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Dear Eddie: Virginity

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11 January 2010, 11:35 PM   #1
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Dear Eddie,

Do you think it is wrong not to be a virgin at 13?

Just Wondering

Dear Wondering,

not really no.

i think that sex should be treated as something special and should be enjoyed.

there are maybe some reasons why some people shouldnt be having sex that early, pregnancy
among them, but the issue of virginity itself i think is one that is given too much
attention and overemphasis.

its also a double standard and biased towards females. males who have sex as a teen are
not given the same treatment. 

....having said that i think ideally a girl should treat her sex, her body with respect.
she should consider it something precious and special and sex an intimate act. so ideally
i think a girl should make her first time with someone that she loves and that respects
her and that there is some relationship there.

i do lose a little respect for a girl if she just gives her first time away to a random
guy she just met at a party and doesnt really have a relationship with. but that's more
just a feeling of regret that she isnt treating her beauty and sex preciously not so much
a judgment about her character.

but, just in case someone hasn't done that, i want to add that a girl (or guy) shouldnt
feel bad about having her first time at such an early age - in less than an ideal
situation. Frankly we all make mistakes in life no matter how old we are. Life isn't
perfect and neither are we. But experiences and choices and mistakes are things we are
meant to learn from. If one does feel bad for having started sex early or having lost
their virginity early (and we are talking voluntarily not involuntarily) then she should
process that and think about what is it that made it bad. Most likely it wasnt the actual
sex...though that could be bad too if both were inexperienced or the guy wasn't gentle
withthe girl or skilled. Most likely she feels bad because she knows she should have saved
her sex for someone special to her. That is a mistake she can easily correct going forward
and she can enjoy a long great sexlife in her lifetime. Any guy who doesnt like that the
girl he wants is not a virgin isn't worthy of her. Period. 

regards, eddie

13 January 2010, 09:39 AM   #2
Guest Poster
wow thats deep and really really true as well i agree

24 February 2010, 01:26 AM    #3
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This makes sense I hate when kids in school think other kids are sluts,whores,skanks, etc
just because they lost their virginity at a young age.

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