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Character Creation

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(Make your character here! Be sure to be as descriptive as possible, and remember to check your spelling! Make your character unique, and flawed. Nobody is perfect and completely pure (especailly in the Faerie world!). These characters need to have an edge of creepy/darkness to them. For more information on Faeries, or if you have a species you'd like to roleplay, viset the Faerie Info/Species List thread! Questions? Post in the Q&A thread!) Name:(Self-Explanatory) Age: (Faeries live much longer then humans, and time in the Fearie world moves a lot slower then it does in the human world. Three hours in this world is a full day in the human world. The age limit I'm setting is 3000 years. Age is also connected to how magically skilled/powerful your character is. However, we can't have a bunch of overpowered characters running about, so if you want your character to be over 2000 years, please post in the Q&A before creating your character and we'll talk about it!) Gender: (Self-explanatory) Orientation: (Straight, Bisexual, Homosexual, Asexual) Race: (Please refer to the Fearie Into/Species List thread.) Court: (Seelie, or Unseelie) Personality: (Self- Explanatory, just be specific!) Background:(What is your characters history up to the moment you wish to begin roleplaying? Be as detailed and specific as possible!) Appearance:(I'd rather their pictures not just be photos of actual people unles the photo has been edited to look... well... unreal? If you have questions as to how to get your picture on here, please post in the Q&A) (It would also help if you would be able to put your charecter(s) picture and a little information about them in your signature so we know who is who and we don't have to keep referring back to this page. If you don't know how there is a little button under your picture after you post called 'edit signature'. If you need futher direction, post in the Q&A. ) Thank you!

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Name: Aranea Lilijasson Age: 349. Gender: Female Orientation: Pansexual. Race: Jo'tun Elf Court: Seelie Personality: Aranea is a very brash, modern girl, relying on both tradition and fun to live. She's outgoing, rule-following, and pretty calm, but she cannot hold her alcohol very well. (the Jo'tun stuff, sure, but the stuff down south is way too strong) Background: Born in a Jo'tun city in her homeland in the nothern reaches of the Fey world, Aranea was big into traditions as a child. Her father died when she was little, and two girls in a matriarchal society would do a lot, but they chose not to. Her mother ran a meadery, because the water was frozen for half the year and filthy the other half, and it brought viable liquid to drink to the town. When she was sixteen, the meadery was hit by a band of Unseelie scavengers. Her mother and the rest of the workers died in the blaze, so she headed south and never looked back. Appearance: (will draw something up) Almalexia has skin the color of the Sun reflecting off snow, pockmarcked and wrinkled but otherwise perfect. She's tall, with lanky limbs and

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Name: Minnie ( or Minni, though pronunciation is the same. ) Age: 109 Gender: Male Orientation: Homosexual Race: Sidhe Court: Seelie Personality: Minnie is extraordinarily outgoing in a way, maybe always in a good mood and almost a bit childish for his age. He doesn't know his own strengths, in other words, he's clueless, oblivious and very gullible without realizing his intentions. He's very optimistic, shy at first and hard to get around, he becomes rather clingy and spontaneous towards the people he likes and knows, and they become important in his life. Minnie can be seen as a sensitive boy with a pure heart, though he's had his sinful ways once or twice even if he didn't understand it, but that doesn't mean he's not pure at heart. Although, he has his bad days. Background: Not a simple life, however, it's not normal for a fae like himself to grow up with no role model or family. He was always smiling, even when others didn't know the truth behind his smile, but it wasn't like they tried to get close. He had friends, though they were bad examples, he failed and came up short in life, always getting caught here and there and running into trouble. He lived off of what he could find, and basically, he lived as comfortably as one could try. ( W.I.P I guess. ) Appearance: Will add when I get on my computer.

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