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***** Well, right now I just have a preview. Something that popped in my head when I was reading something else. I have no idea where I am going with this story. I don't even know the characters right now. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little paragraph. Far off in the distance is a castle. The kind that is in fairy tales and kings and queens made with the villager's tax money. But really it’s a place where special girls and boys go. It’s not a school. Instead it’s more than a school. A school that you can only imagine.
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I wrote some more. I have no idea if its any good. Comment please! “Come on Skye, we need to get to that school right away,” said Mrs. Neal, Skye’s mom. Skye grabbed her bag and took one last look around her room. She was going to miss her light pink walls, and everything else pink. She closed her bedroom door and ran down the stairs. She almost bumped into her older brother, Brad. With his dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, and very tan skin he looked like he belonged in the family. In fact he looked exactly like their mom, but in a boy version. “Watch it,” he snapped and walked up the stairs. Skye sighed. She longed to look like her family. Instead her genes had another idea. She had perfect blond hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin. She walked out the door and to the car, which her mom was waiting for her. She got in the car slowly. Mrs. Neal turned to Skye. “Now Skye, I know you are very lucky to get into Castle Academy, which I and your father are very proud of. But, honey, you don’t have to do this. You are only a freshman, and fourteen years old,” Mrs. Neal said. “Mom, I am just going to England. It’s right across the ocean. It’s not like I am going to Russia. Plus, this school should be good for me,” said Skye. Mrs. Neal drove off, and they didn’t say another word to each other. Note: I will change the name of the school. Its the first thing that popped in my head and I didn't want to name it that, and I still don't want to name it that. Yet, I couldn't think of any other name, so if you have one please share!
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Not too sure what it'll be about, but I like the beginning!
I don't have any suggestions yet because i don't even know what the school is for, so...
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Haha. Good point on about not having a name for the school.

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Well, I wrote some more. I am still trying to figure out Skye's past as well as the other
people's past. Plus, I am trying to figure out what the school is actually for. Ha.
So...really this story is a lot of work. But I am pretty much done with Skye's past. I got
her past pretty down pat. Anyways, enjoy! Comment please!

*						*					          *
	“Oh, Skye I am going to miss you so much! Good luck though!” said Mrs. Neal while
giving Skye one last hug before she got on a plane. Skye hugged her mother back, and
walked down the long hallway to the plane. She stepped on the plane and found her seat.
She sat down, and a few moments later another girl sat down next to her. The other girl
had brown curly hair, ice blue eyes, shiny lips, and really tanned skin. She was listening
to her ipod, so Skye didn’t say anything. 
	Instead Skye looked out the window. Secretly Skye couldn’t wait to get away from her
family. Her brother, Brad, was always making fun of her at school when he picked her up.
Plus, it was only when she was talking to cute boys or hanging out with her friends. Her
friends thought it was funny. They always thought Brad was hot, because of his looks and
him being quarterback. She thought of her dad next. He was always at the office doing
“work”. Secretly, she thought her dad was seeing another girl at the same time.
Finally, she thought of her mom. Her over protective mom. She didn’t let Skye go to any
parties or really do anything fun. Finally, a voice came on the loudspeakers. It was the
captain saying that they were ready for takeoff, and they need everyone to put on their
seatbelts. Skye did what she was told. The girl next to her took off her headphones and
listened. Then they took off. Skye has never been on a plane before, much less left the
house. The girl already put her headphones back on. Skye looked out the window. All she
saw where clouds. Finally, the girl looked over at Skye.
	“Where have my manners gone? Oh, well I guess that’s what happens when you don’t
have parents around you. Hi, my name is Katrina,” said the girl that was seating next to
Skye. Skye turned around to look at the girl.
	“My name is Skye,” Skye said. Katrina laughed. Skye gave her a perplex look. 
	“We are in the sky and your name is Skye. Get it?” said Katrina. Now it was Skye’s
turn to laugh. “Here you would totally love this song.” Katrina handed Skye a bud.
Skye put it in her ear and listened to the music. Katrina turned it up. Together Skye and
Katrina listened to the music blaring until the plane landed in England.
*						*					          *
	When the plane landed in England Skye said good bye to Katrina and got her bags. She was
supposed to look for a group that held a sign up saying Castle Academy. Skye looked around
and she saw a big group of kids. She walked toward it and sure enough that was what she
was looking for. She walked over.
	“Name?” the guy asked once Skye reached him.
	“Skye Neal,” Skye said. The guy looked down the chart, and checked her name off. Skye
went into the crowd. There was a ton of people, but one person stood out to her, Katrina.
Skye was about to go up to her, but she didn’t need to, because Katrina noticed her
first and gave a little wave and then motioned her to come over to her. Skye slowly walked
over to Katrina. Katrina had three girls talking to her at once. Yet, you could tell she
was listening to every girl like a best friend would. Skye finally reached the group and
Katrina turned around to face her.
	“Skye!” she yelled. Then she smiled. Skye smiled back. “Will you be my roommate?
Cause these girls behind me…they are great and everything…but they are arguing over
who gets to bunk with me, and you know I can’t just chose!” Skye laughed. Then she
nodded. Katrina turned back to the girls and told them something. The girls’ faces
dropped. Katrina’s face dropped a little, but she talked a little more and they just
nodded and walked away.
	“Everyone grab your bags and your roommate and let’s get on the bus!” yelled the
guy. Everyone reached down and grabbed their bags. Katrina hooked her arm though Skye’s
and together they walked out of the airport and onto the bus.  
*						*					          *

Note: The stars are just there to show, that their was some time passed there.

6 July 2010, 09:15 PM   #6
Guest Poster
It seems okay so far but i'll be honest I don't think this was my type of story so I
didn't get to into it but for anyone else I think it is a pretty, decent story for anyone
into this type of story.Keep writing you will manage to please all sorts of people into
what you're writing, who are in this club.So yes I think this is a very good story
especially for someone who can actually manage to get into it.

6 July 2010, 09:40 PM   #7
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Thanks and I completely understand how you don't get into some stories. Actually, I was
trying something new, and I have no idea if I like it so far. I mean its different for me,
and kind of weird to write, but we will see how it goes.

10 July 2010, 02:56 PM   #8
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I wrote a lot...but I am trying not to put a lot of dialog in it. Its getting harder and
harder. Well, anyways I hope you enjoy!

*						*					          *
	The bus ride was really loud. Personality Skye was glad she got off the bus. Katrina
wasn’t really happy. She wanted to be the center of attention once again. But that
really didn’t happen with just two people trying to unpack. Katrina didn’t know why
she picked Skye as her roommate. Skye was the type Katrina really didn’t hang out with.
Sure Skye had blond hair and blue eyes, but she was a pretty shy one. Katrina could tell
right away. She waited until the last second to actually talk to her. Katrina was actually
hoping for Skye to introduce herself first. Yet, that didn’t happen. Once again Katrina
had to step up and be the outgoing one. Katrina really didn’t mind this though. Katrina
was the kind of girl who was good at all sports. Katrina was the girl who was rich. The
only thing Katrina didn’t have was a family. She lived with her mom on the weekdays and
her dad on the weekends. Katrina sometimes saw her sister who was in New York to become a
model. Katrina was just getting to the end of her clothes when she looked over at Skye.
She was already done. Skye was sitting on her bed looking out the window.
	“Can you um help me? Cause I have a lot more to do,” Katrina said. Skye got off the
	“How much did you pack?” asked Skye. Katrina laughed. Then shrugged. Skye sat down
next to Katrina on the floor and together they got done with unpacking. Their room was
amazing. Katrina had purple bedding and Skye had pink bedding. Everything looked wonderful
together. Skye looked at Katrina and smiled. Katrina smiled back. Both girls knew that
this was just the start of a wonderful friendship.
*						*					          *
	“Now, children please quite done,” said the headmistress. Everyone went silent.
Katrina and Skye was in the dinning room waiting to be told that they could eat their
dinner. “Welcome to Castle Academy. You don’t know anything about this school. You
think you do, but you don’t. This school is meant for special people like you and me.”
Skye and Katrina looked at each other and gave a perplex look. “Boys and girls can no
longer commutate to each other. The reason is, because you need to find your special
power. The opposite gender will always hide that away from you. So now on you guys will be
separated until sophomore year.” Katrina looked at Skye. Katrina gave her sad look, but
Skye just shrugged. She could care less about the boys. “Now, your powers can be
anything from reading minds to seeing the future. To help you find your power you will be
taking special classes. That is all for now. Eat your dinner.”
	The headmistress walked off the podium. Katrina and Skye ate their dinner talking about
their old schools. Then dinner was over and Katrina and Skye went into their rooms and
fell asleep.
*						*					          *
	“Come on, Baylor, wake up!” loudly whispered Joe while shaking Baylor. Baylor opened
his eyes.
	“Dude, I was sleeping,” said Baylor.
	“Yeah…and this is the last night until the guards get here…making this the last
night we can sneak out,” said Joe. Baylor looked at Joe. In just the moon light he could
make out his brown eyes, his dark black hair, and the freckles across his face. This was
Baylor’s second year at Castle Academy and his second time being Joe’s roommate.
Baylor got up while Joe was already changing into normal clothes. Baylor grabbed a
sweatshirt and was good to go. Baylor and Joe walked out of the door and went down the
long hallway.
	“Where are we going, exactly?” asked Baylor.
	“Shh! You’ll see when we get there,” said Joe. They went down the spiral staircase.
It lead to the kitchen. Joe stopped and sat on the counter top. Baylor just stood.
	“This is it? This is your big plan of sneaking out? Come on, Joe, we used to have
better plans than these,” said Baylor.
	“Shh! This is where these two girls come,” said Joe. Of course Joe had seen the
future! That was his power! And now Baylor was standing in the kitchen waiting for these
two girls that probably won’t show up. You see Joe’s power is very weak. It will grow
stronger, but Joe was still young. Once Joe made Baylor sneak out of the castle to a bar
in the city, just to see some girls. Turns out it was the wrong bar. Joe tried to explain
to Baylor that it was very hard to see, because he only got one scene and it was blurry.
Baylor didn’t believe him. Maybe, it was because Baylor had a different power.
Baylor’s power is to move objects when he pictured something happening. It comes very
useful sometimes. Just when Baylor opened the fridge they heard whispering. Joe looked at
Baylor and Baylor starred right where the whispering came from. Joe and Baylor moved close
to the door and put their ears against it. They could here the two girls talking.
	“Come on! I am hungry. That dinner wasn’t very good. I mean how eats seafood?” said
the first girl.
	“I don’t think we are supposed to be out of our room,” said the second girl. Then
before they knew it the door opened and the boys bounced back. Both girls screamed. Then
they stopped.
	“Hello my name is Katrina,” said Katrina while pointing to herself and then she
pointed toward Skye, “And that is Skye. Who are you guys?” Baylor looked at Joe. Joe
smiled back at him. This time Joe was right about the kitchen. Baylor went back to the
fridge. He didn’t want freshman girls to know who he was. They weren’t even supposed
to be talking to them right now. 
	“I’m Joe and that is Baylor,” said Joe. Baylor turned around and gave him a dirty
look. Joe gave him a what-are-you-going-to-do-now look. Baylor smiled and went back to the
fridge. He closed his eyes and pictured Joe slapping himself with his hand. Then he heard
an ow, and his name, and then stop. Baylor turned back and smiled at Joe. Joe gave him an
evil look. Meanwhile, Skye and Katrina looked at them like they were so weird. Joe turned
back to Katrina. 
	“Baylor can move things…with his mind,” said Joe. Katrina turned to look at Baylor.
She saw green eyes, very tan skin, and blond hair. Katrina smiled at him, but Baylor
didn’t return the smile. Baylor was just going to go back to his room when he heard
footsteps on the staircase. He froze. Then he listened to the click clack the shoes made.
High heels…which would only mean one person. The headmistress. Baylor cursed. Then he
turned to Joe. Joe gave him a worried look. The girls looked more confused than ever.
“Baylor make her turn around.”
	“I can’t my power isn’t that strong,” said Baylor. “Hand me a banana.” Joe
did what he was told and handed Baylor a banana. Baylor took out the fruit, so all he had
left was the banana peel. He threw the banana peel as far as it would go. Then he turned
around to Joe. “The idea is for her to slip on the peel and make her go flying. Then
when she lands we will go up the stairs.” He turned to the girls who were still
confused. “Got it?” he asked the girls not Joe. The girls just nodded. Baylor was by
the staircase and he could tell everyone was by the staircase too. He closed his eyes, and
pictured what would happen. Baylor heard a scream and then a thunk. He opened his eyes
again and ran up the stairs. Joe was behind him and in front of him was Katrina. They made
it to the top of the stairs, but that didn’t mean a thing. Joe whispered good bye to the
girls while Baylor ran into his room. Joe closed the door and hopped in his bed. Baylor
and Joe went to sleep, but they knew it would be a long morning.
*						*					          *
	“Why don’t the boys get breakfast first?” asked Katrina. Skye knew right away this
was a question that wasn’t supposed to be answered. Katrina and Skye were seating in the
dinning room for breakfast. The only problem was they were waiting for the headmistress to
tell them the schedule of the day and then they would be able to eat. Finally, the
headmistress walked on the podium.
	“Ladies, I have an announcement to make. Yesterday, I heard some voices in the kitchen,
so I walked down there and I fell down the stairs. One of your powers did this to me!”
yelled the mistress. She held up her broken arm. Skye and Katrina looked at each other.
They both wore worried looks. “For that…I ordered twice the normal guard rate. That
means instead of five guards in a hallway…there will be ten.”
	Then the headmistress starting to explain that it was a normal day, nothing special. Skye
and Katrina turned to each other. 
	“Sorry, it’s my fault,” said Katrina. Skye just nodded and began eating. “I call
Baylor with his green eyes. They were so dreamy.” Skye looked at her like she was crazy.
	“We don’t even know them!” said Skye. Katrina just shrugged. “Wait. That leaves
me Joe…and he creeps me out.” Katrina looked at her strange. Skye shrugged. Katrina
turned to eat her food. Then the girls ate in silence. Finally, they headed off to their
first class.
*						*					          *
	Now it was the boys turn to eat some breakfast. The boys already had their first class.
Though there first class was learning on how to control your power and what it can do.
That meant that Baylor and Joe didn’t have the first class together and barely any time
to talk to each other that morning, because they woke up late.
	“I hope she doesn’t make an announcement,” said Joe. Baylor looked at him like
	“Dude, you can see the future and she always make an announcement every morning,”
said Baylor. Joe sat there quiet. Then shrugged like it was no big deal. Just then the
headmistress’s voice came on, and she started talking. She said that it was going to be
a normal day…nothing special. Then came the totally awkward part. 
	“Yesterday night when you were supposed to be sleeping, I heard voices down in the
kitchen. I walked down there, and I fell. I never fall down the staircase, which means one
of your powers did this to me!” said the headmistress, while holding up her broken arm.
“For that, I ordered twice the guard rate. Instead of five guards in one hallway there
will be ten. Thank you and have a good day.” Baylor and Joe looked at each other.
	“She didn’t ask anyone if they knew anything,” said Joe. Baylor shrugged. It was
unusual, but it was good for both of them and the two girls that they were with. “How
can you not say that is weird?” Baylor just shrugged again and started eating his
breakfast. They stopped talking and the headmistress was right behind them. 
	“Boys, can I have a word with you?” asked the headmistress. Joe and Baylor looked at
each other. Then got up and walked in the hallway. It was empty.
	“Detention for both of you. But I need to know who were you guys with?” asked the
	“If we tell you…what do you do for us?” asked Baylor. The headmistress looked at
him. She was token aback, at what Baylor said.
	“Instead of four weeks of detention, it will be for two weeks.” Baylor thought it
over for a second. Then he looked at Joe. Baylor could tell Joe didn’t want to tell, but
detention was ruff here. Plus, getting it on your first day back was never a good thing.
	“Two girls…names were Skye and Katrina, and I think they were freshman, because I
could tell they didn’t know there powers,” Baylor said. Joe looked at him like he was
going to hurt him. The headmistress nodded her head and said thank you. Then she walked
away. Joe turned to Baylor and shook his head. Then he walked away without saying
anything. Baylor was hurt, but just a little. Yet, he knew not to show it since he was
*						*					          *
	Katrina and Skye was in there first period class. They were listening to the mind reader
teacher, Mrs. Rogers.
	“Now, most of you won’t have me, but today we are going to see if any of you have the
power to read peoples mind. All I would do is ask you to come forward and tell me what I
am thinking. If you pass, I will ask you again. If you pass again…congrats your power is
reading peoples mind.” Mrs. Rogers said. Katrina and Skye sighed. They weren’t going
to do anything fun. All the teacher really said was that after this class they would have
regular classes like math and science. Yet, Skye was really thinking on how they actually
knew that all of these girls had powers. The first girl tried and failed. Actually, half
the class failed. Finally, Mrs. Rogers pointed to Katrina. Katrina steeped forward.
Katrina looked at the teacher. Then she closed her eyes. She opened them.
	“You are thinking about weather or not you should tell use how people knew we had
powers,” said Katrina. The teacher smiled and nodded. Skye let her mouth open. The
teacher most of read her mind. Wow, the teacher was good.
	“Try again,” said Mrs. Rogers. Katrina once again closed her eyes. This time she got
it right away.
	“You are really happy that you have a mind reader,” said Katrina. The teacher smiled
again and nodded.
	“Please seat in one of those chairs,” said Mrs. Rogers and pointed toward the chairs
that no one was seating in. Katrina walked over and sat down on the chair. Now it was
Skye’s turn. She stared at the teacher. Nothing came to her mind. 
	“Uh…you are thinking about getting another cat,” said Skye. Skye already knew that
Mrs. Rogers liked cats, because there was a real cat in the room. Mrs. Rogers frowned.
Then shook her head.
	“Sorry, but you are not a mind reader. Don’t worry, tomorrow will bring a new
power!” said Mrs. Rogers. Skye walked off to where the no’s were standing at. Out of
the twenty-five girls, there were only five mind readers. Mrs. Rogers shook her head. Then
	“The number is decreasing,” she mumbled to herself, which made only her hear it. “I
remember the time when there were 100 girls in total, and at least twenty-five mind
readers. Mind readers were the most common, but now I am thinking differently,” she
mumbled again. Katrina looked at the teacher, and heard what she was thinking about. She
took the little piece of information with her.
*						*					          *
	Lunch was the only class Katrina and Skye had together. Katrina sat down next to Skye in
the corner. Ever girl was eating.
	“Can you believe it that there used to be 100 girls in each class, a while ago?”
Katrina said to Skye. Skye shook her head. Then they heard a voice over at the podium. 
	“Freshman girls…please listen. This is more about the school,” said Mrs. Rogers.
Apparently, rumors had it she was the oldest and the longest teacher here. “This school
was built for you. Now, there at twenty-five girls, and twenty-five boys, this makes
fifty. There used to be more, but the number has somehow decreased. We think it is,
because the girls had to find a husband that was normal and the boys had to find a wife
that was normal. The reason for that is, because the student numbers were getting too high
and soon after that the whole world would have powers.” Mrs. Rogers stopped. Then she
looked around the room. “Now, on to the most important one of all. How we knew you had
powers. You see on the back of your neck is a freckle. Each and every girl has one in the
exact same spot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell us which power you have. You have to
find that yourself. Thank you for listening,” said Mrs. Rogers, and stepped off the
podium. Skye and Katrina looked at each other and then shrugged. After that they just
talked about how this school works so differently than others.
*						*					          *
	Finally, the day was over and the girls were walking to their room. Then they bumped in
into the headmistress. The girls mumbled sorry and tired to keep walking but she stopped
	“Detention for both of you for two weeks,” she said. Then Skye and Katrina looked at
each other. “Oh, did I forget to tell you? I found out about you guys sneaking out last
night to visit some boys. The boys told of course. Now come with me, I will show you how
detention worked or rather the boys will.” Katrina have a perplex look at Skye. Skye was
hurt; she never got a detention at school before. Katrina though she got a few detentions.
Nothing big, just talking too much during class. The girls followed the 
headmistress while they went down the stairs and into the dinning room. Already sitting
there was the boys that Katrina and Skye meet yesterday. “Now, these boys will explain
what to do. Don’t forget about the other dinning room either.” Then she walked away. 
	Skye turned to Katrina. “I don’t get it. We aren’t supposed to talk to boys, but
yet at detention we are allowed to talk to them,” whispered Katrina. Skye shrugged. Then
they turned back to Baylor and Joe.
	“We clean the tables and then set them up for dinner. This is the guy’s dinning
room,” said Joe. Joe handed Skye and Katrina a bucket of soapy water and a rag in it.
Katrina started and Skye was right next to her.
	“This isn’t really a bad detention,” said Katrina. Skye shrugged. “Okay, now what
do you think is your power?” Skye just shrugged again. The teachers didn’t talk about
all the powers, just one power. “So…I overhead…err…well read a teachers mind. She
was looking right at you.”
	“So?” Skye asked. Katrina felt relieved she had Skye’s attention now. Katrina
smiled this time.
	“She thought you looked like Rosy Meltwater,” said Katrina. “She also thought that
you might have her power, but I have no idea what that power is.” Skye looked up and
looked right at her eyes. She could tell that Katrina was dead serious about this.
	“Rosy Meltwater hasn’t been seen in years,” said Joe. Katrina looked over at him.
He was already done with two tables, and Baylor was working on his third. The girls were
still on the first one, and there were five tables.
	“You know her?” asked Katrina.
	“Please, she went missing 200 years ago,” said Baylor. This time Skye looked up.
	“What he means is that she went undercover. It’s a long story and only one person
knows it best,” said Joe. Katrina looked over at Skye. Skye was staring down at the
table. Skye thought it was impossible. She looked nothing like her mom. Plus, she had come
out of her mom or at least she thought so. Whenever Skye asked her mom about her pregnancy
with her, so would say it was a very ruff one. Unless…no…that can’t be true.
	“What can’t be true!” said Katrina. Skye looked up that time. 
	“You read my mind!” said Skye. Katrina laughed. Then she walked over to Baylor. 
	“Tell me more about this Rosy Meltwater,” said Katrina. Baylor looked at her and
shook his head. 
	“No one really knows about her, but that she went missing, because her power was
banned,” said Baylor. Katrina opened her eyes more to look surprised. “Just ask Mrs.
Rogers about it. She knew her pretty well.” Katrina sighed. She already hated this
school. She wanted to be with her real friends not the shy Skye. Yet, she felt something
keep her there, if that was even possible. They didn’t talk at all after that. Finally,
they finished cleaning off the tables in the first dinning room. Then they set the table
for a 100 boys, because that was the total in the whole school. Then they went into the
next dinning room and did the same thing. Finally, they were done, but before they could
go back upstairs in their room to do homework it was dinner time. Katrina heard Baylor
curse, because he had so much homework.
*						*					          *
	At dinner time Baylor sat next to Joe in their own little corner. 
	“Do you think Skye’s mother is Rosy Meltwater?” asked Joe. Baylor shook his head.
	“She was missing for 200 years…there i

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Apparently it didn't fit. :/

Here is the rest of it though:

*						*					          *
	At dinner time Baylor sat next to Joe in their own little corner. 
	“Do you think Skye’s mother is Rosy Meltwater?” asked Joe. Baylor shook his head.
	“She was missing for 200 years…there is no way that women is even alive,” said
Baylor. Joe shrugged. “Unless her power has something to do with it.” Joe looked up
and then something clicked. 
	“We need to talk to Mrs. Rogers right away,” they both said together. Then they
finished their chicken dinner without another word about the girls, detention, Rosy
Meltwater, or the time they were going to stay up to finish their homework.

Note: If you find any grammar errors, spelling errors, or anything else please tell me!
Just so I can change it right away, and stuff.

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I didn't actually read any of it, I don't have time right now, but I'll be sure to when I
have time. Looks good so far though!

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I wrote some more. Sorry, I forgot to post. Anyways, enjoy!

*						*					          *
	The girls were in their room, doing homework when they heard a knock on their door. Skye
got off her bed and answered it. She was farther in her homework than Katrina. Katrina
kept texting her friends back home. When Skye opened the door she let her mouth dropped.
There was Joe and Baylor standing there. They walked in and closed the door right behind
	“Mrs. Rogers won’t tell anyone about Rosy Meltwater, but the teachers, the government
that runs our power rules, and anyone who gets close to her,” said Joe. Katrina looked
up from her phone.
	“That’s easy. I could do that. I already have one class with her. Her favorite
subject, too,” said Katrina. Joe looked at her, and nodded. Katrina smiled back at her.
Then Joe looked down at his watch and cursed. It was thirty seconds after nine. The guards
were on their way to their posts. 
	“We’ve got to go,” said Joe and opened the door and ran out. Skye just stood there
and watched. Katrina looked at Skye. Skye looked back at her. Finally, they just shrugged
like it was nothing. Then they went back to their homework.
*						*					          *
	“Boys, what are you doing out of your room?” asked one of the guards noticing two
boys just walking into their room. Joe walked back in the hallway.
	“My friend and I were in the library, reading some books, when we noticed the time,”
said Joe, and then he shrugged. Meanwhile Baylor was imagining the whole thing. Soon the
guard would just shrug it off and walk down the hall again. Which is what the guard did
exactly. Then Joe walked into the room while closing the door. Then the boys cracked up,
after it. Then they sat down to do their homework. Finally, Baylor was done. 	He looked
over toward Joe’s direction he noticed he was already done and sleeping. Baylor sighed.
Joe was always smarter than Baylor, even when they were at the same middle school, not
knowing each other. Baylor was the jock, into every single sport and good at all those
sports, while Joe was the nerd, who always got A’s in the class. One morning in eighth
grade, Baylor walked into school feeling great. Who wouldn’t? He just won another
basketball game for his team. He made the last shoot in the game, which made his team won.
He walked into his first period class. Math. Baylor hated math and he wasn’t very good
at it either. Without him feeling any worst he sat in his seat at the back of the room.
Then he sat down. The teacher made an announcement saying that she was done grading the
tests and that she was handing them back today. Everyone groaned. She just smiled back at
the class and started handing them out. She stopped when she came to Baylor. “We need to
talk to class.” Then she landed the test on the desk. He got an F. Baylor cursed under
his breath. Then he put it away, before any one else could see. Unfortunately his best
friend, Matt already saw it. He leaned over to whisper to Baylor.
	“Dude, are you failing this class now?” Matt asked. Baylor just nodded. Matt looked
back at the board. When the bell rang, saying that it was the end of the period. Matt
walked out of the door. Slowly, Baylor got off his seat and walked to the front of the
class. He stopped once he reached the teacher’s desk. She looked up and smiled at
Baylor. She told him, he was failing the class, and that he had to bring his grades up to
stay on the school’s basketball team. Baylor nodded, he knew the rules. She suggested
getting a tutor. Baylor looked at her. He didn’t know anyone good at math. Even his
friends barely passed math. He tried explaining that to her. She held up her hand and said
that she can found one for him. As it turned out she picked Joe. Joe tutored him. Slowly
Baylor’s grades got better, and he got to keep his spot on the basketball team. That’s
how Baylor and Joe met, and they decided to be roommates in high school, because both of
them didn’t know anyone else. After a year in high school and part of eighth grade they
became the best of friends.
	Baylor went to asleep while thinking about eighth grade. His life would totally be
different if he didn’t go to Castle Academy. 
*						*					          *
	“Mrs. Rogers can I talk to you for a second?” asked Katrina. Mrs. Rogers looked over
at Katrina.
	“I am very busy, but I guess you can seat down,” said Mrs. Rogers. Katrina sat down.
She thought of Skye. Skye was in the dinning room, eating breakfast by herself, while
Katrina wanted to ask Mrs. Rogers about Rosy Meltwater. All she had to do was ask her
about her and then read her mind.
	“I wanted to ask you about Rosy Meltwater. What was she like?” asked Skye. She was
trying to read her mind, but nothing came. Mrs. Rogers sighed.
	“Katrina stopped trying to read my mind. I built up a wall years ago,” said Mrs.
Rogers. Katrina stopped. “Rosy Meltwater, she was a student here. She went missing 200
years ago.” Wait. That meant that Mrs. Rogers was over 200 years old. She had a confused
look. “Her power was that she could…” Mrs. Rogers said, but then caught herself.
“Katrina, I can’t tell you anymore than I already told you. Now go to breakfast.
Hurry, before you don’t get any and I hear your stomach growling in my class.” Katrina
was surprised at her firm voice. Yet, she got off her seat and walked down to the dinning
room. She sat down next to Skye and started eating her breakfast. Skye looked over at her,
knowing that things didn’t go as plan. Skye sighed. 
	“Maybe she isn’t my mother,” mumbled Skye. Katrina just nodded. It was very
believable now.
*						*					          *
	Joe couldn’t seat still in his first class, seeing the future. The teacher was trying
to explain how the images sometimes played minds with you and how to over become that. Joe
already knew that the images played minds, because of his own experience. 
	“Mr. Henry, do I have to send you in the hallway to make you stop moving?” asked the
teacher in a firm voice. Joe nodded and tried to sit still. Yet, he was moving again in
less than five minutes. Joe just couldn’t stop moving. This morning before Katrina went
to Mrs. Rogers she stopped at their room, to tell her plan to them. After this class he
had to rush over in the dinning room, to catch Katrina. Katrina was supposed to tell them,
if she had any new information. He just couldn’t wait. He turned around in his seat and
looked at the clock. Only ten more minutes.
*						*					          *
 	Only ten more minutes, read the clock. Baylor turned around to look at the teacher. Only
ten more minutes until he knew about this Rosy Meltwater person. Baylor was in his power
class. He was listening to the teacher and taking notes. He only took notes when he was
excited. Maybe that’s why I didn’t do so well in math thought Baylor. 
	“Mr. Reed, what do you do when someone over powers your power?” asked the teacher.
The teacher was a lady. Baylor wasn’t used to her. He found her very weird, and she also
knew a lot more powers than most teachers. Baylor looked down at his notes.
	“Uh…you use a potion,” he said. The teacher smiled. Baylor got it right. But where
was he supposed to get a potion when he was in great danger? He was confused. Very
confused. He looked back at the clock. Only five more minutes. The teacher caught him
looking at the clock.
	“Mr. Reed I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that you are very
hungry, and my class might be very boring but if you turn around and listen to me the
class will go by quicker,” said the teacher. Baylor kept her eyes on her for the last
five minutes. 
*						*					          *
	The bell rang. Yet, Katrina and Skye moved very slowly to the doors. In fact they were
the last girls to leave. They bumped into Baylor and Joe. Katrina looked at them. She
couldn’t stand humiliation, it was even worse with boys. She quickly walked away. Skye
looked after her, and so did the boys. She turned to them. She just shook her head. The
boys face fell, but Joe trying to be happy changed the subject.
	“What power are you going to try today?” asked Joe. 
	“Potion making,” said Skye. Baylor laughed. 
	“Lamest power,” said Baylor. Then he walked into the dinning room and Joe followed.
Skye walked to the power room. She sat in a desk and looked around the room. The teacher
was in front of the class waiting for the bell to ring, so she could start. 
*						*					          *
	Skye finally reached her room with a bag full of books. After realizing that she failed
her quiz when all the other girls didn’t, she decided to grab some history books from
the library. Really, Skye didn’t want to go there she just wanted to go to her room and
take a short nap. She opened her door, and Katrina was already sitting on her bed doing
homework. Katrina looked up and saw Skye. She smiled at her. Skye smiled back. Then she
sit her bag of books down on her bed. 
	“How did potion making go?” asked Katrina.
	“I almost blew up the whole school,” said Skye. Katrina laughed. Skye looked at the
time. It said it was five. She had an hour, to do her homework. Then she would eat dinner,
and then clean up the dinning room for detention. Katrina went back to her homework. Skye
got started on hers. Before they knew it they were both heading down to the dinning room.
*						*					          *
	“It just so happens the one day they plan a food fight we have to clean it up,” said
Baylor. The girls were just entering the boy’s dinning room. They stopped and looked
around. Then they turned around. Yet, Joe stopped them.
	“It wasn’t our fault. They decided to have a food fight. Everyone did. Then they
would blame it on us. All in all we have to clean it up,” said Joe. The girls looked at
each other. Then they shrugged and turn around.
	“You know we are only helping you guys, so we don’t get in trouble,” said Katrina.
Baylor nodded. He understood it all. They got to work. They put on gloves and moped the
floor. They wiped down everything. The tables, the chairs, the walls, and even under the
tables. Finally, they were done after an hour. Yet, they still had the girl’s dinning
room. They walked over there. Their arms were so score. Yet, they cleaned the girl’s
dinning room a half hour later. Joe looked down at his watch.
	“We better get going or else they are going to get mad at us for roaming the hallways
when we weren’t suppose to do,” said Joe. Katrina and Skye hurried to their room. Joe
and Baylor did the same thing. 
*						*					          *
 	Day after day passed by. 
	Katrina tried to get closer to Mrs. Rogers. It was very unsuccessful. More and more
rumors were heard about Rosy Meltwater, but none of them believable. Katrina was doing
pretty well in her classes though. She also learned how to build a wall, so that no one
will be able to read her mind. It was very useful for a mind reader. 
	Joe went around his days, just thinking. He only had a few images from the future. One of
Skye found her power. Yet, it didn’t say what her power was. Just her standing there
stunned that whatever her power was. Joe was finding more and more about his power like
how he could control the image once he was strong enough. He couldn’t wait until he
figured out how to do that. He was just bouncing in his seat. 
	Baylor went around his days feeling stranger around his power teacher. Maybe, she hiding
something, Baylor thought of the conclusion. Yet, he couldn’t prove it. He just took his
life one step at a time. His detention days were almost over, which meant he would have
lots more of sleep. 
	Skye felt horrible. She went around feeling really bad. She was the only freshman who
didn’t found out what her power was. She had only one day left to figure it out. She
tried everything. She tired from reading people emotions to just breathing under water.
Joe told her what he saw, but she didn’t believe him. Maybe, she was a mistake. Maybe,
she didn’t have a power after all. Meanwhile, she was getting more behind in History
than she hoped for. She just wished that she would find time to read the books that she
got from the library. 
	But yet, their last detention day together will change their lives forever. 
*						*					          *
	Skye walked into the boy’s dinning room. She walked really slowly. Katrina was really
hyper. Who wouldn’t be? It was their last detention day. Skye felt really bad though.
She had just tried the last power. Which was to control plants. She didn’t pass. The
headmistress was suppose to talk to her after detention, but all she could think was that
this was her last day at this school. She really liked it here after all. She met great
friends, including the boys. Even though they only saw each other at detention. She
finally, entered the dinning room. Right away, Baylor and Joe could tell that she didn’t
find her power after all.
	“Its going to be all right,” said Baylor. Joe nodded in agreement. Skye looked up and
shrugged it off.
	“Maybe, I was a mistake,” she said. Baylor looked at Joe. Katrina just looked down at
her best friend. It happened when they were almost done cleaning up the dinning room. When
the door closed and locked. 
	“What the…?” said Baylor. Joe ran over there and tried to open the door. It was
unsuccessful. Skye said down in a chair. She looked down at the ground. Katrina came over
and put an arm around her friend. Skye started crying. Katrina hugged her friend.
Meanwhile Baylor and Joe tried to open the door. Then the room was spinning.
	“Skye…” said Katrina. Skye looked up and wiped her tears away. Then she gasps.
Baylor and Joe looked around the room. 
	“Shit…” said Joe. “I had an image of just the room spinning, but I didn’t know
it would be us in it. I thought it would be something that just happened.” Then Katrina
gave him a crazy look. Skye got up and tried one last time to open the door. It didn’t
budge. Finally, the dinning room disappeared and they were in a room of white. Skye
blinked. Katrina looked around. Baylor and Joe just gave each other a confused look.
Finally, a person appeared. 
	“Hello, Skye,” said the person. Baylor looked at her. She looked really familiar.
Skye looked at her weird. The person laughed. “Skye, I need to explain everything. It
was my idea to send you here.” Skye just looked at her like she was crazy. “Here sit
down, all of you.” Just then four chairs appeared. Skye was the first to sit down. 
	“Skye, it’s nice to meet you. I have been watching you for a very long time. You see
it all started when I was working for you dad,” the lady started. “I was single.
Actually, I was always single. Your dad hit on me and I flirted back. I didn’t know he
had a wife. Never mentioned her. Then one day I got pregnant with you.”
	“Wait. That means you are my mom and that my dad cheated on his wife who I thought was
my mom. That explains why I don’t look a thing like them,” said Skye. The lady
	“Yet, I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant. You see my power is that I wish for
something and I get it. Right away. When I was your age at this school, it was a very
special power to have. They thought it was the power to save us all from the evil sprits.
Turns out, we turned into them. It didn’t happen right away. The evil sprits were just
people who were born evil. It was my senior year. There were rumors that my power was
	I talked to Mrs. Rogers. I always liked that teacher the best. You see I went over the
board a little. I wished I could read minds and see the future. I had three powers,
because I had the ultimate power. It wasn’t a wise decision. Anyways, she said that the
school would protect me. Yet, it did the opposite. The headmistress ordered the guards to
take away any students who had that power and burn them. That was what they were doing in
the world after all. Mrs. Rogers went to tell me. She said that at least one person with
this power has to survive. She told me three things to do though which were to change my
appearance, never tell anyone, and never get pregnant. 
	I changed my appearance to this, but Skye I used to look just like you. I didn’t tell
anyone, but you now. The only thing I broke was not to get pregnant. Of course I could
have just wished that I wasn’t pregnant. Yet, I thought of you.” The girl paused.
	“Thanks,” said Skye.
	“And in return, I wished Mrs. Rogers to stay alive forever. I also wished that I got to
be 25 for the rest of my life and to live forever. But Skye it’s your turn to do me a
favor. A couple…if you might say that. I don’t want any one knowing about this besides
these friends and Mrs. Rogers if she ever finds out. Also, I want you to wish that your
power is to read minds. Then I want you to go to Mrs. Rogers and read her mind. She will
accept you into her class. Finally, Skye, I want you to save the world. The evil is rising
again. I don’t have an idea how. Good bye, Skye. I will be watching over you.” 
	“But wait! Who are you?” asked Skye.
	“I think you already know who I am,” said the lady. Then she disappeared. Skye still
remembered what the lady looked like. She had black hair, that looked very silky and it
was pretty long. She had green sparkling eyes. Also, she was very pale. Suddenly the white
room changed into the dinning room. The door opened like it was always opened. 
	“Well, I have to go. Will you guys cover for me?” asked Skye. Katrina looked at her
like she was crazy. It was bad enough she had a better power than her, but also have her
power, too! Oh, yeah Katrina was jealous. Very much. Indeed it made Katrina get off the
chair that she was sitting in and walk out of the room. Skye sighed. What has she done to
deserve this? Joe cleared his throat. Skye looked up at him.
	“This is how I pictured it,” Joe said. Skye gave him the of-course look. Joe smiled.
	“You know your power! Now go tell Mrs. Rogers! She’s totally waiting for you!” said
Baylor. Skye took a deep breath. Then shook her head. 
	“I got to finish my detention day first,” she smiled as she said. Oh, she was totally
going to miss her detention days. They cleaned up, and soon Skye was walking down the wall
to Mrs. Rogers’s room. 
*						*					          *
	Katrina went to her room. She jumped on her bed, and cried. She would not just stop
crying. Yet, she knew that Skye was still her friend at the school. Actually, her only
friend. She still somehow felt like she owed that much to Skye. Well, she did just find
out who her real mother is, thought Katrina. In Katrina’s messed up family at least she
knew her real parents. Not just some random people on the street. Katrina got off her bed
and went into the bathroom, she washed her face. Then she went back on the bed and did her
homework. She really wanted to talk to Skye about this now.
*						*					          *

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