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13 March 2011, 10:39 AM   #1
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Well Hi guys and gals, here is my first chapter from my first draft of my new novel.
Please do comment'


Loud ear tearing, techno music was being played at the dance club. Everyone was grooving
to the beats. In the mean time, Mike McEwen was sitting around a table with Katie
"Katie, my sweetheart. You look exceptionally beautiful today", said Mike, "What's the
secret of your charm?"
"Well, dont be so flattering, Mike. But Thank you!", said Katie. She looked at Mike with
her beautiful eyes, her voice was so taunting for any male.
"When I say the truth you don't believe me? You really look so gorgeous!".
She smiled at Mike, Mike was totally lost in her. At that moment, Katie was pulled by a
man who looked like a gangster, he was being followed by his men.
"You rascal, how dare you touch me" Katie shouted as she tried to free herself from his
"You are a wild and sexy girl, baby!" the gangster said with a devilish grin.
"Hey you, who do you think you are?" Mike asked with anger in his eyes.
The man looked at Mike, he handed over Katie to his men and started moving towards Mike.
"Kid, you are messing with the wrong people, we aren't scared of your childish threats,
goto to your mommy, boy", said the gangster. He and his men started laughing in a devilish
style of laughter.
Mike stood up, he clenched his hands to make a fist. But the gangster was quicker than
Mike had thought, he grabbed Mike by his collar and hit his jaw, his nose and his whole
face was bleeding. The gangster circled his arm around Mikes neck in an attempt to kill
him. However, Mike freed himself & landed a punch on the gangster's gut.
"That tickles", said the gangster.
"No, please, Don't do anything to Mike. I beg you!", pleaded Katie, she was struggling
very hard to escape from their clutches but she was unsuccessful. The men got angry and
slapped her hard. She lost her balance, knocked her head to the table and fell down on the
floor. Mike saw that, her head was bleeding. Mike got enraged, he kicked the gangster
right on his groin. The gangster moaned in pain. He caught the table to support himself.
"Kill him", he shouted.
The men at once, took out the guns from inside their coats. They all aimed their guns at
Mike & pulled the trigger. Boom! The guns fired. "Nooooo.......!", Katie shouted in total
fear. Just within a fraction of a second, Blood splattered on her face.
"Aaahh.......!" she screamed, as it was Mike's blood which had fallen on her. She fainted.
Mike laid there on the floor, with his eyes wide open, though not alive anymore. They say
eyes are the mirror to the soul. Anyone could see the fear, he had experienced. A pool of
Blood was around him. He had multiple gun wounds. He had died that instant. The music had
stopped and the crowd was going mayhem. Everyone was screaming and were running helter
Someone had called 911. The sirens could be heard from outside the club. The gangster and
his men had fled from the scene without any problems.

The murder scene was closed by the police. Mikes parents George McEwen and Sarah Vanoss
were present there. Mike McEwen was their only son. His mother was weeping bitterly, "My
son, how could you go away like that, please come back!", she said with, His father
consoled her by keeping her close to him, he too was in great sorrow. Mark Layton, Ellie
McKinnon, Mary Wiltox and Darren White had arrived at the place of the murder. 
"How could this happen, he was with us just the other day.", said Mark who felt as if a
sword had pierced his heart. Mike was his dearest friend. He remembered the days when Mike
was alive and he wished that Mike would come back to life as if it were a dream. No it was
"Mark, we are all very sad, but we cant do anything about it now", said Ellie.    
They were close friends of Mike. They were in grief. Katie had regained consciousness and
was being consoled by Mary.
"I was there when they shot him, he wanted to save me from them, it is because of me that
he was killed. I need to kill myself", said Katie and fell to the ground in sorrow, Ellie
helped her to stand.
All of them looked at Mike's body and they were pained more, when they saw the gun wounds
on his face, chest and stomach. Mike's body was taken for post-mortem. None of them wanted
to accept the truth that Mike was murdered.

13 March 2011, 01:18 PM   #2
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awww, how sad  so this is the story you told me about? i can tell its gonna be good=)

13 March 2011, 11:16 PM    #3
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Yes and Thank you!:D

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