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Rulebook Multi-paragraph, no one liners please! If you have nothing to write about, explain how he or she feels! Or have them do something, or even explain the other character, the sudden change in whether. Anything and everything! No sex. If you want to produce a foal please go to the foals topic and post the characters information and then one of the mods will calculate the foal's life expectancy and say if it's a yay or ney! Keep the swearing to a minimum please. We encourage creativity! But that does not mean a bizarre colored horse the size of the Chrystler building. Make a unique, natural horse and make them do cool things. Post a starter or join a main room. But do not try to do a private roleplay in a main room. That's poppy-cock. No humans whatsoever! You may only play an equine. No Zebras or Donkeys either. If you have any questions please message Shady! ♞ Stands for private roleplay, and Ω is an open roleplay! If you have any questions PM Shady!

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