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Chapter One: The Pit

"Ash, come on! Let's head down to the ditch."I call from my hiding spot in my room. Ashley
steps in pulling her clean shirt over her stomach.
   "Should we bring anything? Like, swiss army knives and bug spray?"she asked, crossing
her arms and looking down at my cluttered floor.
   "Ashley, its not like we're going on a survival hunt! Let's just bring water, a towel,
my bag, and some paper so we can map it out." I reply with a smile. She's always worrying!
A 'ting' startles us both and Ashley jumps back. After we realize it was just a text, we
double over laughing. This just reminds me how much fun this summer is going to be! THe
sleepover last night was a pretty awesome reminder to. Chinese food, ice cream, frozen
bras, the latter being very painful! Earlier this morning we'd woken up early to play with
my dog, Echo. After chugging down a bowl of cereal we decided to go to the ditch near my
   After we finish packing, we head out. The sun beats down hard on me and I regret
wearing a thick cotton T-shirt.
    "We're almost there right, Regan?' Ashley asks, taking a sip of her water. I nod in
reply. The ditch looks different, though. The tall grass had been trimmed and trash line
the rock. Ashley shot me a look of disgust.
   "Okay, we have to clean this up."she said, motioning towards the trash. I search in my
beach bag and find a walmart bag;the same one she'd insisted on packing just in case. I
pass it to her and dig out my noteook and a pencil.
   "You clean, I'll map." I say, spreading out the green towel onto the itchy grass. And
then I begin to sketch. It doesn't take long to finish the Tree Tall Ditch, as we'd
decided to call it, so I began mapping out the pit.
    The pit is a huge clearig full of plants and snakes and jagged rocks that will cut you
with contact. There is a pond in the back and then a mountain in the middle. It's known as
Mount Melbourne around here, and not many people know about it. This would be Ashley's
first ime seeing it, let alone climbing it.
   "Ash, let's go seeMount Melbourne." I told her, eager for her reply.
   "Sure, but I'm in flipflops, so I'll go barefoot if we climb it." she said, standing up
and holding a bag full of beer cans and wrappers. And then we began to walk up to The Pit.
Litte did we know, we wouldn't be making it to Mount Melbourne. Not even close.
    That was chapter one! Crits, comments?

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