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The Fall of a Thousand Masks (an RPG)

1 February 2008, 12:42 AM   #1
Fatalia-Chan <33 ((Mod))
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Last edited by Fatalia, 1 February 2008
Nobody choose characters just yet. Berii-Chan has yet to see this so I don't know if the
idea is gonna fly. It's not completed yet, anyway, but I REALLY want your guys' opinions
on this. I hope you like it. I also haven't figured out how the roles will be earned just
yet. Anyway, you'll also note that each of the characters up right now has a link to an
image. These are by Victoria Frances. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me an opinion on whether
or not you want to actually roleplay this sort of idea and the characters. If you like it,
and Berii-Chan gives the go-ahead, the way to earn the roles will be decided and then the
rest of the little bits will be configured.

The Fall of a Thousand Masks A HomeMade RPG brought to you by Fatalia-Chan It was long since heard of that a few cursed walk the Earth alone and unknown. They bring misfortune to themselves in their search for their desires. And while they desire for little, they are given nothing. It is unknown of whether or not they were born cursed or simply brought it upon themselves while they lived in sin, but people are wary. But for the first time in five thousand years the cursed are gathered in one small town, hidden away and unheard of in the rest of the world. The people living there are old fashioned and disconnected from modern ways, as are the cursed women residing in the town. And even though the celestials forbid it, they will soon meet unintentionally and it is through each other that they will break their curse and find who is corrupting humanity with such evil. They are the cursed. And with only themselves and their misfortune they will break the wall to the Heavens, and spill a thousand celestial masks upon the Earth. - - - - - - -
The Faded Angel Guarded, mysterious, and seemingly cruel she hides behind frivolous words to mask her cursed reality. She a witch and hates things being beyond her control. Image The Fallen Witch A ghost with no peace to turn to, the Fallen Witch leads a role among the rest of the fallen women. With quick and study mind it is only she who can return them to their rightful places. Image The Temperate Vixen The lonely vampiress without a clan to care for her, she’s been roaming the Earth for decades without a sense of self. Humourless and lost, she’s probably the toughest of them all but without cause. Image The Vampiress The bride who was left at the altar to soak in her humiliation, she has the most to learn from the companions she will soon meet. She does not know how to speak for herself, and her kind heart has often been lost to those who could care less. Image The Guided Ghost An angel whose life has been easy and good, yet she has been unable to find the happiness she needs. Her virtue is prudence, but without love. Image Misery’s Bride A queen without her king, she has nothing to look forward to for now. Perhaps one of the accursed that she will meet can help her find peace in her solitude. Image

1 February 2008, 05:21 AM   #2
Guest Poster
I love it ^-^
Its open

1 February 2008, 06:22 PM    #3
Fatalia-Chan <33 ((Mod))
Joined: 30 Jan 2008
Posts: 13
Sweet! Can you send me a message with a few ideas of how you would like these roles to be

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