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Title: Canvassing

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23 July 2011, 02:02 AM   #1
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So basically, this is something I wrote bored at the doctor's office. It's
fiction, haha.

I want to mention that my favorite place anywhere is probably my school's art studio.
There, I can be myself, with no worry about what people think. When I talk about painting,
a whole new side of myself is shown. I envision and create. I mold the world around me. I
create art as I speak, as I breathe. Where a portrait or landscape could literally engulf
me and I could travel far away from the commotion I would call my life. The studio was
empty when I pushed the door open. The smell of acrylic paint as well as erasers and chalk
filled my nose and made me feel so much at home. Away from the confusion, the mistakes,
and the trouble I'd cause in the last few days. I picked up a dry paintbrush. I could feel
speckles of dry, cracked paint on the wand. I had used this brush over and over for two
years. I created art. It wasn't beautiful and majestic, but it was art. I put my soul and
mind into creating a piece. No matter what the outcome, I would be immensely proud of
myself for finishing a creation. I couldn't imagine life without art. When you get your
hands on a palette. When you touch the cold casing of paint tubes. When the colors swirl
out in a wonderful spiral. When you dab your brush with the water. It's almost like you're
opening up a door to every single possibility. The brush hits the paint. You stare at a
blank canvas. The first stroke-you have officially created a piece of artwork. Sure, you
can stop, or continue if you like. But the beauty isn't in the content. The beauty is in
the creation. You are in control, and nothing can stop you from making what YOU want, not
what you're allowed to make. There are no barriers. One man's trash is another mans
treasure. You may not be a Picasso, but surely, to someone, you are a magnificent artist.
To me, art is when you create something different, something you are proud of. It's
virtually anything. My mind is filled with wonderful depictions of ancient wonders,
portraits, landscapes or scenery, and pretty much everything. So I never worry myself 
about commotion, the outside world is blank to me. Life is a canvas. You can choose to
paint it however you like.
you can't write if you can't relate

29 July 2011, 02:28 PM    #2
Joined: 21 Apr 2010
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I think this is lovely. Describes making art beautifully.

However, do you know the meaning of canvassing? xDD It was inappropriately titled.

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