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Character Creation

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Name: Whats the name of your character(Would be the name of your character in Lotro)?
Nickname: What should they be called?
Human age: What age do they look like?
Real Age: How old are they really?
Race: Whats the race of your character
Class: Whats the class of your character? What were they trained to be?
Origin: Where are they from? 
     Elves: Lindon, Loren, Mirkwood, Rivendell, Edhellond
     Dwarf: Blue Mountains, Iron hills, Lonely Mountains, Grey Mountains, White Mountains
     Man: Bree-Land, Dalf-Land, Gondor, Rohan
     Hobbit: Fallohide, Harfoot, Stoor
Weapons: What do they use as weapons?
Spells: What spells do the use?
Personality: What are they like? Why do they do what they do? Are they liked or hated?
Appearance: What do they look like?

Name: AmarethWing(My Character in Lord of the Rings Online)
Nickname: Amareth
Human Age: She looks like she is 17
Real age: About 110 years old
Race: Elf
Class: Champion
Origin: Rivendell
Weapons: Long sword and dagger, she can also use her bow and arrow, and two handed swords
but mostly uses her long sword and dagger.
Spells: Doesn't really use spells. Prefers close combat.
Personality: Amareth is quite agile and intelligent. She can be very tactical and able to
get behind her enemy and kill them. If she see's someone unknown to her she will be quite
hostile towards them and if they attack her she will use her speed to dodge and her
tactics to get behind them and go for the kill. But despite all of that she kind and
beautiful and very close to Elrond, the lord of Rivendell. She is also quite close to
Legolas and they tend to work together a lot. Whether its a simple recon mission or
helping out a war.
Appearance: Photobucket

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Name: Hail
Human age:looks 21
Real age:200
Race :Elf
Class: Assassin
Weapons: Mainly his dagger (gold handle steel blade, and a poison vial in the hilt) but he
also uses close combat and occasionaly his pistol.
Personality: is a little cocky, not that hostile, loves scaring people, can climb ANY
surface has Black hair hair red eyes and white skin.

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Awesome :DDDD

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Thanx lets start

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Yeah just added a discussion and we can rp their.

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