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Rosalie is fourteen years old and very famous.  Two years ago she entered a singing
contest and after that she has become famous worldwide so when she is sent to boarding
school with an undercover bodyguard things start to go really weird.  She gets everyone
bullying Patsy and she wakes up to discover that Patsy's going to help her uncle kidnap
her.Scared, she runs away, leaving her glamorous life of fame and fortune life behind,
willing to forget everything, as long as she doesn't get hurt.

Rosalie makes lots of friends along the way but will they be fine stealing and living on
the street...

Too Many Changes

I Won't Go!

Cheering is a brilliant thing that only briliant singers get to hear after finishing a
performance and I always hear that so I must be brilliant, Rosalie thought gleefully to
herself.  She gave a quick bow and a wave before strutting off the stage.  "Wasn't I just
brilliant Daddy", she boasted.  Her father, Jonathan Tennant glanced at her and nodded
quickly before getting back to the argument with his ex-wife, "Nadia, please be quiet. 
Yes she is till on her diet and yes she is performing well..."  He groaned inwardly and
snapped his flashy mobile shut.  "Your mother is an absolute pain, nothing like
Natalia..."  He trailed off as Natalia placed her hands over his eyes, playing guess who
before Jonathan grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss.  Rosalie turned away
from this embarresing display and went to her dressing room, muttering quietly about
needing therapy for the rest of her life but not quietly enough,  "Thanks for reminding
me, your going to see your therapist tomorrow." Her dad shouted after her.  The red door
of her dressing room had a gold star with her name engraved on it, she pushed it open and
flounced inside, bored of the fancy name plate.  She sat down at her pretty purple make-up
table and looked past the many roses from adoring fans and in the mirror.  Her straight
black hair had light blonde highlights, placed to perfection, it was curled at the bottom
and looked stunning.  Rosalie smiled to herself and straightened it to it's natural form. 
Next she focused on her eyes, her worst features.  They were beautifully shaped,
surrounded by thick eyelashes, they were light blue until she took out her contact lenses.
 She had perfect sight but her right eye was brown while the left was blue, she frowned
and put her contact lenses back in.  Her heart shaped face was covered in make-up, even
though it was glamorous without it.  Rosalie wiped off all her make-up and changed out of
her elegant midnight blue dress and into her fancy baby pink night gown.  Lucky Rosalie
had a heart shaped bed in her dressing room and she lied down, exhausted from a hard days
work, and swiftly fell to sleep, her dream was highly amusing.  She dreamt of life being
normal, being poor and not at all like hers, a dream she always wanted to come true no
matter how self obsorbed she seemed, she only wished to be a nobody. 

Rosalie stretched as she rose from her bed,  she looked around and saw she was at home,
Daddy must have carried me home, she thought, amused.  Rosalie admired her father.  He had
golden brown hair, spiked up but more fluffy.  His eyes, pale blue like rain very unlike
poor Rosalie's eyes.  Jonathan was very athletic and you could tell by his muscles and
stamina and strangely, he was incredibly smart, once again a bit opposite to Rosalie.  She
was dyslexic, she can't read well and is forever mixing up letters, every book she owned
had been burned when her frustration had nearly caused her to burn down the local library.
 As for Rosalie's mother, she was an emotional wreck.  Even she can't remember how many
phobias she has.  Once again she looked nothing like Rosalie, petite with mad red curls of
hair, dark green emerald eyes and a toothy smile.   "Rosy!  Out of bed, Now!  Your
choreographer is waiting for you and your dance routine isn't suddenly going to learn
itself for you, is it."  Rosalie sighed, this was one of the things she hated about her
showbiz lifestyle.  She rolled over and stared at her gold-plated digital clock.  5 a.m on
a Sunday, yet another problem. Her father walks in the room and pours a glass of water
over her face, obviously in a bad mood,
"Wake up, Rosalie! You have Dance School!"  Rosalie groans and grabs the towel from her

"I won't go! I simply won't!"

Dance School

Rosalie sits in the back of her limo, grumbling to herself. Her long blonde hair tied into
a neat ponytail and her silk gown swapped for a soft blue leotard and tights. She sighs,
"Really, daddy. I'm much to old for a leotard and tights. I'm a singer, not a balerina!" 
Rosalie glares out the window, happy no one can see her through the dark glass.  Beside
her white stretch limo was a black hummer limo. She knew instantly who it belonged to and
sighed inwardly, James, at my dance school, what a relief, someone very hot! She relaxes
greatly and her driver, Damion glances at her in the mirror, "Don't tell me your falling
for that young rascal, master James" He's smiling and teasing. He was only 20 and took
great pride in escorting the young superstar. Rosalie blushes and grins sheepishly. Dsmion
laughs and then turns his attention back to the road, he turns the radio on and,
surprisingly, one of Rosalie's number one song's fly through the speakers. She smiles and
sings along, "I knew you were the one, when I left you there. I knew this was my time when
I ran my finger's through your hair. And Now I'm here, now I can see your face...now I can
say, "You are my saving grace""  Damion smiles and sings along to, Rosalie thinks happily
to herself, Not a bad singer, in fact, a very good singer! But then, vanity takes over her
mind for a second, Not as good as me, of course. She shakes her head, her black curls,
specially done this morning, she can't help but feel disgusted with herself.

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