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Examples of books/ ideas for books

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Journal 1

Third Gamilih

I can tell you right now that I’m a 1 foot Creetahmese mouseling fighting a 7 foot
dragon in a smelly dungeon. My name is Christophilor Rummoso. I’m originally from 3rd
Gamilih, yes, but my 4th cousin, once removed, tells me otherwise, and now I’m stuck on
Chrimson. Trust me, until about 2 weeks ago, I had no idea that there was any other
computanitory except 3rd Gamilih. But I’m gettin’ way ahead of myself. I should tell
you how this all began………
I was home hole on 3rd Gamilih, getting ready for my Mouseling Tourney. Then this girl,
Baniby Dousberg, I really like came over.
“Baniby,” I said. “What are you doing here?”
“I came to wish you good luck in the tournament,” Baniby told me.
“I never thought you noticed me,” I said. “I thought you thought I was just a bump
in the road.”
Stupid. Stupid, I tell you, stupid, I thought. You’ll never win a girl talkin’ like
“Tehehe. No I never thought you were bump in the road,” she said. “I always kinda
liked you actually. I always thought you were kinda cute.”
“Well, I guess you’d better get goin’ if you’re gonna make it to that tournament
on time”
That’s when my cousin came in to play. I always did like him, but this time, he looked
“Hey Henyin, what’s up?” I asked. “You look urgent. Did you pop a zit again?”
“No, now stop joking around,” He said. “This is urgent”
“Why what happened?” Baniby asked.
“It’s a computanitory in trouble,” Henyin said. “It’s the   computanitory
“The what with the who and the why?” I asked.
“I’ll explain to you on the way there,” he said. “Now get on your Chamiphera and
let’s go.”
“I want to come with you,” Baniby said. “I want to be there with you just in
“No,” I said,” “This might be dangerous.”
“I’m coming with you, whether you like it or not,” she said. “I’m old enough to
take care of myself.”
Then when she opened her eyes, the glitter appeared. Then I had no choice but to let her
“Fine,” I said. “But if something happens to you, I’m not gonna be held
responsible for it.”
“Whatever,” she said. “But hey. Christophilor…….” Then, she kissed me.
“Come on you two love mice, get on the Chamiphera,” Henyin said. “We need to go
When we got on the Chamiphera, we sped off. I had no idea where we were going. So I just
sat back and relaxed. Then Henyin started to explain everything to me.
“Well,” Henyin said, “We are going to the city of Brinxinobia, Homja. Our
destination is the abandoned sewer on 49th Avenue. We’re going to a computanitory called
Chrimson. There is a conflict between the anivergies on the computanitory. One wants to
conquer the other. It’s our job as the Amissionaries to keep the computanitories in
order and safe from harm. But there is one person that is trying to stop us. He can travel
from computanitory to computanitory, but...”
 “Wait, wait, wait. Hold the phone,” I said. “What are Amissionaries?”
“Oh, right, I didn’t tell you,” he said. “You’re the Amissionary from 3rd
Gamilih. You’re the heir to the Gamilihan Amissionary position. I was the first one. But
now you’re the heir to the position when I die.”
“Wait. Two questions,” I said. “1.) I’m the Amissionary from Gamilih. And 2.) Die?
We die during all this?”
“Well eventually. We are destined to die during the battle for the computanitories,”
Henyin said.
“Wait,” Baniby said. “You mean Christophilor’s gonna die?”
“Well, everyone’s gonna die out eventually,” Henyin said. “It just so happens that
Christophilor’s gonna die fighting for a computanitory.”
“So before I interrupted you, you said something about a guy who’s tryin’ to stop us
from saving the computanitories,” I said.
“Yes, I was,” he said. “The guy wants to stop us from saving all the 
computanitories. He’s not an Amissionary, he’s a Transmissonary. He and 2 other
fellows try to put the computanitories into chaos.”
“Who are these guys anyway?” Baniby asked.
“Fredinity Dreni, Edvarg Grieh, and Haden Postlino. Those are the only three
Transmissionaries. But anyway, there are Amissionaries from every computanitory. If there
weren’t any Amissionaries, the worlds would be in chaos. Now do you understand the
importance of our job?” he told me. 
“I think so,” I said.
We made our way to the abandoned sewer. As we approached, it started to stink worse and
worse. No wonder it was abandoned.
“Now when we get to the portal, we each have to shout ‘Chrimson.’ You two have to
shout it at the same time so that Baniby can get through. Since she’s not an
Amissionary, she can’t get through as easily. In case we split up for some reason, I’m
telling you to run to that portal,” Henyin said. “There are loqutas lurking
“What are loqutas?” I asked.
“Loqutas are vicious creatures that guard a portal. If you encounter them, run to the
portal. It looks a lot like a window. All you do is run through it and shout the
computanitory you wanna go to. The portal will turn purple and zap you through it,” he
“Won’t that hurt?” I asked.
“Not if your either a or with an Amissionary,” he said.
When we arrived, we entered through the back entrance. I didn’t know why, and I didn’t
bother to ask. It was probably because some trouble was looking for us in the front
“I know what you’re thinking. We’re only entering in the back ‘cause there might
be trouble up front,” Henyin said.
Just as I thought.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” we heard a voice say.
“Edvarg,” Henyin said.
“So it is,” Edvarg said. “Along with my fellows Fredinity and Haden. All I have to
say is goodbye dear Amissionaries.”
He pulled out his staff and so did the others. As they ran toward us, Henyin said:
“Run to the portal, it’s the only way out.”
“What about you?” Baniby asked.
“I’ll be fine. I’m a fighter Amissionary mouse. I can handle it,” he said.
“Who’s this girl?” Haden asked.
“None of your business,” he told him. “Run,” he told us.
As me and Baniby ran off to find the portal, we heard a growl. And it was vicious.
“I wonder if that’s a loqutas,” Baniby said as we ran.
“Who cares,” I said. “Just run.”
I was so scared about the whole encountering with our enemies thing that I almost wet
Then we saw a big pair of bright orange eyes. The growl got louder. We ran faster. A
loqutas was coming and we had no clue how to stop it. All I knew was that I was gonna wet
myself right before I died.
“Run faster,” I screamed. I’m guessing that was a bad idea. I think the loqutas
heard us. And how do I know that you ask. I know that for two reasons. Reason 1, the
orange eyes got a lot bigger. Reason 2, I wet myself.
The only thing that we could do was try our best to find the portal. 
Looks like a window, looks like a window. I thought of Henyin’s words over and over. I
wondered if Henyin was okay.
Then I saw it. The window. I saw it. That was the only relief in this precarious
situation. I was hoping it would take me away from danger. Well, and Baniby, too. 
“Baniby, I see the door. Let’s run to it as fast as possible,” I said.
“O-o-ok,” she said. I could tell she was scared out of her mind. But I told her it was
probably too dangerous.
As we got closer to the door, the loqutas got closer to us. I think it was hungry. Once I
got about 3 inches from the portal, I grabbed Baniby’s hand and jumped through the
portal’s door.
“You remember the name right?” I asked her.
“Yeah, Crimson,” she said.
“Then we’ll say it on 3.”
“There’s no time for that.”
“Well we need to say it together so you can get through.”
“Just count to three already.” I could tell she was getting impatient. I would be too.
The loqutas was scratching the door to the portal.
“Count to three already,” Baniby said.
“Ready, 1...2...3.”
We shouted it together.
The portal lit up purple then we were zapped into the portal.
We didn’t know what lie ahead of us.
Thanx for the stories

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