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12 June 2013, 11:46 PM   #1
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15 June 2013, 06:02 PM   #2
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Hospitals were dangerous, Hospitals were plenty dangerous. With all the bodies
inside and out and in such a tightly packed environment it was hazardous.

Nani hated hospitals, but she knew they were rarely looted due to the patients still
inside. A half-open fire exit later and she found herself creeping up the stairs to the
possible third level, shovel at the ready in case there was someone- or something waiting
for her close bye. Her army-style boots were not the quietest, even as she tried to mask
her footsteps, palms becoming sweaty with anticipation and dark eyes nervous looking. But
there was nobody to be seen and nothing to be heard. The guard went down a little and Nani
opened up her bag, checking in the store cupboard for paracetamol and bandages, both which
she found in heavy doses. She crammed them and a few needles into a side pocket while
filling the rest up with antiseptic creams and small jars filled with Anesthetic which
went in a small pouch around her waist.

"I think that's all I need," She whispered, turning around and biting down hard on her
tongue to stop herself from screaming. Where had they come from? At least five of the
undead in hospital gowns with flesh missing or flesh rotting and one was completely naked
with tubes hanging out of him for gods sake! Her eyes darted around as she heard more
shuffling and groans from a little way off and she mentally kicked herself. Bringing out
the shovel, Nani did not give a battle cry as she advanced on the nearest one, pushing
back and aiming for places like the head and legs- she needed to get to the stairs.

It was rather her ability to run that got her out of the pickle, jacket and top sprayed
with fresh blood and a small group of shuffling undead after her that Nani found herself
rushing down the stairs, only to find another group of infected stumbling up the stairs
and behind her. Quick as a flash, she barred herself on the second floor, pushing a gurney
in front of the door as a barricade and slumping down in front of it, head in hands. This
wasn't going well she was going to die in this goddamn building with these stupid things
and all because she wanted to try and do good in this shit hole of a world. 
"I knew I should've just moved to China like mom wanted...."

15 June 2013, 06:25 PM   #3
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Akim ran his thin pale hand through his hair, sighing as his eyes darted to each corner of the surgery room as if he were paranoid, not in a totally scared kind of way. brushing thoughts aside, Akim ran his hand along the long thick, silver bare table. Lights were off, per usual ever since the hospital fell dead, with the dead. Tools laid around, seeming unused for decades by the look of it. Akim picked up a scalpel, pulling it up to his eye to see if anything were to be left on the sharp edge. He set it down after, completely losing interest in it after only a few seconds. Akim set his hands into his leather pant pockets, striding out of the room in search of something more of use to him. I he had heard the nose a night earlier when raiding someone's house, and their tv so happened to be on the news by then, that he stopped by the couch and listened in on reports. Still no cure, deaths in Africa, yada yada. Nothing good, he would think. Well, he would have had the chance to get the sleep he needed when he felt blood falling over his shoulder in the middle of the night. He attacked right back, with the scissors hiding behind his tailor shirt pocket in front of his chest. He hit the thing in the neck, pulling both of the scissor holders back and making a large wound in the things neck, splitting it open. Past aside, he never stayed in another house again. Akim slowly moved out to the second floor, running of the steps when he had heard noise from above, and the sounds he heard werent to what he liked. And soon, he even found himself engulfed by the virus of many waking from their rooms and searching for Akim and his fresh skin. "Damn.." He muttered to himself, his feet as moving as fast as they could down the hall.

15 June 2013, 06:53 PM   #4
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Nani was close to giving up when she heard running and she knew of no infected
than ran (Unless a that was a new development, she thought grimly.) Slowly, she got
off her feet, tighting the straps of her backpack and clutching her bloody shovel, she
began making her way cautiously through the ward she was currently on and towards where
she had heard the running. This meant there had to be another way out bar using the
elevator; and she'd learn the hard way from that couple trying to get back to their son in
Texas, the elevator was never a good idea. "You can do this girl," She told herself, dark
eyes scanning the area; so far, still no infected but you could never be to careful.

15 June 2013, 07:01 PM   #5
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Akim continued to look back to see if he was still be followed, by means, if it could happen. He could run, they could not. That is, if they haven't developed that yet. He sighed, wiping away sweat dripping down his brow and blood drying on his skin from when he had an encounter with an elder man who had grabbed his arm, drooling all over him. Fortunately he got away and sprinted down the hall. He looked to the end, thinking he had heard something. He hoped it would be a survivor, someone like him. Or else, he'd fall into a trap. Akim pulled his hand into his shirt by his chest and held the scissors gingerly, gripping them tight until his knuckles were white. He breathed out, his heart beating over the sound of his own breathing. Akim saw way too many movies to know you shouldn't call out to someone in a gory place where you know there were killers, or monsters, and in his defense, the infected. But, he would take his chances. He stopped from running and ended into a trot, hand still clutched to his weapon. "Helloですか? ここでだれでもか。" Hello? Anyone here?

15 June 2013, 07:10 PM   #6
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It was the hearing of a language so like, yet so un-like her own which brought
Nani round, though she still did not turn the corner from behind the door she kept herself
on. Her Japanese wasn't up to scratch much, but her Chinese was much better and to test
whoever this was out, she replied in just that. "是?" Yes, She inquired lightly,
showing half of her face from the window in the top of the door and scanning for someone,
anyone. Though she knew that even survivors could be hostile, so kept that firm grip on
the shovel and her breaths short and quiet.

15 June 2013, 07:21 PM   #7
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"(形) 中国の?" Chinese? Akim looked through the dakness, pulling a flashlight from behind him, locked onto his leather jeans. He had found a daypack earlier when searching for an exit, something, turns out a survivor didn't become a survivor in the end when they found supplies. That's when Akim managed to pick it up in time to escape being taken by the virus. Akim flashed the light onto the door, eyes narrowed quietly when he stopped himself from breathing so he could hear the slow noises around him. Actually breathing, he thought, which could be good and bad. Which meant he'd have to be careful if the other was safe or not or even good enough for him to save her. He shook his thoughts and walked slowly closer, wondering where the hell a chinese girl would come from, here, trying to escape the virus. Poor Akim though, for he didn't do much of Chinese studying while he was in Japan, so he did his best to substitute it, because his Chinese really sucked. "W-Who are you?" He questioned his own words, for he didn't seem to understand his own parts and bits. Dumb Akim, should of paid more attention in English than his grades showed. He shook his head. "My name is Akim, you are?" He thought it was bad, probably, but he didn't have time to think about how weird his English accent sounded.

15 June 2013, 07:42 PM   #8
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Nani stepped from her hiding place and in front of Akim, a smile on her lips at
his English and the heavy accent it carried. If this had been a normal, earthly setting
she may have laughed, but there wasn't time for such trivial things nowadays. She gave a
nod, looking behind him and relaxing only a fraction at seeing nothing there, for now.
"I'm Nani," Her voice was quiet and carried that American accent, as opposed to a Chinese
one most people expected of her. The person in front of her she could consider an oddball;
perfect sounding Japanese, hesitant English and slightly off Chinese. This was a great
language barrier for herself who knew two languages almost fluently, but Japanese could
sometimes be cut short.
"I'm a doctor, 医者," She whispered, her face contorting from one of slight
amusement to becoming alarmed at a sound some way off; could be an infected, could just be
nothing. Though these days, it was barely ever nothing. A small part of Nani wished she'd
had no part in this, but it was too late to start regretting things now.

15 June 2013, 07:48 PM   #9
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Akim watched the girl come out from her hiding, his flashlight shown on her face and neck so he could get a glimpse of her. He smiled a Cheshire cat grin and shrugged lightly, setting the flashlight to his side so he didn't have to worry about it. He cocked his head to the side, noting that he understand what she said. "Ah, Nani. A doctor? That's a relief... But, still makes me curious.." He often wondered, wanted to kill the types of people that created this monster, the atrocity. "Do you work with them? What are you doing here?" he narrowed his eyes, but his lips still persed in a grin unlike any other. He couldn't have known she was infected, or the virus was slow and hadn't processed her fully yet. He didn't know anything about her. His other hand pulled slightly from the inside pocket of his shirt, his pocket scissors hidden in his hand as he put his hands behind his back, pulling his chin up. This will be fun, he thought.

15 June 2013, 08:04 PM   #10
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The grin unsettled Nani a little and she turned from relaxed to wound up like a
toy her eyes narrowing slightly at Akim. There was something definatley up with this kid
and a glance down at her waist let her know that at least one bonesaw was easy to get to,
with the other hidden away for surprise attack. "I worked at a hospital across state, just
a nurse then a mortuary assistant, nothing more," Not a lie, not the truth either; though
she hadn't had a massive hand in creating this entire virus thing, she had successfully
worked with the cure for the common cold and measles and it was that same research that
had been used here. A quick weigh up of options; make her way out on her own and possibly
get attacked by a weird kid or eaten alive. Or attempt to forge and alliance and still get
stabbed/eaten. Great job Nani, great job. "I'm here because I'm a healer; I help people.
While some prefer to kill and slaughter other people, I prefer to help them. But I'm not
," stupid, and she gripped her shovel tighter to show this, her eyes full
of steel and her gaze un wavering.

15 June 2013, 09:17 PM   #11
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"素晴らしい、クレイジー。 私は必要とする何を公正で。" Great, a crazy one. Just what I needed.... Akim chuckled and then bit his lip, moving his eyes down to her wrist to see what exactly she was hiding. He looked back up, gripping his scissors once again, using his hand and bowing his head politely. "I don't think we should stay and chat," He looked behind him, and heard heavy breathing, moans coming from the dark end of the hall where a light on the ceiling was swaying and flickering, showing the things were coming. "But I think we should get out of here first. Good enough for you?"

16 June 2013, 09:30 AM   #12
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"两个人玩这个游戏," Two people can play at this game,Nani bit back,
not understanding fully what he had said but picking out a few words and a sarcastic
sounding tone. She looked at the light, and gave a curt nod, mind racing at a mile a
minute on ways to get out of here. "The stairs I came by are pretty much off limits," She
pointed to a gurney in front of a fire exit door which pulsated and pounded. Thank god
they can't use pull doors, She thought in a moment of relief. "We either use the
elevator or the way you came- which I have no idea how that is," There was always the
option of jumping from a window, but she'd rather not risk breaking bones or to be
possibly mob if they were followed.

16 June 2013, 08:51 PM   #13
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Akim merely nodded his head. Not in delight, not even concentration, but understanding of their rough situation. Akim simply appeared from a stair case coming from the first floor where he had almost been mauled from virus effected people. His stairway of course, was a hidden exit he had found, blocked by a patient's bed post and water gullet. Akim looked around, pondering slow and quietly. "Well, I guess we could function the erevator based on how it could work. It could, or it could not. Well have to take this risk, or simply kill everything in sight in order to get out- clean and uninfected."

23 June 2013, 02:08 PM   #14
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"The elevator may be our best option," Nani remarked, starting to make her way
towards it as quickly and as quietly as she could. "This place still gets electricity, so
it should work," She mumbled, punching the buttons with the side of her fist in a brash
manner and waiting for a little ping or a sound of movement- which came in jagged pauses.
"More than likely, we'll have to fight our way out of this sooner or later, maybe on the
bottom floor," The doors began to creak open and she glanced back at Akim.

26 June 2013, 11:24 AM    #15
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Akim glanced around the awful, dreaded place and it smelled, reaked of... infected and old patients, that reminded him of a home. He dug his hands back in to his pockets and looked to Nani, a tedious look on his face as he just shrugged as always. "The infected, as I say since coming up here earelier, really like the bottom floor for some reason. So you're right at that, however, there could be many of them. I'm not talking millions, but a few dozen, though some are dead and have rotted away and pushed around by their surroundings." Akim yawned lightly, tilting his head back and staring at the elevator before cautiously stepping inside and waiting for Nani. OOC: Really, really, really sorry.

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