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Sector 13

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Not one of the most powerful Sector's but certainly not the weakest. Sector 13 has a certain aura to it that simply puts people at ease. May it be fairies or vampires, all are welcome in Sector 13; the only sector without any racial laws. It is due to it's generosity and kind demeanor that Sector 13 is respected by the Circle of 7. It is also due to this that it is very easy to hide in Sector 13... in plain sight.

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"Is that all you've got? So weak!" 

Ducking to avoid the oncoming blast Halen thrust out his arm towards his attacker,
welcoming the icy cold feeling running through his veins, and watched as glass shards
materialized from his fingers and flew through the air. Unfortunately his target saw this
coming and easily shot to the left leaving the glass to crash against the brick wall behid
him. Before Halen could react he felt himself being slammed to the ground, stars filling
his vision. After blinking a couple times the stars vanished and was left staring at a
severely ugly, smirking face. 

"So, this is the man who is supposed to lead us. I fear for our future if a lowly
swordsman like me can defeat him." 

Halen refused to shut his eyes even as rain of spittle came down onto his face. He
continued to stare up at the man above him with a blank expression. Taking in a deep
breath, Halen curled his hand into a fist, and felt the heat generate beneath his skin. He
was sick and tired of these creatures, especially this one. 

"What? Cat got your tongue? Ha!" The nasty thing reared up its head and let out a hearty
laugh, showing its tiny and serrated teeth lined in its mouth. Looking back down at him
Halen could see his own reflection within the creature's murky yellow eyes. "Just as

The creature raised his left hand, the one holding down Halen's fist, and started to
elongate his lethal claws. Finally finding his opening Halen raised his now heated fist
and slammed it through the creature's chest, burning multiple layers of skin before
reaching its heart. Opening his hand he closed his fingers around it  and wrenched out
it's beating heart, causing the creature to screech before finally falling limp to the
dirtied cement ground. 

Halen stared at the lifeless body before dropping the now unbeating heart out of his
bloodied hand. The heat had left him now, along with the adrenaline that filled him
seconds before. 

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Halen whispered with a mix of exhaustion and disgust. 

Turning away from the creature he made his way out of the dark alley and into the bright
light of the sun. Quickly he wiped his bloodied hand on the inside of his coat just as a
group of people passed him by, waving hello. Halen nodded his head in response and
continued on his way.

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As the sun fell beneath the far east mountain range, the sky becoming darker, inhabitants
of Sector 13 returned to the safety of their homes. Doors were shut and curtains were
drawn as people resigned for the day. The evening meal was being served while people spoke
of their days to their loved ones. The last of the sun's rays peaked through the window as
Jayce flopped onto the worn out couch, sighing from exhaustion. 

"You look like crap." Stated Axiom following Jayce's example and fell into a chair nearest
the window. "What did Chale have you do?"

Groaning Jayce turned over and faced Axiom, his arm laid over his eyes. "Training the
children." His voice came out groggy and weak. "I think this was punishment."

Axiom let out a laugh, holding his injured arm to his chest. "Do you really believe Chale
would have just let you off so easily? You destroyed the church's front window." 

"Maybe now they can put up something that's real and not some fake junk. All of those
stories are just crap that they use to scare kids into behaving." 

Smirking, Axiom closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall. The chair stood
precariously on it's two hind legs, giving him the perfect angle to kick up his feet onto
the side table. A glass, with what appeared to be filled with water, was kicked onto the
floor by Axiom's leathered boots. The glass broke into pieces, shooting across the
hardwood floor. Despite the mess, neither Axiom or Jayce made any move to clean it up. 

The moon was just rising into the now darkened sky when Halen came through the front door,
sweat glistening on his skin. He hid his arm within his coat which was caked with blood
from the creatures he had slain. His entire body throbbed with pain.

"Chale isn't here yet?" Halen asked absentmindedly as he made his way across the room into
the adjoining hallway. By the looks of the room as he passed through it he guessed not for
Chale would never let his house be in a dissarray. Without another way he continued on. 

It was a short and narrow hall lined with three doors, two on the left and one on the
right. Chale's room was the single room on the right, forbidden for any of them to enter.
Halen shared one of the rooms on the left with Axiom and Jayce, a choice made by Chale. It
was a tight squeeze but, again, all they did in there was sleep. The last room was a spare
room for anyone temporarily living with them either for protection or the occasional
homeless citizen. 

With his right hand still in his soiled coat, Halen opened the door to their room with his
left and went inside, softly closing the door behind him. Their room was quite large yet,
apparently not big enough for the three of them. Blankets and clothes were strewn
everywhere covering every bit of the floor. Halen could barely remember a time when he
could see the floor of their room. He just assumed it was the same as the rest of the
house: dark wood paneling. 

Shrugging off his coat he attempted to cross over to his corner of the room, chucking his
coat to where he assumed his bed would be. Sitting down upon a pile of clothes he hoped
were clean, Halen examined his right arm. The same arm he used to kill the Maki earlier
that day. His skin was cracked and blackened, burning as if scorched by a flame. The room
was completely dark although his arm seemed to glow like dying embers. 

"What the hell?" He muttered, rotating it in front of him. Halen had no idea how he had
managed a power like that nor why it was effecting him so much. 

"Looks like that hurts." The door was opened and light from the hallway slightly
illuminated the figure in the doorway. Halen snapped his head up at the voice and quickly
stood up, hiding his arm behind his back. 

"Calm down. It's just me." Axiom said, holding up his hands. 

Nodding Halen sat back down on his pile as Axiom closed the door behind him, leaving the
room pitch black once again. Despite his lack of vision, Halen could hear Axiom's almost
soundless footsteps go towards the right side of the room, next to Halen's corner. Sounds
of rustling was heard next as Axiom searched through his pile of discarded clothes and

"Looking for something?" Halen whispered yet still loud within the dark room. 

"No. Why would you think so?" He replied, the rustling suddenly stopping. "I'm assuming
you killed that Maki instead of capturing it as Chale ordered." 

"Why would you think so?" There was a silent pause before Axiom replied.

 "You reek of him." His voice came out strained and forced, as if he were out of breath.
"I'd go wash if I were you or you're going to make the entire city smell like his rotten

Halen nodded his head, knowing Axiom could see him through the darkness. He stood to leave
before immense heat filled his right arm, lighting up like fire. Unable to focus on
anything but his arm, Halen fell back down and held his arm to his chest, surprisingly not
burning the rest of him. 

"What did you do?" Axiom suddenly appeared next to Halen, his face illuminated by his
burning arm. His bright blue eyes, which appeared white due to the light, scanned Halen's
arm with concern. Halen hissed as Axiom raised his long and skinny fingers to his arm,
delicately touching the charred surface. 

"I'm fine." Halen argued, wrenching his arm from Axiom's grasp. "I've got control over

Halen knew Axiom didn't believe him but there wasn't anything he could do. He had to just
wait it out and hope Chale didn't notice it. To prove his point he grabbed the bottom of
his shirt Halen brought it over his head, ignoring the pain of his right hand, and threw
it to some part of the room. Reaching down with his left hand he grabbed another dark
shirt and slipped it on. 

When Chale had first brought Axiom to their home, despite everyone else's response to him,
Halen accepted him whole heartedly. At the time Halen couldn't understand the danger the
council saw in Axiom and decided to ignore their warnings, as did Chale. 

For years after his arrival Chale took Axiom to the fields, staying there for weeks at a
time, returning with Axiom pale and weakened. Halen never asked what they were doing or
why Axiom always looked near death when they returned. All he focused on was Axiom's
safety and making sure he was happy. Now, decades later, Halen was the one who took Axiom
on those same trips to the fields. Now Halen was the one causing Axiom pain, pushing him
to the brink of death. 

"You're staring at me." Axiom's voice was rough and dry, shaking him out of his thoughts.

"It's pitch dark. I can't see you." He replied pointedly. 

"Well, FYI, you're staring at me and it's creepy." 

Shaking his head Halen stood up and made his way towards the bedroom door.

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"We have no other choice, Kalmar. They are killing our soldiers left and right. We must
stay and recuperate." 

"That is what they are expecting us to do which is why we must attack now." 

"With what militia? Our new recruits are nowhere near ready and the other soldiers can
barely stand on their own." 

The arguments continued on. Voices getting louder and louder by the minute, trying to
overpower the others. The rounded table suddenly seemed smaller with everyone standing up,
waving their arms with large gestures. All Chale could do was sit in agony, unable to do
anything else. The council had been arguing for the past three hours upon the arrival of
their defeated soldiers. 

"Fine. We will just have to go to the leader himself. He will know what to do."

"Don't be stupid. No one has seen him for months. I doubt he is still even here!"

"Probably realized what a sorry lot you all are and ditched." 

They were right. The leader of the Revolt, the one responsible for Sector 13, has been
gone. Seven months ago Chale had been summoned, tasked with the responsibility to take
charge of Sector 13 until his return. Since then Chale had stayed long hours at the
Council's headquarters, running the Sector. A routine meeting was held every month,
however, an emergency council meeting was summoned due to the surprise invasion at a
nearby camp. They had rushed to their aid but to no avail. That is why they were here,
that is why everyone was arguing, and that is why Chale had to do something. 

A door to the right swung open and close, a young man entering. His hair was bright red
and unkempt. He wore a baggy white shirt with equally large pants. No one had noticed him
except Chale who calmly beckoned him over. Running on what Chale noticed was his bare
feet, the boy handed him an envelope out of his pockets. 

"Just arrived, Sir." His voice was still high but crackly. Chale took the envelope out of
his hands and examined the slightly crumpled envelope. 

"Any idea from who?" He said as loud as he could in order to be heard over the others. The
boy just shook his head. 

"All I know is that it is for you specifically." 

Before Chale could question him further the boy ran back to the doors, letting himself
out. No one was paying attention to him still so Chale pulled out his pocket knife and
slowly cut along the top. A single sheet of parchment lay inside, words on one side.
Taking it out he read as the other members continued arguing.


I have come across some information that I must bring to your attention. It would be
dangerous to write it down in case this letter is intercepted. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't
urgent. Please make haste and hurry to my Sector. I fear we do not have much time. 


Chale knew full well where this letter came from and panic rose in him. He hadn't heard
from him in seven years and knew he wouldn't call on him if he didn't have any other
choice. Looking up, Chale observed the Council who were still arguing with each other.
There was no time for this. 

Stuffing the letter in the pocket of his pants, Chale stood and picked up a nearby glass
filled with water. Without hesitation he turned around and threw it against the wall
behind him.The glass shattered, shocking the rest of the Council into silence. Chale
turned around only when it was completely silent. 

"Enough of this." His voice boomed. "We are at war and I will not waste our time arguing
like children."

Submissively, the Council Members sat down one by one back into their respective chairs.
They cleared their throats and whispered apologies to one another before silencing once
again. Chale sat down as well, once everyone else was seated. 

"I must take leave to see a trusted source of mine. It would seem he is in possession of
information that could be of great value to us. While I am gone I want Kalmar and Lutik to
handle matters of the Militia. Everyone else will resume their duties." 

"Are you going alone?" Kalmar asked, his eyes narrowing. "It is almost impossible for our
militia to get across the borders. What makes you think you can?" 

"Who are you taking with you or are you going alone?" 

"Are you kidding? We can't spare anymore of our soldiers. If anything he would take those
delinquent boys of his." 

Chale felt the corners of his mouth rise, leaning back in his chair.

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They awoke to the loud slam of the door and excited footsteps pounding throughout the
house. Whoever it was ran right past their door, giving one loud knock and continued
across the hall, opening and slamming the door to Chale's room. Groans could be heard from
Halen's side of the room followed by a muffled response from Jayce. Axiom, being the only
one awake and conscious, threw off the blanket covering his bare chest and rose from his
bed. Quietly he made his way across the room, careful not to step on Jayce who slept
somewhere in the middle of the floor. 

Finally making it to the door he turned the knob, the bright hall lights blinding him
momentarily. Squinting and covering his eyes with one hand he stepped into the hall and
closed the door behind him. After blinking a few times Axiom was used to the light enough
to lower his hand from his eyes, however, not enough to open his eyes all the way.
Shuffling down the hall towards the living room he looked around and found Chale's jacket
thrown haphazardly across the floor, next to the broken glass that still lay there. 

"Good, you're up!" 

Axiom almost jumped at the sound of Chale's voice behind him. Without another word he
jogged right past him and threw a green duffle bag onto the couch. Not stopping he zoomed
right into the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards and shelves. Confusion filled
Axiom as he slowly followed behind Chale into the kitchen. 

"The sun isn't even up. Why are you so awake?" His voice quiet. 

"Well, you're up." Chale replied without turning to him. "Plus I was with the Council."

Obvious he wasn't going to say more with prodding, Axiom leaned against the wall and
crossed his arms. "What took so long? You don't usually stay out this late unless-"

"Unless something has happened. Yes, precisely." Finally turning to him, with handfuls of
dry food in his hands, and smiled widely at Axiom. "We're leaving." 

That woke him up. Panic rose in him as Chale stuffed the snacks into the duffle bag. It
doesn't make sense. He still had two more weeks until they had to go to the fields. So why
was Chale eagerly packing his bag like he was going on vacation?

"But, what about Halen? And Jayce?"

"They're coming too, of course. I wanted all of us to go." Chale said smoothly. 

Anger started to rise in him, his fists curling into themselves. He remembered the day
Chale told him Halen was to take over his 'conditioning' since Chale got a higher position
in the Council. Axiom refused but he had no other choice. Now he wants Jayce to come, and
to do what? Watch while he writhes in pain? Jayce couldn't handle that. A shudder ran
through Axiom. He didn't want Jayce to see that side of him, he didn't even want Halen to
see it. 

"What's wrong with you?" Axiom snapped out of his thoughts and found Chale staring at him
quizzically. "I thought you'd be happier. You're always bugging me to let you join me on
one of my trips outside the sector." 

Outside the sector? He let out a deep sigh, a breath he didn't realize he was holding, and
leaned back against the wall. Chale wasn't talking about the fields since they were still
inside the Sector limits. 

"Yeah, I am. I guess I'm still tired." Axiom lied. 

Chale raised an eyebrow at him but didn't press the issue to Axiom's relief. Shrugging, he
threw the duffle bag over his shoulder and made his way towards the front door. 

"Too bad. Go wake up the other two and start packing. Pack enough clothes to last you a
couple weeks." He grabbed the handle of the door and swung it open. "You have ten


"Outside the Sector? Are you serious?" Axiom was picking through a pile of clothes while
Halen sat up in his bed, rubbing his eyes. "He's never let us out of Sector 13." 

Finding a dark shirt, Axiom lifted it up and sniffed. Shrugging he threw it into the
duffle bag along with the other clothes that smelled clean. Groaning, Halen stood up and
reached under his bed, pulled out his own bag.  

"Jayce, get up. We're leaving." Halen called from behind him. 

He got no response. Turning around, Axiom searched the floor and finally spotted a tuff of
raven black hair. He reached down to get a hold of it and pulled, a garbled scream
following. When Jayce's head was uncovered Axiom let go, a smirk on his face. 

"Dude." Jayce grumbled, rubbing his head. "No need to be so rough. I'm a gentle lover." 

"Oh shut it and get up. Chale is taking outside the Sector." Axiom turned back to his bag
that lay unzipped on his bed. "We're leaving in less then ten minutes." 

Jayce moaned as he rose from the ground, his white shirt crumpled. Brushing his hair out
of his face, he went over to one side of the wall and picked up his bag from the floor.
Looking around his feet he started rummaging around for clothes, using the same sniff-test
before shoving it in. 

"Wait, why are we going out of the Sector?" Halen questioned, zipping up his bag. "Did he
say anything?"

Axiom shook his head, zipping his own bag. "Just said that something had happened."

Halen furrowed his eyebrows but said nothing more. He turned and shrugged on a jacket
while Axiom searched for a shirt to wear. 

A knock on the door was heard before Chale let himself in. 

"You guys ready? It's about time." 

Halen and Axiom both nodded, picking up their bags and heading for the door. Before Axiom
left the room Chale grabbed his bag off his shoulder and swung it over his own, stopping
him from leaving. 

"Go help Jayce. We'll miss the opening if we wait on him."

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Kalmar watched from his window as the dark vehicle belonging to the Council zoomed through
the streets towards the gate. He narrowed his eyes, watching until the car disappeared
into the distance. 

"Are you going to stand there all night or are we going to have a little fun?" 

Kalmar sighed as she wrapped her arms around his waist, laying her head in the middle of
his back. Placing his hands on top of hers, he turned around to face her. 

"No worries, darling. I was just saying goodbye to a little problem of mine."

She furrowed her eyebrows and cocked her head. Laughing he brought up his hand and
caressed the side of her dark face. 

"Nothing to trouble you about. Just know that starting tomorrow things are going to start
changing around here." 

"Let's worry about right now first." She cooed, leading him to the large double bed.

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The sun was just starting to peek over the hills as the Sector gate rose into view. During
the past few hours Jayce had fallen asleep on Axiom's shoulder in the backseat while Axiom
himself slept, laying his head against the car window. Only Halen was left awake and Chale
at the wheel. With cars being a rarity, being able to drive one without crashing was even
more rare. This left Chale the only able person in Sector Thirteen to drive the Council
car, besides the Leader himself. Halen had no idea where he learned such a skill. 

"What happened with that Maki yesterday?" Chale said, interrupting the silence. "Did you
do as I asked?" 

Looking out the window Halen watched as the outside flew past him. All he could see was
the thick of the trees, almost blocking the sun from view. There was no doubt that Chale
already knew the answer to his question but just want Halen to tell him. To tell him that
he let his pride get in the way of his mission. His silence spoke for him. 

"Do you realize how important bringing those Maki in were? What information they could
have had?" Halen peeked over at Chale who held a calm demeanor. Only his voice portrayed
that he was angry. "We are at war and are at risk of being invaded at any moment. It is
crucial that we gain the upper hand, protecting our Sector from destruction."

Halen kept silent. Of course he knew that he screwed up. He knew that it was important for
that Maki to be captured, not killed. He knew that they were at War with the lower
Sectors, they always were. Everyone struggled to get to the top, to outrank the rest and
be in favor of the top three Sectors. Each Sector has it's own ruler or leader, just as
Sector Thirteen. However the top three rulers are merciless and rule the rest, filled to
the brim with power and darkness. 

"Then do you mind telling me where we are going instead of protecting our Sector?" Halen

 He still did not look over towards Chale. It was silent and Halen thought that the
conversation had ended until Chale spoke up again, his voice low and serious. 

"A letter came for me yesterday. It was from an old friend of mine, one that I thought I
would never hear from again." 

Chale's life before was mysterious to Halen for he never spoke of it. Ever since he was a
boy Chale refused to speak of anything relating to his past. Halen didn't even knew that
he had any old friends, especially outside Sector Thirteen. 

"The fact that he has written to me, endangering everything, means something terrible has
happened or is about to."

"Why are we coming along? Couldn't someone from the Council have accompanied you?" Halen

"My friend has an extreme distrust for the government and those belonging to it. He still
trusts me because, well, that doesn't matter. The point is that you guys had to come. If
you are to become part of the Council, the new Sector leader, you will have to witness the
problems of this war first hand. Dealing with troublesome citizens won't cut it anymore."
Raindrops began to fall, tapping the windshield of the car lightly creating a soothing
beat. "I don't imagine Jayce or Axiom becoming part of the Sector's government but they
will fight for our cause. Staying behind the Sector's walls won't do them any good." 

Preparation for the future, their future. Halen hated thinking about his pre-destined fate
as Leader of the Revolution; the people who are determined to fight for justice and
freedom. The Sacred Seven, the top seven Sectors, are the ones the Council have targeted.
The ones that are to blame for the destruction of their world. Revealing themselves to the
world, scaring humanity in order to take it over. They invaded, enslaving the human race.
Some rose up to oppose but it was futile. With the vampires and drow allying they became
unstoppable. Defeated they separated the everyone into Sectors, creating a new government.
Someday he was supposed to lead against that. The idea was laughable. 

"You don't have a clue what the world is like out there, Halen. Everyone is suffering."
Chale chastised as if reading his thoughts. "Creatures tortured and humans enslaved. Not
every Sector is like ours where you know you will live when you lay down to sleep at
night. Sector Thirteen is a beacon of hope, hope that must be kept alive. Otherwise I am
afraid what will happen to the morale of those on the outside." 

As Chale finished Halen lay his head against the seat, closing his eyes and listening to
patter of the rain. For a moment he was able to ignore everything around him. Able to
ignore the suffering and the war; the Sectors; his fate. For a blissful moment it was just
him and the rain.

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"Paperwork, please." 

The uniformed man stood in front of them, hand outstretched towards Chale. Reaching into
the inside pocket of his coat Chale pulled out a small envelope and placed it in the hands
of the man. Using his finger he opened the envelope with practiced ease, pulling out the
papers that were inside. He looked each one over, taking his time to read all the
information. Every few minutes he would look up at us with a suspicious glance, his lips
pursed. Finally he folded the papers and slid them back inside the envelope. 

"Here you go sir." The man said, beckoning them down the empty hallway. "And good luck."
His voice low and grave. 

As we made our way down the hall, through the gateway station, Jayce saluted the soldier
in a mock gesture. 

"Thanks for the encouragement." 

It didn't take long to get to the door leading to the other side of the gate. Chale opened
the door, the bright sun chasing away the shadows of the hall. Axiom had to blink a few
times to get used to the sudden brightness. From beside him Jayce held up his hand,
protecting his eyes from the bright sun. Even Chale was squinting. 

"At least the rain stopped." Halen pointed out. 

Chale nodded as he started up the dirt path. Axiom, Jayce, and Halen followed suit. He
walked in silence behind Halen and Jayce trying to keep his mind busy by looking at the
different things he walked by. The plants were different on this side. Most of the grass
was green except for a few dead circles here and there. Only a few flowers were seen and
wilting the ones that were. Axiom could see the birds and squirrels hiding in the trees,
yet there was no sounds. Just the wind that blew through his hair which cooled his skin. 

"We are to meet an associate of my friend who will provide us transportation." Chale said
suddenly stopping. "He should be here any moment." 

"Do you know who this associate is?" Halen asked coming up beside him. 

Chale shook his head without taking his eyes off the land in front of him. 

"Then how do you know we can trust him?" 

"I trust my friend and I trust his judgment. If he trusts this man then so do I." 

I shook my head in disbelief as Jayce scoffed. It was unlike Chale to put so much faith
into one person, trusting him completely and without question. Especially someone he
hasn't spoken to in decades. 

We waited for what felt like hours before we saw the dark figure in the distance coming
our way. Once we saw him Chale raised his arm in a wave, the figure returning the gesture.
Lowering his arm Chale motioned for us to follow him as he made his way towards the

After a few minutes of walking Axiom was able to make out the details of their
transportation easily. Five horses were coming their way, one mounted by a slender figure.
Each one held together by what looked like a rope. 

"Oh." Jayce and Axiom said simultaneously once their transportation had reached them.
Instead of a man, whom they all assumed they were meeting, a young woman sat on the back
of a large white horse. She looked down at them with a smile and bright blue eyes which
stood out compared to her equally bright red hair that she had braided down her back. A
few strands fell loose and was being blown around by the wind. 

"You must be Chale." The woman spoke, jumping off her horse. Her voice was light and
cheery, a sound that made Axiom want to smile. "I'm Lydania but everyone calls me Lydie."
She held out her hand to Chale who shook it. 

"Pleasure to meet you." He let go of Lydie's hand and smiled back. "This is Halen, Axiom,
and Jayce." Chale said pointing to each one of us in turn. Lydie nodded her head at us,
her smile staying. 

"Well, I'm certain you guys have ridden before? Take your pick and let's get this show on
the road." Lydie clapped her hands together and made her way back to her horse. Placing
one foot in the stirrup she lifted herself up with ease and swung her leg over. 

Soon Chale jumped onto the back of a dark grey horse, grabbing hold of the reins. Halen
chose the horse to his left and Jayce made his way towards a brown one leaving Axiom a
grey speckled horse. Once they all were situated Lydie turned her horse around and went
down the dirt path, away from Sector Thirteen. 

"You lot are awful quiet." Lydie piped up a couple hours later. "That's going to make the
trip even longer." 

"Let's talk about you then. Where do you come from?" Jayce said. From the corner of my eye
I could see Chale glaring over at him. 

"I come from Sector Two, same as your friend." She said towards Chale. "I am very
close to him in fact." 

I raised my eyebrows and looked over at Jayce who gives me the same look. Chale cleared
his throat causing Lydie to suddenly laugh. 

"Not like that." She said once she recovered. "I'm his daughter." 

"Daughter?" Chale questioned, facing Lydie. She nodded. 

"Yes. A while back a group of fairies came into Sector Two to trade with the merchants.
One, it would seem, caught his eye. They stayed for two years before they had to move on,
however, not before my mother gave birth to me." She paused, her voice softening. "They
wouldn't let my dad and me come nor let her stay due to the fact that we weren't pure
blood fairies. She was forced to leave and they never came back." 

The air grew still and silent. Lydie looked down at the reins in her hands, turning them
over. Her hair fell over her eyes and she let out a sigh. 

"Sorry, I didn't mean to ruin the mood." She apologized as she raised her head. "She did
write to me once. When I became of age I received a letter that explained everything." 

She let out a light laugh and smiled. "I can't ever forget one thing that she had wrote.
"I see you every time I close my eyes and dream of you when I sleep. You are a part of
me and I am a part of you and that is one thing they can't take away." It almost made
up for everything." 

As she spoke Axiom couldn't help but feel anger and jealousy towards this woman. The same
emotion he imagined Jayce and Halen felt as well which was confirmed when he peeked over
at their faces. Lydie was lucky. She was lucky that she knew who her parents are and that
they both loved her. Lucky that they both think of her everyday and care for her dearly.
Lucky she knows they are even alive. 

"Be grateful." Chale said solemnly. "There are people around you who love and care about
you. Sorry shit happens but you have to focus on what you have instead of what you had or
could have had." 

Lydie nodded, smiling at him.

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