not going to tell me then I'm going to class
and going to live a normal life like normal people. Maybe you should do the same because
obviously I'm not this 'baby'. Lets just continue with our lives and never speak to each
other again." She walked off, angrier than she had been in a long time.
	The rest of the day Amelia couldn't focus on school at all. What was happening to her?
All she could think of

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Ok so Apparently it has a word limit >< Going back to writing this on word.

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