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Character development

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Everyone loves a well-developed character in a story. One with a past, a family, a real
personality. It makes them more human, more relatable, and more real to the reader. But a
problem I see a lot and have most definitely been guilty of myself is flat characters. You
figure out their name and looks but you don't go much further, and because of that you
have trouble finding inspiration for writing them. I'm not necessarily talking about Mary
Sues and Gary Stues, those are cliche characters with no weaknesses. They classify as
undeveloped characters but they are a subject to be saved for another topic.
Back to the topic we were on, because you will notice I am the spaciest of people and I
tend to tangent, how do you fix a flat character?
Well, personally I use a very specific and in-depth set of questions, and with each, I
question my reasoning behind each answer. When you only come up with a "just because"
that's something you need to think about more. These are just ideas to get something
sparked in your mind about your character. Please feel free to post below adding
questions, or... I dunno, saying how it helped or didn't help? Also obviously if the
question doesn't apply to your character you would skip it.

True age:
Age they appear: 
What makes them appear this age?:
Eye colour:
Hair colour:
Face type:
Lip shape:
Nose shape:
Do they wear makeup?:
If so, what sort of makeup?:
Body type:
Clothing style:

Parents'/guardians' names:
Parents'/guardians' occupations:
Number of siblings:
Names of siblings:
((For each sibling)
When was the last time they spoke?:
Would they be considered close?:
Basic personality:
Basic looks
Pets: (name, breed, gender, relationship with character)

In mun's opinion, how well does the character get along with others?:
Who is their closest friend?:
If they were an animal, what would they be?:
Does your character feel that their life is worthwhile?:
What does your character think is their best talent?:
What does mun think is the character's best talent?:
If this talent can be performed before an audience, or otherwise put on display, how
comfortable would the character be about doing so?
Does your character believe that there is any person in their world who is worth more than
Do they believe there are people out there worth less than them?
Does your character like physical contact?
Do they like animals?
Do they prefer dogs or cats?
Would you consider them easily manipulated?

FAVORITES: (for each try to explain in detail why your character chose this)
Music genre:
Music artist:
Movie genre:
Video game:

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