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The Adventures of Serenity Grace

15 December 2007, 05:22 PM   #1
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Hello, my name is Jubilee Serenity Grace. I don't like the name Jubilee, so everyone
calls me Serenity, my middle name. I am 11 and turning 12 in two weeks. I have a normal
life; filled with my mom, dad, older brother named John and a lot of friends. I love
animals. My family, however, is on a bit of the rich side. He owns a very big hotel
enterprise, so he sometimes travels around the world and her never forgets me. He always
brings my brother and me something. And well, we live in California, but I call it Cali.
Why?! Because it is so much easier.
  This is the story of the day something happens to me and changes my life.

Chapter 1
Surprise and Good-Byes

 This is the hardest part of my dad's job. He has to move away from us. And now, it is
time to say good-bye. I hug my dad so hard and never want to let go. He tells me,  "Get
good grades and soon enough I will be back. It's only for a week." He smiles at me. Then,
he says good-bye to my mom, brother, and our new shih tzu, Missy. After that, he gets in
his car, blows all of his a kiss and leaves. A tear runs down my eye for a second or two
and then I go in the house with Missy.

 My mom comes in the house with John and yells up to me, "Serenity! I am going to leave
you home with Nanny. Because Nanny says she needs to be with you and she will tell you
why." "Okay, MOM!!" I yell back down to her. John was leaving to go back up to college in
his jeep. I was so sad to let him go too. We, now, all said our good-byes to John. He'd be
coming back in 2 weeks. Then, when he started to leave, my mom went to the mall and left
me here with my Nanny. Nanny made us some dinner. I was in the living room and when she
called me in for dinner, I raced in like running from a bullet. We had pasta. I thanked
Nanny for the meal and Nanny told me your welcome.

 After the meal, I decided to call John and see where he is. I got his answering machine
and left a message for him to get. My mom came home after I finished my homework and payed
the Nanny. Nanny left and mom was all grumpy. I went over and asked her what was wrong.

"Oh, sweetie, I wasn't going to the mall. And I am not grumpy. I am just drained from the
overwhelming news." 
"What news?"
"Well, I went to the radioligy center (a place where you get a sonogram) and they found a
baby girl in there."
"Oh my god!"
"Slow down, sweetie. The baby is due in 4 months. And I know you are going to ask how did
I miss that? Well, I knew my stomach was getting big and when I went to the doctor he
said, 'Oh my. I think you are having a baby.' And here I am."
"Does dad know?"
"Not yet, but your brother does or he will when he checks his messages."

 Mom smiled. Then, she got a blanket and took a nap. So, I went up in my room and played
dance dance revolution. Whenever, I got big, big news, I would play dance dance
revolution. My brother called the house all excited that he was getting a new baby sister.
I told him mom was sleeping, so call back later and he told me that he will. Then, I
called dad and told him. He was so
excited and asked me when the baby was coming. I told him and 4 months and mom just missed
the notice. We laughed and then he had to go.

 I went downstairs to check on my mom and she called me over. She told me that she was
going to go back to the center tommorow. Because they wanted her to come back. So, I was
very happy for my mom. Then, my best friend, Abby Lynn or Abby called.

"Hey Serenity."
"What's up?"
"Big news."
"Me too."
"Me first."
"My parents are getting divorced. And I am going to move to you neighborhood."
"Now, mine. My mom is having a baby girl."
"Oh my gosh. When?"
"Ummm... O_o ...4 months."
"How did she miss that?"
"I don't know she just did."
"Well gotta go."
"Okay bye."

I quickly made some dessert for mom and me. She wanted to watch a movie. So, I helped her
up and we went to the basement where our home entertainment system was and we decided to
watch "The Last Mimzy." My mom was really tired and we ate alot. And we were so tired we
fell asleep on the couch. :]

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We both have kind the same sort of story... it's good though
By, a secret Author (me)

22 December 2007, 06:28 PM    #3
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"The Last Mimzy" is an amazing movie!!!!  This is a good story! It really seems like
it is the diary of a young girl. 

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