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9 November 2008, 10:16 AM   #1
Guest Poster
Okay, so, um, here's a story I entered in a Halloween/Horror contest. I wrote it at
school, ina record of three days and got a high mark, thank you very much.

So, I hope you like it.

Scared Yet?
The girls eyes were wide open as a gust of wind swept through her window. The dark blue
shutters banged against the outside of the house, the noise echoing loudly. The wind had
blown so hard before that the curtain had fallen and blown to the other side of the room.
The girl lay there, in her bed, wondering what she would do next. Slowly she stood,
tugging a blanket with her and wrapping it around her small frame. She shivered as he bare
feet made contact with the cold, hard wood floor. She had reached the window. She held out
her thin, shaky arms and quickly pulled the shutters closed and locked them from the
inside. She took a small, deep breath only to catch it when she heard a new sound. A
creak, loud and eerie. She wanted to turn around and hop back into her big, warm bed. But
she couldn’t out of fear that the thing that was making the sickening sound was in the
room with her. She caught sight of an umbrella, leaning against the wall and picked it up.
Then she turned around, holding it in front of her face rather then in a fighting stance.

There was nothing there. 

This would have been a relief for the girl, if the door wasn’t wide open. She had locked
it shut. She began taking a few steps forward, not even taking a moment to think about
what she was doing. But when she poked her head out the door, she found nothing that could
be a threat. The lights were off, so she could only see a faint outline of the hall, walls
and stairwell. She was about to turn back to her room when she heard a scream coming from
downstairs. Panicked, she stepped forward and at that exact moment underneath her cracked.
The wood fell and she let out a scream as she hurried to find a flat surface. She found it
and turned to watch as the floor board crashed to the first floor. But she didn’t have
much time before there were more cracking sounds and the floor was disappearing again. She
ran straight forward, hopefully away from what was happening. The hall seemed to continue
on and on endlessly. But suddenly it came to an end with a door. Printed on the front was
a bright, glowing red X, proving this truly was the end. There was a small tug on the
girls ankle, but it had her falling face first to the ground and next thing she knew she
was being pulled backward. She dug her nails into the wood in order to keep her from
sliding back, but was failing to do so as the grip on both of her legs was strong and
painful. A final ear piercing scream was released as there was no more floor, and she was


“Dawn, Dawn! Calm down!” Ryan Welker exclaimed. He put his hands over his ears and
shook his head. “No need to turn me deaf.” Dawn Masons eyes slowly opened and she sat
up on her couch. Realizing what she had done she straightened her clothes and cleared her
throat. “Th-this is the dumbest movie I’ve ever s-seen.” Ryan scoffed. He grabbed
the remote control from the armrest and hit pause. “Yeah. That’s exactly why you had
your claw-like fingers dug into my arm through the whole thing.” “That, um, was just
an instinct. It was horribly lame,” Dawn replied quickly. “That explains the
bloodcurdling scream you just let out. Face it, Dawn; You’re terrified.” “Am not!
Now get out of my house.” Ryan just laughed at her. “Aw, don’t be like that. It’s
perfectly normal to be scared on Halloween. Even of the dullest, silliest movie.” He
teased. Dawn didn’t find this funny. “I am not scared! I was simply startled after you
hit me!” “I did not hit-“ “That’s it, time to go home.” She stood, grabbing
his arm and pulling him to the door. “I’m just kidding around, Dawn. Don’t kick me
out.” His voice suddenly went deeper. “You never know what’s out there.”
“OUT!” Dawn threw two heavy text book at him, which he caught with impeccable speed
and pushed him out the door. “Hey! What about my shoes-OOF!” She tossed them at him as
well and slammed the door. Sighing, she found her way back to the living room and began to
pick up. She had made the mistake of inviting Ryan over for a study date after everyone
had ditched her to go trick-or-treating. He had, after mention of the word date, agreed.
He arrived with his books, candy and, to her disgust, horror films. She had always hated
Halloween, mostly because when she was younger, she was afraid of everything. The movies,
the costumes, the stories, everything. And they still scared her to date. Of course,
she’d never admit it to anyone or herself. A sixteen year old afraid of the dark? How
pathetic. Putting the pillows back into their places on the couch, she decided it was good
enough and went into the kitchen. She jumped, frightened when she saw what was sitting on
the counter. A face, horribly destroyed and ripped everywhere. She groaned as she realized
it was just the mask Ryan had brought to scare her. He must have forgotten it. She picked
it up with the tip of her finger and dunked it into the garbage can. Then, deciding it was
late enough, closed two lights and went upstairs for bed.

Being in the house alone was pretty terrifying for Dawn. Usually her parents got home
early and she was able to stay up late enough to see them. But that night they had gone to
a work party and wouldn’t be home until 3am.  So she hurried through all the rooms in
the house, flicking the lights on so she could see, not caring that she was wasting hours
of energy doing so. Then she changed into her nightgown and crawled into bed. She intended
on leaving her room light on as well, but after a few minutes of tossing and turning, she
grudgingly turned it off. She was able to sleep for a few short hours, until suddenly
awoken by a scream. It was cut off quickly but loud. So loud she thought it was coming
from right beside her. She shook her head, thinking she was just imagining it, until there
was another loud sound. This time when she opened her eyes, her bedroom door was wide
open. “Strange,” She murmured to herself. “I’m sure I closed it.” She stood,
pausing for only a moment when she felt a sudden pang of familiarity. Deciding she was,
again, imagining things, she walked to her door. That’s when she noticed it. The light,
shinning brightly far away in the distance. For some reason she was attracted to it and
immediately wanted it for herself, like a child with candy. So she took a step forward,
only to fall straight through the floor, where a plaque have wood should have been. She
flung her hands up, searching for something to grab on to. She found the remains of the
floor board and quickly clutched onto it for all her life. She looked over her shoulder,
into the black beneath her. “What’s going on?” She cried out. Suddenly, she heard a
high-pitched laugh coming from beneath her. At the same time there was a creak from the
floor. Something was up there. With a grueling SNAP, the piece of wood Dawn was holding
onto broke and she fell.

 The fall was long and she wasn’t quite expecting it to end when it did. But the ground
came, hard and rough, her body aching. She pulled herself to her feet, her whole body
shaking. She searched for something that could help her in any way, but all she could find
was darkness. Until there was suddenly a light, peeking through a door when she could now
make out. And then there were voices. “Mom? Dad?” She called out, stepping  forward.
Everything happened so quickly that she could hardly make any of it out. There was a large
gust of wind and she was pushed back against the wall, slamming her head against the
brick. She just opened her eyes in time to scream and duck as the door came flying at her
with racing speed. Loud swooshes were echoing around her, repeating over and over. Now
crouched on her knees, Dawn wrapped her arms around herself, whimpering and rocking back
and forth. Just as she was thinking that it couldn’t get any worse, a shadow appeared on
the wall. “No,” She mumbled to herself, slowly looking up. There was no one there. Not
a person, animal or any sort of creature at the door. And yet the shadow remained. Dawn
suddenly felt brave. She didn’t know what was going on, but she had to end it. So,
taking a deep breath, she pulled herself to her feet and lunged her body forward. As she
ran, the shadow on the wall fallowed her. Through the long hall that seemed everlasting to
the door. A sound similar to nails on a chalk board was released from behind her, giving
her barely enough time to jump through the door before it slammed shut. The room was
filled with light and through the window she could see the sun rising. The noise had
ceased and everything was silent. “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Dawn said to herself,
clutching her sore stomach. Suddenly there was a loud ringing that had Dawn gasping. It
was just the telephone. She laughed a small, scratchy laugh, feeling silly. She lifted
herself up and reached for the kitchen phone. When she lifted the ON button and but the
phone to her ear, she was thrown back harder then she ever imagined. She screamed as she
was launched through two rooms, finally landing in the living room. Only it was completely
destroyed and taken apart. The walls were broken as well as the furniture, pieces
everywhere. She could see through the ceiling. She heard a loud crack as her body collided
with the floor and her hand flew to her neck. It pained severely and she was in tears she
brought the phone back up to her ear. It had stayed in her hand all the way from the
kitchen, and she could still hear breathing on the other end. “Wh-what do you want?”
And then she heard it again. The laugh. But this time it was coming from the TV, the only
object in the room un harmed. It was on and she nearly died as she saw what was on the
screen. It was Ryan, sitting on a couch. He was staring right at her, pointing his finger
and laughing. What scared her even more was who was sitting beside him. A girl, tall with
chalky white skin. She had dark hair, cut short and was in her pajamas. Her eyes were a
neon red and she too was laughing. It was the girl from the movie. To Dawns horror,
seconds before the floor underneath her fell for the last time that night, the girl held a
cell phone up to her ear and said, looking straight at Dawn with those horrifying eyes,

 “Scared yet?”

9 November 2008, 10:25 AM   #2
Guest Poster
Heehee..I just realzed how long it was, sorry.

9 November 2008, 03:49 PM   #3
Joined: 2 Nov 2008
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tht's awesome!
ur really good!
~Ryumaru Takehshi
Motto: Every rose has her thorns...

14 November 2008, 05:15 PM   #4
Guest Poster

I hardly think I'll win the contest, since there'll be thousands of other better writers
then me, but oh well

17 May 2009, 07:11 PM    #5
Joined: 29 Apr 2009
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that waz so freekin good!do you have more chapters of that?

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