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Adventure Dreams

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30 August 2012, 05:48 PM   #1
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Look at the title, and you'll know what to post.

11 September 2012, 04:43 PM   #2
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I dreamed that I went to Pluto one time :o though, sadly, I doubt that would ever be
possible. T.T

11 September 2012, 05:05 PM    #3
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I have a reoccurring dream that is adventurous. Me and the guy I argue with a lot (in the
real world) are dating, and we have a strange blood type. Only a couple of people have it,
and 8/10 of the people who have such a blood type come from were live. Our blood will cure
a disease that is killing about ten people a day. We would have been fine with giving some
of our blood, but the government wanted to take ALL of our blood, and kill us. They said
it would save more people than the ten they were killing. 
          We found a house in the forest (I've actually seen this house, in a forest, five
miles from my house) and lived there for a bit. Then, they found us. We ran. We ran like,
10 miles in a day. We went from one town to another, hiding in another forest. But, they
found us again. They set us up. They had a team around the forest, and they set up a tarp
over the trees (it's a very small, young forest). It was like a giant tent, and they set
up tables. They took us each to one of the tables and strapped us down. Jordan (my
"boyfriend") was the first to get out. 
           He got all of us out except one, a small girl named Jamie. She got herself out.
The girl was amazing. She took out three of the doctors, breaking off into a run. She had
no attachment to any of us, why should she care? But the girl let up the tent. We were
able to leave, and we all went. We left and went to Canada, giving our blood to
blood-drives very often, and the disease soon died off.

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