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[CRIT] A Taste Of Chaos

12 February 2012, 01:36 PM   #1
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A Taste Of Chaos

	I couldn’t believe how late it had gotten. I quickly rushed to get my bag together and
get to my locker. I had stayed late at school to finish up my final art project of the
year and I guess I lost track of time. I was supposed to be back at the house an hour ago
at six.
	I slid to a stop at my locker and quickly undid the lock, pulling it open, dropping my
bag to the floor. I put the books I won’t need tonight on the top shelf before grabbing
my jacket and pulling it on. I grabbed my black skateboard from my locker before shutting
it and grabbing my bag off the floor. I put the strap over my head and on my shoulder as i
rushed out of the school. As soon as my feet hit pavement I threw my skateboard down and
rode it home, faster than I had ever before.
	I came up to the gravel driveway of the large house my ‘brothers’ had invested in.
Now I say the word brothers lightly. They’re not my real brothers but they did take me
in when I had nowhere to go and even though I had gotten enough money to leave they said
that they need me for something big. So we had to put together this story saying that
they’re my siblings. They themselves are brothers with each other. We told everyone that
asked that story. I picked up my board and sprinted the rest of the way to the side door
of the house. I quickly stepped inside and shut the door behind me as quietly as possible.
I slipped off my shoes and placed them on the mat next to the door with my others before
walking through the kitchen and to the back stairs. I quietly crept up the stairs,
skipping the obnoxiously creaking one. I quickly walked down the hall to my bedroom. I
opened it and slid in quietly, shutting the door behind me. I put my bag down on the floor
as I leaned against the door, my eyes shut as I exhaled the breath I had been holding.
	The next thing I know I feel someone’s hand wrap around the front of my neck and I
dropped my skateboard. My eye popped open and I saw Lucian standing there. His eyes red as
he lightly growled. I could see the other brothers standing behind him. I could feel
Lucian’s hand start to tighten around throat. My hands immediately went to Lucian’s
wrist as it became harder to breath. 
	“How dare you get home late after not telling us that you were even going to stay after
and after not making sure the fridge was stocked full of blood before leaving this
morning,” Lucian growled, his fangs showing as he spoke. I gripped his fingers and tried
to move them off of my neck, but it was no use. I knew that my neck would be bruised once
again from him doing this. I gasped for air as little black dots started to cloud my
vision. I knew that he wouldn’t kill me. He needed me. Or at least that’s what they
always said. I knew that no matter what I did, I’d never be able to. 
	Xavier came up behind Lucian and placed his hand on Lucian’s shoulder. “Let go of
her, she’s still human and we want to keep it that way until her eighteenth birthday,”
he said, softly. Lucian growled before letting go of my neck. My legs went limp under me,
causing me to fall to the floor.
	“This better not happen again, or you’ll pay severely,” Lucian  said before kicking
me out of the way, causing me to gasp in pain. Lucian flung the door open before he walked
out of my room. I just laid there on the floor, clutching the side that he kicked. 
	“I’ll go calm him down,” Demetri said, looking down at me before he left my room to
follow his older brother.
	Xavier came over to me and carefully picked me up and brought me over to my bed, laying
me down gently. He undid my jeans before pulling them off my body, taking my socks with
them. He then gently sat me up so he could take my shirt off, causing me to wince
slightly. I could feel a bruise forming on my side.
	“How bad are they this time?” I ask softly as I watched Xavier go over to my dresser
to grab one of my oversized shirts that I slept in.
	“Well you’re definitely going to be wearing your light scarf for the next week. And
I’ll get a note to get you out of changing for gym for a week or two for your side,”
he said whispering, just loudly enough that I could hear him. I nodded slightly as he came
back over to my bed. He helped me into the black shirt. I laid back on my bed.
	“I didn’t mean to be home late. I just got caught up with my painting. You know my
final piece for my art class,” I said looking at Xavier, my eyes tearing up a bit. “I
didn’t have much left and I just wanted to finish it. And I didn’t mean to forget
about the blood this morning. I was running late for my first class.”
	Xavier laid down next to me and pulled me into his chest. “I know hun. Just try to
forget about Lucian. He’s just being an asshole.”
	“Is he secretly a woman and is just PMSing. Cause if he is then I’d understand,” I
said, curling up in Xavier’s arms.
	Xavier chuckled at my comment as he pushed my hair out of my face. “I don’t think so.
And be careful saying those things. Don’t want him to accidentally kill you anytime
	I sighed and said, “I know.”
	“Are you hungry? Cause if you are I could get something for you,” he said as his hand
slowly traced random shapes on my back.
	“Not right now, but thank you,” I said, letting my eyes close softly, as I let out a
small yawn. 
	Xavier had always been the brother that I liked the most. He was the youngest out of the
three of them and the nicest. Everything about him was just nice. He was sweet and he
never hit me whenever I forgot to do something, like Lucian and Demetri. He was always
there when something happened because he knew that I would probably be injured in someway,
whether it be on purpose or by accident. You can’t not like him. Especially with his big
blue eyes and nice blonde hair that just barely hangs down in his face. And his size
isn’t intimidating at all. The only time you have to worry about him going bat-shit
crazy is when he hasn’t had blood for a couple of days and you do something to really
piss him off. He can even make Lucian afraid for his life, which is hard to do.
	Demetri is the next middle brother. He’s right in between Lucian and Xavier but tends
to lean more towards the Lucian side. He looks like a mash up of the both of them, with
black hair and blue eyes that aren’t as vibrant as Xavier’s. He’s also right in the
middle of them height wise. Now personality, he tends to be more lie Lucian but never as
bad. He hasn’t made me pass out and he’s never hit me hard enough to cause a bruise to
appear. He also has Lucian’s short temper. 
	Lucian, as you know, will almost kill me if he’s been pissed off. Whenever he’s near
me I almost, always end up flinching whenever he makes a small movement and I can tell
that he enjoys it. He always has a smirk on his face when it happened. He’s definitely
the most intimidating out of the three of them. He’s almost a foot taller than me and
his black hair and dark brown eyes that flicker red when he’s pissed, give him that
intimidating look.
	I lightly poked Xavier’s chest after cuddling for about an hour because he had fallen
asleep. He’s definitely the cutest brother. He barely stirred from his sleep from the
poke so I just slid out from his arms and off of the bed. I smiled at the sight of him
curled up on my bed, sleeping. I walked from bed to my bathroom and closed my bathroom
door behind me. I turned on my iPod that was sitting in the iHome in here before I turned
on the tap and plugged the drain. I poured some bubble bath liquid into the water before I
pulled my shirt and underwear off. Once the bath was almost full enough to cover my body,
I slowly stepped into the tub and lowered my body into the water, the bubbles covering
everything. I turned off the tap once the water got to an inch or two below the edge of
the tub.
	I just sat there in the tub, enjoying the warmth of the water as my music surrounded me.
I sighed softly before I sat up a bit and grabbed my razor from the shelf. I sat back and
lifted my leg out of the tub. I made sure that my leg was covered with some shower gel
before I started to carefully shave my legs.
	I was shaving my other leg when my razor slipped, giving me a good sized cut on the side
of my calf. I cursed under my breath as I rinsed my cut off with the water. I cursed at
the pain from the soap and the fact that it didn’t stop bleeding. I quickly finished
shaving my leg then rinsed it off, hissing slightly as the soap stung my cut. I knew that
if it didn’t stop bleeding soon that I would have the brothers in here in no time. 
	I got out of the tub and wrapped one of the fluffy black towels around my body before
reaching into the water and pulling the plug from the drain. I started to dry off my arms
and chest with the smaller black towel that I had sitting on the counter next to the sink.
I moved to my legs and saw that the cut hadn’t stopped bleeding, which was odd seeing as
how most of the minor cuts I get always stop bleeding after just thirty second. I dried
off the leg that wasn’t bleeding first, then I started to dry the other. Just as I was
about to wipe the blood from my leg, the bathroom door slammed open. I stood up startled
as the brothers stood there, their eyes flicking red.
	I felt my heart rate rise up a bit when I saw their eyes go to my leg. To my surprise,
Xavier was the first to jump at me. I tried to back away from him, but he was to fast and
strong. He pinned my arms behind my back with one hand while his other hand went to my
head. He pulled my head to the side, exposing my neck, and sunk his fangs into the side of
it in one swift movement. I gasped in pain at the initial bite but whimpered as he sucked
the blood from my wound. 
	Lucian and Demetri lunged at me, Demetri went for the cut on my leg, biting down to get
more blood. Lucian went for my arm that was closest to the door. I whimpered pathetically
as they sucked my blood from my body. I could feel myself getting lightheaded from the
lack of blood and crying. I could feel my tears falling down my face and onto my shoulder
and chest.
	I had been bitten before by them, but never all three of them at the same time. And it
was taking it’s toll on my body. My eye lids fell over my eyes and I whimpered out the
word, “Stop,” a few times before my whole body just went limp and I passed out.

29 February 2012, 12:19 AM    #2
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I would honestly love it if I could get a critic on this because it's been up her for
over a week. And I really want some good, hard criticism.

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