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Name: (First and Last) Nicknames: Sex: Orientation: Languages: Occupation before Virus: (student counts) Age: Dislikes: Likes: Personality: Background: (Past and up to the point of the virus) Weapon: (picture and/or description) Picture: (anime preferably)

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Name: Ryota Kobayashi Nicknames:Ryo Sex: Male Orientation: Bi Languages: English and Japanese Occupation before Virus: Hitman Age: 25 Dislikes: Ryo Hates loud, obnoxiousness, stupid people. He doesn't like being with a crowd. Likes: Ryo is fond of space. He loves quiet. He loves to hear the sound of a zombie being killed. He likes to keep stealthy. Personality: Ryo is a strong, brave cold hearted man. But deep down he is loving and caring, but he hates showing it. If he gets close to he will protect them at all cost. He will come across as a jerk, but if you are persistent enough he will open up to you. He doesn't care for animals but he will take care of them if he needs to. He will help anyone if he sees them attacked by zombies. But he will keep it a secret and will not admit it. Background: Ryo didn't have much friends. The reason for him not having any friends was because of his parents. They moved around each year. His father would come home some days drunk and would beat him and his mother. Ryo later stop feeling pain from his father beating that he grew up not feeling anything. He grew up heartless and rude. He new that the hitman job was the job for him. The people he killed he knew would deserve it and that it would cause no pain to him. On one job he found the target dead on the floor, with his guts eaten and his arms missing. He turned around and saw the person who did it. He was furious, but he found out that it wasn't human. He tried to bite him Ryo didn't know what to do, so he killed it. He walked out of the building and found himself surrounded. He ran to the roof and found himself in hell. Weapon and Ryo Picture:

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Name: Patrick Cross Nicknames: Before the Virus, his friends would call him 'Thollux', on account of his lisp and love of Greek mythology. Sollux, or just Cross. Sex: Male Orientation: Heterosexual Languages: English, Python, Java, C++ Occupation before Virus: He ran a small indie game company out of his bedroom, with a few friends. His parents owned a hardware store, and he stocked. Age: Fifteen Dislikes: Direct Sunlight. The Outdoors. Hipsters. The Risen. Likes: The Indoors. Artificial Lighting. The Internet (Misses it dearly) Hacking Cooking Personality: Cross is a bit...guarded, but that was always with him. Now, without his daily dose of Reddit, he's really...snappy. Sometimes, he yells, and it's really funny. He gets even more mad when they laugh. Background: Cross was born to a well off family, the result of identical twins marrying identical twins and making identical twins. His brother, named Connor, and he were inseparable. They liked the same stuff, were into the same music, and dressed similarly. The only difference was that his favorite color was red, and his brother's was blue. They had seperate rooms, one colored blue, the other red. His was always pretty much barricaded, save for when his friends were over. He had a pretty good life. Then, everything changed when the Risen attacked. His family was out to dinner when the first outbreak hit. Two people he loved the most were bitten: His mother, and his brother. They died. His father, not long after that. From the flu. Mourning the loss of his family, he tried blogging about his experiences until the net went out. From then on, he traveled. Kicking it Gordon Freeman style, he used a crowbar and the art of stealth to get away from the stupid zombies until he found survivors, and with that, a crossbow. Weapon: Crossbow, Crowbar Picture:

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Name: Kace Bow Nicknames: Ace Sex: Male Orientation: Meh, I don’t know Languages: English, Japanese, and German Occupation before Virus: Journalist Age: Twenty Four Dislikes: Love Likes: Peace and Quite Personality: On the outside, Kace is cruel know-it-all who doesn’t care what he has to do in order to get what he wants. He doesn’t hold back when speaking his mind and is smug about most problems he finds himself in. But he doesn’t really mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, unless he dose. Then he will make sure the person knows his opinion. People he worked with use to called him the man with little expression, because in most situations he reacts with a calm approach. It wasn’t just his work that he would sacrifice himself for but also other people he cares for and wants to protect. He covers his emotions by throwing around curses and sarcastic remarks. Common and Academic sense comes naturally but usually uses it to the point of annoying others, which for the most part, doesn’t care. One the outside, he’s lonely, who just wants to find people he can trust. Due to some past related problems, Kace has given up on love and feels it’s a waste of time. Overall, he keeps a nine-foot wall between himself and others, losing his faith within humanity. Background: Kace grew up without knowing who his real parents were, which caused an empty feeling inside of him. He would hop around from foster home to foster home, making it so other families didn’t want to adopt him. Eventually making it threw his first eighteen years, he moved out and became independent with the help of just himself. Since he didn’t have any money to go to college, he tried to find a job in what he was good at. Writing. Going from place to place, he finally got a job at local magazine where he would write about anything he found interesting and what he would think people would enjoy. Because of his job, he go the chance to travel and meet new people. That’s where he thought he met the love of his life. After spending almost four years with them, he proposed and was soon on the road to a happy life. That when he later found out, six months later, that his so-called love, had been creating on him the whole time. It was called off and he chose to never trust and fall in love with anyone again. Around a year later, he got a story to follow on about a virus that has been spreading around all of Asia and soon everywhere. Later did he know, it was the cause of the global destruction and a beginning of a few world. In determination to find the cure, he uses his journalism skills to search the source and find other to discover a cure. Weapon: Handgun Picture: (Thanks leben!) Name: Ami Kobayashi Nicknames: Mi-Mi Sex: Female Orientation: Straight Languages: English and Japanese Occupation before Virus: Student Age: Sixteen Dislikes: Unhappiness Likes: Every type of people Personality: Ami is a calm collected person, who tries to find fun in most situations. With her energy, she’s willing to fight threw the tough time the world and the human race are going threw. She’s somewhat shy around strangers, but once she get to know then, Ami can become very outgoing and fun loving. When she was in school, she was the more tomboy sporty type and never did very well in school. Despite her lack of academic knowledge, she has common sense and can be quite creative with solutions. When given a job or task, she’s hard working and will always do the job right with little to no directions involved. If she considers you as a friend, she’s loyal and will never do anything she thinks they would be against. Even with her carefree ways, she hates to take risk that she is unsure what the outcome is and will tell you is she feel uncomfortable about it. She never gets easily scared; and rarely shows her weakness to other people. With hopes for the future, she’s broad-minded and very optimistic on how everything will turn up in the end. Background: Ami grew up in a sweet, loving environment filled with two parents that always supported her. They would rarely punish her, which she sadly used to her advantage, not caring about school and hung out with the wrong crowd. Despite that, she would always apologize and ask for forgiveness from her parents, which they would always do since they cared for her. Since she realized her mistakes, she threw away her old life and started fresh. She paid more attention during school (even though she still sucked) and broke away from the people she use to call friends. As a new hobby, she took up going to a shooting range, where she learned how to handle and control a gun. Around the beginning of last year, s rumor of a deadly virus spread threw the news. Due to where he father worked, he caught a mild version of the virus and was forced to stay in a sterilized room with others who were infected. Little did they know, that the virus grew to fast and took over their whole bodies within the next 24-hours. The only solution was to inject them with lethal drugs to stop it from going out of their hands. The passing of Ami’s father didn’t set well with her mother and couldn’t take long before it physically affected her. One week after, the mother hung herself end the suffering. She left Ami a note, telling her to live on with happy feelings and to never frown. To follow her wish, she promised herself to help others and recreate the world she once lived in. Weapon: M-60 Machine Gun Picture: Name: Experiment Neco Nicknames: No. 4610 Sex: Unknown Orientation: Unknown Languages: Latin, Russian, and English Occupation before Virus: Test Subject Age: Unknown Dislikes: Scientists Likes: Humans Nicknacks Fairy Tales Personality: Neco never scatters, always staying on point and watching out for what is here to come. It never thinks about anything when it comes to how it will all end, because it wouldn’t know how to feel if any single one happened. Neco is naïve about the real world, but surprisingly know about random things you would never assume or guess it would know. Having a curious bite, it wants to learn about everything and find the smallest things interesting. In strange ways, it’s sweet and cares about what happened to others, trying it’s best to help make them safe. All it wants is to be normal, and accepted by others despite his or her background. Background: Neco never grew up in a normal society, which it was okay with. It was born in an illegal experimental ground, in Russia, far away from any sign of human life. Though, it didn’t know what the difference was so that was never a problem for Neco. But once in a while, a young woman would come into the children ward and read them stories about the outside world. Since then, it was determined to prove the other kids that it really existed and Neco would bring them back a part of it. Year after year, Neco was the only one who noticed constant spur of death that came upon every experiment in the ground. It never understood why it happened until the new year of XXXX. Neco was pulled into an unknown room, filled with sick infected humans that looked like they were on the brink of death. The scientist explained what they were doing, and would go threw horrible terms just to find the cure of the world’s most common virus and diseases. And Neco was being injected with the newest discovered virus that turned the living specimen into a flesh-eating monster. It wasn’t long until multiple lethal viruses spread threw the ward, killing every staff and experiment that didn’t have any sign of protection. Neco, being one of the only ones that had a gasmask on during the sudden spree of bacteria, survived the attack and escaped. It keeps the mask on, knowing there is a chance he might infect others with this devastating virus. Afraid other might kill it, the secret stays and is never spoken. Weapon: Kitchen Knife Picture:

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Name: Arabella Barquillera Nicknames: Ara Sex: Female Orientation: Questioning Languages: English, Spanish, and Japanese Occupation before Virus: Student, Part-time cashier Age: 17 Dislikes: Obnoxiousness Likes: Sweets Silence Calm situations Personality: Ara is a person of quiet and of observation when left to herself yet is friendly and loyal to her peers. She has a first impression of being delicate and frightened of her surroundings as she is slightly paranoid. She likes to keep to herself and not interfere in the business of others around her as she has no interest in stressful and dramatic situations. Ara is mostly herself in quiet situations such as indoors where she feels highly secure and protected. However, she has a small tendency to be nosy and curious and tends to stare at others from the shadows. Though it may not seem like it, Ara is a quiet religious person as she does a small and quick prayer before meals and does a sign of the cross over herself in panicking situations; though she does not like to show that she is from a religious background and feels almost ashamed to talk about it. Background: Ara had grown up in a lower-class society on the "bad" part of town. However, she grew up in a very close-knit family and was raised Catholic. Despite being religious she was a trouble-maker throughout her elementary and junior-high years and had disappointed her parents through her behavior. Therefore, she had become very distant and quiet through her final years in high school in order to change her ways. She became a studious person and had remained in the background as she was almost invisible to most of her peers in school. She was left alone a lot during the day as a child and had learned to be solitary and independent such as learning how to cook and clean for herself as well as learning how to drive as she got older. In her final months of her junior year in high school, she noticed her family was skipping out dinner and not coming to the house anymore. She called relatives and family friends and was told there were many employees obtaining a virus at the compound her parents and siblings worked at. Ara didn't know how to react and assumed her family would come back fro the hospital or where ever they were and return home. But, days turned into weeks as Ara had enclosed herself in her home by blocking all entrances except the garage. Her machete was the only item she kept close since it was an object used between her and her Father whenever they had gone camping. She had transitioned into the city living off of leftover food and supplies as well as breaking into small maintenance closets in buildings and living in there for temporary amounts of time. As she became more and more distant from human contact, she has gradually lost her faith and questions if there really is a god that would let this whole situation happen under his watch. Weapon: machete
photo: MACHETE machete.jpg Picture:  photo 075ad2bf-1c6c-456a-8235-ae93551fa71a.jpg
Ara Barquillera✖17✖Student✖Machete
 photo f17889c9-f432-4e30-8f58-195d161aa8eb.jpg hkgh photo machete.jpg

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Name: Kaede Carmicheal Nicknames: Kaede loathes nicknames, and he'd prefer if he wasn't treated as a dog. Sex: Male, female, whatever the hell he wants to be. Orientation: Kaede is very.... oblivious to the gender he likes, though he falls more towards men. Languages: English, Russian, Swedish Occupation before Virus: Bartender spy Age: Eighteen, going on nineteen - Animals Organized places Pink Nicknames Chatterboxes Loud talking New car smell "Why?" + leather Smoking Movies Sneaking around Fighting Sleeping Kids Music Personality: Kaede is very laid back, uncaring to the world as it is. He's never done real hard, work or anything that makes him move around too much. Lazy would be the rod you're looking for. He fools around for no apparent reason, so don't bother asking him "why", because your only reply will be a piece of glass stuffed down your throat. Kaede had a luxurious background, so he had no trouble getting what he wanted. And when he didn't, he turned to force. And when force happened, eh, well, let's just say there wasn't a happy ending to that story. Kaede, despite his loathing of people who cling or want to be friends with him, he always wanted a friend, but couldn't express himself in a way, and found himself pushing others away. He likes to work on his own, and does not, however, join anyone's team or work ethic, every man for themselves. Background: Ah, Kaede had such a good life. A well suck up student who had money, girls, anything he ever wanted. His parents lived on the other part of the world where they worked, leaving him to do as he wished sine the age of seven. The only reason, he keeps around a butler to this day. Kaede, despite being a troubled kid in school who still managed to keep amazing grades in school, yearned for more action, searching for love. But he turned to drugs and other... 'bad things'. Kaede's first best friend, who was a brother to him, was what changed his life. He had a beautiful girlfriend admired by everyone else, and a best friend who seemed to have a wandering eye. One day, out the early day of his life, he came home to his girlfriend and best friend in bed together. Running out, his best friend ran after him. Just as Kaede stopped to turn to his best friend in response, his best friend was ran over by a car. Killed in front of his eyes. Kaede never spoke for years after that, and he became cold and sadistic towards everyone, as if he didn't have a heart. --- Kaede did not at first learn of the virus, and as life went by, he had no duo take that the count of deaths in the news were rising, that some kind of 'flu' to him was spreading around. That was, until he walked home during the night, merely killed by a stranger attacking him and trying to bite him. Luckily, he taught back. And that's when everything seemed clear to him. Unlike other survivors, if there were any of them He didn't know, they would probably pack up. But him, no, never, he'd kill everyone if he had to survive. Weapon Kaede's weapon, a rarely unnatural way to hurt or kill people, is usually a long wad of rope, or in his best way, burning people with his cigarettes and by choking them. His most awful way, however, is setting them on fire. Now, don't get me wrong, he's not one of those fire-crazy people, maybe, but he's not that insane. Picture:

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Name: (First and Last)
Nani Ishii




English, Mandarin Chinese

Occupation before Virus:


People refusing her help, constantly being on the run, hostile groups, being robbed, cats,
cold soup, itchy sweaters and strawberry flavoured things.

helping people, green tea, being able to have a bath, reading, dogs, working technology,
pharmacies, non-raided goods stores, haggling.

Nani is mostly professional. She cares a whole lot for people and will do anything in her
power to help others around her with injuries or anything she knows she's good at. The
virus doesn't really freak her out, and she hasn't really lost her job, in a sense.
Determined and headstrong, Nani will do her best to provide care for those she finds in
groups and is usually found raiding hospitals- one of the most dangerous of places. She is
a rational thinker in heated situations and prefers to flee, not fight. When in a mood,
she gets rather snappish.

Nani is the daughter of an American Army General and his estranged Chinese wife. Spending
more time with her mother, Nani has had what you might call a 'stereotypical Asian
parent'- in the sense of being pushed to her limits from being young in order to excel in
everything, though mainly sciences and math. She took gymnastics on the side and sailed
through school, though not making many friends. Nani slowly became known for her
intellect, and the fact she resided working in a Hospital as a nurse, then almost
downgraded to work in a mortuary. She didn't mind though, poking at dead bodies all day
was a breeze. Until you got working on a project. The young woman was called to oversee a
new testing facility, how by injecting living specimen of human with the disease and
closely monitored, they could easily find a cure by monitoring the condition. She began
working on some of the patients, until it got too much for her and she dropped out to work
back in the real world. She was 27 when she received an email of how successful some of
her work had been, and how they were working on something new. Curiosity took hold and
Nani was brought to an American testing facility to see this new virus. It was all going
swimmingly. Until the subject began to foam and lash out, eating the others in the room.
Mass evacuation was called and Nani fled back to her home, stockpiling. In a few hours,
countries became flesh eating masses with panic everywhere.

With nothing to do, Nani held up for a few weeks in her own home until she began to run
out of supplies. Stocking a dufflebag and dressing herself a final time, Nani went out
into the world, trying to heal something she felt she had caused.

Being a medic more than anything, Nani believes it is her divine purpose to survive, so
mainly she puts all her effort into getting out, not fighting. That said, she uses a
shovel and bonesaw should things get more hectic.


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I love it! Accepted!

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Are both accepted?

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Oops sorry, yes that's what I meant! both!

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Okay. Thank you, by the way. :3

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Name: Akim Avery Northland Nicknames: Avery, Milo Sex: Male Orientation: Total homo c: Languages: Japanese, his English is horrible. Like the Japanese, he rolls his l's to r's. Occupation before Virus: Manwhore Student Age: Nineteen - Stereotypes Learning English Feeling itchy Homophobic men and women Slow music Ballet Loud noises/banging Screaming Bitter tastes + Men, a lot. Lollipops/Candy Sweet things Hymnes Nursery rhymes Eyeliner Old/Rock music Reading Archery Personality: Akim, a natural born, just a random homo child given certain gifts. A student who was stereotypically as perfect as people said foreign Asians were. He was smart, always good in his studies, but had a lot more fun than one could say. Akim is wild, a beast he is called, always playing around whether it is sexually or metaphorically. He's strange... Akim enjoys anything quiet to do, even if he is wild and has a bit too much fun, he's an energetic child with a lot on his mind. He's never really enjoyed helping others and doesn't like big crowds, and definitely, most certain, he gets way too attached to people too quickly. He falls in love quickly, and mostly gets too far ahead himself. He's oblivious to most things so it's uncertain to him when different dirty or even clean jokes hit him in the face. He's slow, even, so just give him a few minutes for things to sink in. He'll get there. Background: Akim was a very good student. Straight A's, outstanding work efforts and very intelligent. Only problem was, he spent all of his time 'whoring' around. Many of his classmates were homophobic, turned against him, and soon when the bullying became too close to death threats, he moved to America, reluctantly where he thought life would be better. But it wasn't. By his nineteenth birthday, he chose to move back to his hometown, it was too late. The virus had spread, and he had nowhere to go. Weapon: A pair of crafty, old Japanese style scissors often used for Kimono or for cutting canvases. Picture:

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