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Um, Harajuku Gal Modeling?!

17 July 2009, 10:06 PM   #1
Guest Poster

I got lazy with the background, but I like it.
I tried to mix Harajuku and Gal styles with this, but I guess I'll let you decide if
it's any good or not. 

BTW She's modeling. xD


18 July 2009, 04:25 AM   #2
The Founder
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To be honest her clothing looks like a hippie's... o.o Not to be mean or anything but it
just does seem like it. The background is meh, but I like the way how you drew the street.
o.o I don't know what that black scribble behind her is, but it doesn't really do much but
kind of make me think she belongs to a cult... (I'm sorry, but that's what I thought when
I first saw this...>.o; )

o. o I really like the hair... it looks like a gradient. :D Very nicely down... I know
what Harajuku is but I don't think I'm familiar with Gal...

18 July 2009, 06:58 AM    #3
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Her clothing seems more like the Japan streetwear. Like take Bleach for example. They
often wear bright clothing and layered garments. I feel like this is more like that. 
I don't really get the two strands attached to her head, the blue and pink strands. 
The clips in her hair are a bit random and a bit too much, so maybe one or two is enough.

And the gray background is really bothering me. What is it supposed to be? Shadow, or
an evil aura? XD
But, the hair and the shading in it is really cute. I love the clothing design and
everthing with it.
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