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2 September 2012, 08:12 PM    #1
Nyappy // Hakruyuu Ren, Ja'far, Rin and Len
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You will be based on marking of how well you are in the club. Strikes will be given, or tooken back for your behavior. And please, no one needs a sucker-upper or rude entity in here. We're family. ⌨ Respect; ✓ Be respective to the others around you in the club, or in OOC. They are very nice people, and I'd like for you all to try and act like a nice family, even if the other person is not to your liking. This is a roleplay club, not a drama club. ✓ If another person is being rude to someone in the club or in any situation, take it to a message or clear it up because I will not stand for fighting in this club. Actions will be tooken forth, and after even two times there will be no excuses. ✓ Take responsiblity for actions, whether you disobey a rule or not, you have to take responsibility. No one is here to judge or to make you feel critisised. Also, if you are given a task, or something that you have to do by me or a Mod, it is something important you need to do. ⌨ Strikes; ✓ Four strikes, and I'm being clear, are all you get. Based on your residential and behavior, more like being graded for responsiblity and activity, you will have four strikes. ✖You break a rule in the club, you get a fair warning. ✖ You will give me a writing explaining your problem and solution for your actions. ✖ Released from the club for a week ✖ You will be banned, and can not return. ⌨ Activeness; ✓ You will need to be active for an amount of days necessary, if you leave you need to remind me, the Moderators and those who you have been roleplaying with so we can lock the club. I've been through problems where people stop roleplaying in a club, and before they return while the others are off, more people go into that topic and take over. That is an automatic two strikes. Posting; ✓ As others may know of litterate clubs like this, there will be a chart of who posts next in order so things don't get messy and leave others out. ✓ Each topic will have a posting order, if someone gets off the topic will be closed until everyone is ready to post back such as if two people were roleplaying, and one left the second would post for that time and it will be closed, and when the other is back they can post and continue. ✓ Topic jumping: Please, two topic at a time. Do not use all characters at once, and please stay at one at a time so you make sure you have time for the other, and have all of your writing put out. When you correct your post, others may not see it and post something and there will be caused a Posting Jam. ✓ No taking lik dis Please make sure you spell correctly, take your time. But if your like me and type really really fast, make sure to go back or get a spell check so you and your partner know what your saying. ✓ Word limit; Yes, there is a limit. In each post, so nothing dies, you will need to have at least a paragraph with seven lines. Please be detailed, but writers block is okay. Just inform me so I know what's going on. . Will be updated .
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