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16 February 2010, 07:34 PM   #1
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 If you go to Pembrooke High, and you don't know Nina Ammudin, please let the
world know about your adventures living on Venus raising chinchillas. She's our 'it' girl.
Nina is...everything the typical insecure teenage girl wishes she was.

First off, she's loaded. She's royalty. Literally. Nina's the daughter of a Middle Eastern
prince, and an extremely succesful Gambian businesswoman. Nina lives in a palace-like
mansion outside of town that has its own reception desk, although she spends most of her
time in her ritzy penthouse downtown that she actually owns by herself- and she's only
fourteen. Her family owns awesome penthouses and estates all over the world in the best
places, in every continent except Antarctica. 

She's got an amazing personality. If you tell a stupid joke to your class, nobody laughs,
you get weird stares, and everyone forgets about it by the next period. However, if she
tells the same joke a week later, her vivacity makes anything she says hilarious, making
people repeat it to each other, crediting Nira, for months after. Heck, if she said why
did the chicken cross the road, everyone would be on the floor in hysterics. She's
also friendly, warm, and loving, with a very motherly edge that makes everyone tell her
their most intimate secrets. Nira knows every last bit of gossip there is in eigth grade,
no joke. She's also incredibly smart and does amazingly, but not in a show-off or nerdy
way. This girl listens to the best music, has the most interesting stories to tell, and
can always brighten up someone's day.

And...let's face it, she's gorgeous. She has thick, ebony hair in waves to just past her
shoulders. Her skin is the color of brown sugar, and she has a naturally beautiful face
structure; with beautiful chocolate-colored eyes framed with long eyelashes that are not
the product of any mascara, the perfect ski slope nose, and full, but not too full lips
that reveal ivory teeth. She's immune or something to acne, although she's told me that
she has a secret product that makes her look perfect, going with the rest of her expensive
makeup she applies carefully. Nira has an amazing figure; tall, with curvy hips and
thighs, a C-cup, slightly large rear...you get the picture. The girl is also incredibly
fashionable; wears the top brand names every day. I remember on the first day of
Kindergarden, she came in wearing an incredibly small DKNY dress with matching Gucci
sunglasses. At five years old she wore that, while everyone else was wearing overalls and
denim dresses with zoo animal patterns! 

Yet...she's my best friend. I know you're expecting me to say that it's tough to always be
in the Alpha of our year's shadow, and that I'm jealous, and blah, blah, blah...well,
guess what? Those things are slightly true, but she's also the best friend a girl could
ask for. I mean, it's not just the fact that I'm the second most popular girl in our year
now, and that I've been considered a fashion plate since fourth grade when she dragged me
into DKNY and Gucci, also giving me a makeover, although that was really awesome. She's
sweeter than my grandma's chocolate chip pancakes, and although we're almost opposites
although my family is rather wealthy, we're tight like anything. And now, my story is
going to start about what my popular position did to me during my eighth-grade year.

9 March 2010, 11:24 PM   #2
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Are you ever going to continue this?

10 March 2010, 07:53 AM    #3
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 Dunno, might or might not.

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