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Eh. I tried.

18 July 2009, 04:35 PM   #1
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I cant draw faces. Or hands. Or hair. So could I get some tips please? <3 I know a lot of things is wrong with this, its just some sample lineart I guess. I may not even try and finish it. :/ Oh well. This is drawn with a mouse and I dont own a tablet so...Yeah. ( laptop pad mouse D: ) That is my signature in the corner...It looks better on paper. X] I seek crit. It helps me do better. ^ ^ So, comment away.

18 July 2009, 05:36 PM   #2
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xD... that... is kind of...a problem lol... -shot- 

Okay then. :D Time for Kyun's Teaching time. XD (Damn I sound retarded)


I'll explain the steps in which I usually take to draw faces. (And I did it with a mouse,
so you can see that it is possible to draw okay faces with a mouse pad. xP) 

1. First off, I draw a rough shape of the face. Normally it is oval. I don't draw neat
with my tablet either, but mouse... is really hard. ._.; 
Also you have seen the two lines (one that goes vertical and the other horizontal) on the
oval's face. The purpose of that thing is to help you determine where to set the eyes and
nose. That cross basically tells you which way your face is facing and how long the face
would be. 

And then leave your sketch on that layer and move onto another where you will have a
cleaner sketch (now that you know what you're going to draw.)

2. Make a curve such as that. If you see a human face, the side of their face usually is
straight before it hits a curve at the cheeks. From the cheeks you go down and stop where
your the curved line recedes. do it with the other side as well. (but I'm lazy so I only
drew the face facing our left. xP)

3. Because of perspective, the hair on our right side would cover the girl's left side of
the face. The 'open' lines of the face is closed off with some bangs and hair. xP 

4. Draw eyes and the nose. :D And yes, some of the eyes are misplaced. xP But you can see
a relation with the curved lines that you drew prior to the way the features are placed. 

xD And that ends a stupid mini lesson of mines. xP 

Hope that helps somehow...xD I'm really bad at giving tips...sorry. D: 

...yeah, my mouse skills suck, now I have a new respect for mouse-users... :/ Anyone else
want to make a hand/ hair tutorial? xP

18 July 2009, 06:50 PM   #3
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Yeah, I suppose that helped a bit. :> Thanks.

I have been begging for a tablet for like ever. D: But even if I got one I still wouldnt
know what to do with it...
I'll trying drawing something tarded next time. :/

And some people are really good with mouse. I dont understand it. D:

18 July 2009, 07:19 PM   #4
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Lol... glad it helped...a bit. yeah, crappy tutorial. :/ I wish I can explain better. 

Ah... well  it's basically like drawing on paper really. XD; Whatever you do get a tablet
that's bigger that 5 x 3.55 inches. =D Cus I got one like that and it didn't help me at
all. >.>;

Yeah, some people are very good with it. =o I guess one of the friends of a mouse user is
a beziel tool... and patience too.

18 July 2009, 07:22 PM   #5
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I'll make a note of that then. ;] I guess thats the size my friend's sister has...its
tiny. > . >

I never heard of that...tool... < .<" Oh well, if its important I'll find out.
And patience is something I do not have. (as you can see above)

18 July 2009, 07:50 PM    #6
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here, so you can see from the front...
i do the face slightly different...

ok, so the first three are how i make the heads...

a circle, and then the lower part of the head is about as long as the diameter of the
circle, coming to a sort of point.

 to place the eyes, draw a line from one end of the face to the othere, connecting the
jaw. to give it dimension, make another curve above the bottom of the circle.
the ears are centered around the jaw line, below the eyes ( i couldn't do that i guess...
'cause i don't draw ears)

since it has already been explained before, i'll skip the eyes and such. (i'm not that
great with a mouse anyway XD)

i kept the line at the top, so i could place the bangs. all the hair hould be going in the
same direction, at least with this short of hair.
and then, um, the top is always rounded (i at least used to draw it like there was a point
two curves should meet at o.o") and the hairs perspective is to be brought back, so you
draw curves slightly up as you go back.

.... i hope you got enough out of the writing, because i failed at drawing using the tools
i have.
'a rose by any other name still draws blood'

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