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12 March 2011, 11:37 PM   #1
The Founder
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Quick matters here. You can use any pokemon from any series first of all, that's alright
with me. If you want to play a real character like Ash, Flannary, Cynthia, or even N~ then
you can do that as well.
Now, take your time on this. <3

FOR GYM LEADERS ONLY If you want to be a gym leader, add this on it!

THAT'S IT. LOL. Might seem like a lot, but really isn't. Remember to take your time.~
Hex Maniac Casper - Sixteen - Male - Fag "How about we give all these strangers a show?" Scolipede - Damian / Maractus - Cybil / Zweilous - Forrest / Misdreavus - Morticia

13 March 2011, 12:27 AM   #2
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹xxxlet_me_bleedxxx›, 13 March 2011
Omg are you insane!!!!1 THIS IS REDONCULOUS!!! death glare sigh im gonna beat u with a spoon for this one. Name: MEEET the twins (yes they are twins cause i wanted two hehe) Francis aka frankee and Fionn Age: well to stay in line with my usual age they are seventeen born on November 8 some year that is relevant Gender: well frankee is a girl definitely female and her brother Fionn is well a boy, wait i could be wrong (error you check i don’t wanna) Sexual Orientation: Frankee does not really care about that sort of thing, but really gender doesn’t matter to her at all. and well Fionn hehe as you put it once he is infected with faggetry XD so that means he is gay...or he likes boys....NO FEMALES for him Battles or Contests: this is some of the new con fangled stuff isn’t it!!!!!! (grrrrr) ok so im not gonna lie my pokemon expertise are a bit out of date and they are more into battles but if nothing else is happening they will resport to doing contests for entertainment Seen As: they are both pokemon trainers point blank (i dont really know what you would want me to put here and fyi i will have whatever gd Pokémon i want mr) Pokémon Count: sigh together they have a an amazing 12 Pokémon six each even split cause they like to be even Badge Count: ehh im just gonna put the number 6 becuase well i like that number stfu error Personality: ugg do i have to grrr sigh ok Frankee: frankee is quietish . she is shy and does not really mix well with people. She is whitty, smart, calm and a major bookworm and although she doesnt say much she can be a great friend and a force to be reckoned with. however she can be a smart ass and very cynical, itis really a wonder her and her twin get along so well, but being two halves of a whole really does things to a person. Strengths: really intelligent, artsy, athletic. good at anything she puts her mind to. Weaknesses: She tends to have problems forming relationships with people. She has a problem staying focused for a long period of time, her mind offten wanderes to other things before she can finish forming it. frankee is also a terrible perfectionist and very hard on herself. Fionn: Yes he is a boy, and no he is not flamboyently gay (fankly i dont know whay personality he is going to have) basically he is calm and relaxed he is like his twin except he tends to be nicer and a bit more personable. He likes to talk, but only if you start a conversation that is worth his time, he is the less dominate twin, and yet for some reaosn he balences frankee out, she is all over the place and he is more in the middle i guess you would say a medium. he is sprite and she is a shirly temple (got it) History: *OPTIONAL* well since it optional im not gonna do one, you know i hate these things anyway List of Pokémon: [if you don't have like over three, just put the rest of the slots as empty] {Put nicknames, attacks and genders on there, levels would be nice too. Natures or 'extra's' are completely optional.} frankee 1. - clearly that is a pikachu....i like em and no your not getting any levals im not that corridinated s shshshsh 2. - hehe yay charzird 3. - nine tails 4. - flygon 5. - bulbasaur 6. - absol Fionn 1.- NMlinoone 2.- pidgeotto 3.- abra 4.- rapidash 5.- umbreon 6.-http://img.pokemondb.net/artwork/gallade.jpg gallade ok dont ask about the pokemon hehe i dont even know lol XD Picture/Description:

13 March 2011, 03:36 AM   #3
Guest Poster
Name: Storm Amesbury
Age: 17years old
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Battles or Contests: Mostly battles, but does like to go in for some Contests
Seen As: Goth Girl, Storm
Pokemon Count: 4 so far~
Badge Count: earned 5 so far~

Personality: Storm is a mystery. She keeps a straight emotionless face almost all
the time. She also comes across people as being a 'Mute', by never talking and only using
sign language as her form of speech. However, she opens her mouth and speaks to her
Pokemon when no one is around, and she uses her low toned voice to order attacks for her
Pokemon to perform when in battle.
History: Storm grew up in Fallarbor Town on the Hoenn island. She lived a rough
life, living in a town that is so close to Mnt Chimney, that it's poisonous ashes fall
from the sky in her Home town. She decided to leave town, to become a Pokemon Trainer.

List of Pokemon: [if you don't have like over three, just put the rest of the slots
as empty] {Put nicknames, attacks and genders on there, levels would be nice too. Natures
or 'extra's' are completely optional.}
1. - Female Mightyena named Willow. Uses Headbutt, Dig, Howl and Bite. Level 30
2. - Female Houndoom named Shade. Uses Flamethrower and Bite. Level 25.
3. - Male Haunter named Toxin. Uses Lick, (will look up other attacks later~) Level 27.
4. - Male Zoroark named Grell. Is a rare Pokemon, all we know about it's attack moves is
that it's a shape shifter. Level 49.
5. - 
6. -

Most people mistake Storm as a boy because of her boyish appearance! XD

13 March 2011, 03:43 AM   #4
The Founder
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And by the way, look at Neoma's. IT'S NOT THAT HARD. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A LOT. Jeez, I
swear, sometimes.

And Neoma, you're definitely accepted. > w <
You did it all marvelously, and thank you for putting the levels in there. <3
I'm sure you made sure the moves were within those matters too~ Fufu~
Hex Maniac Casper - Sixteen - Male - Fag "How about we give all these strangers a show?" Scolipede - Damian / Maractus - Cybil / Zweilous - Forrest / Misdreavus - Morticia

13 March 2011, 03:44 AM   #5
Guest Poster

Thankyou very much~ ^.^

13 March 2011, 04:58 PM   #6
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹matryoshka›, 13 March 2011
Name: Alastair Von King. 
Age: Seventeen years old. 
Gender: Male. 
Sexual Orientation: Just goes with the flow. 

Battles or Contests: Alastair prefers battles to contests as he is a gym leader
after all, but sometimes you might see him hanging around the contest hall for two
reasons. One, he has been made to attend the contest by Fantina or one of the other gym
leaders or elite four for whatever reason, or he is just there to scare people to death. 
Seen As: A Gym Leader. 
Pokemon Count: Four little ghosts and ghouls.  
Badge Count: Gym leader number eight. 

Personality: There is always an outcast in every family, and for the Von Kings, it
is Alastair. One glance at him from anyone and they would note his neat sense of style and
his tidy locks that marks him as a hard working men. His last name being Von King, would
give off the vibe that he would inherit the Von Kings business and become a successful man
just like his father. If anything, this is the description of his younger brother
Christian, a scruffy looking man with a lazy ass attitude but makes his father more proud
than him. Alastair on the other hand, is a friendly and humorous person, as well as a
devious jokester with his partner Cheshire, his long-time friend and companion. Around
friends and his ghost type pokemon he is a silly sarcastic comedian who makes others laugh
with his ideas to things and witty punch lines and phrases and riddles which leave people
puzzled. He of course carries the families cocky attitude and high intelligence. His
claims that if he could he would marry himself as he is beautiful and his impressive
amount of intelligence does not surprise the other Von Kings and other individuals. Being
a gym leader he says that he loves his job and would never leave it for anything. While he
says this, most people who actually know him believe it is a lie. Reason? Although he
takes his title ship of being the eighth gym leader and his battling very seriously, you
would be luck nowadays to even convince him to battle. He will accept a challenge on the
stop, but normally he comes up with an idea he calls "better." Such as, helping him
renovate his gym or help he chase down a Spiritomb or legendary pokemon for his team.
Perhaps a romantic date if the challenger, either male or female is pretty. This is just a
few examples of what he can come up with multiple more, for practically anyone. This
problem has made people despise him, and wonder if he actually takes his job seriously. 
History: I will just make his history up as the roleplay goes further. I am just
a lazy sod with another writers/character creator block to make something.  
List of Pokemon: 
[image]                         [image]  
Nickname: Cheshire the Gengar.      Nickname: Ankh the Cofagrigus. 
Gender: Male.                                Gender: Male.
Type(s): Ghost/Poison type.             Type(s): Ghost type. 
Level: Level 51.                              Level: Level 49. 
Cheshire's Moveset: Shadow punch, Dark pulse, Shadow claw, and Shadow ball.  
Ankh's Moveset: Shadow ball, Ominous Wind, Payback, and Hex. 

[image]                         [image]  

Nickname: Float the Drifblim.      Nickname: Lumiere the Chandelure. 
Gender: Female.                        Gender: Male.
Type(s): Ghost/Flying type.         Type(s): Ghost/Fire type. 
Level: Level 49.                         Level: Level 50. 
Float's Moveset: Shadow ball, Gust, Fly, and Astonish. 
Lumiere's Moveset: Flame burst, Shadow ball, Hex, and Flamethrower. 


Gym Location: Castlot City. 
Gym Type: Ghost type gym.
Title Given: The giggling ghost. 
Badge Name + Description: The Cheshire Badge. 
The name of the badge sort of gives out a little hint as to what the badge looks like, and
no before you think anything it is not a floating Cheshire cats head alright. The Cheshire
Badge is more or less based on that little sinister grin plastered on the face of a
Gengar. As such, the badge looks like a smaller version of its grin, a wide evil grin with
all its white teeth showing. And if your wondering why I didn't just very call it the
Gengar Badge well I just couldn't, thats just be favouritism towards Gengars.


13 March 2011, 05:56 PM   #7
Guest Poster
Name: Finian Grey
Age:  17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Battles or Contests: Battles
Seen As: Pokemon ranger
Pokemon Count: One
Badge Count: 0 because He's a pokemon ranger

Personality: Finians last name may be Grey but actually His world is rainbow. He is
usually Perky and Naive maybe even abit Stupid but when He's in a battle he can be serious
when he wants to be.
History: *OPTIONAL*

List of Pokemon: [if you don't have like over three, just put the rest of the slots
as empty] {Put nicknames, attacks and genders on there, levels would be nice too. Natures
or 'extra's' are completely optional.}
1. - Male Raichu named Rai Level 58 Moves: Iron Tail, Thunder Shock, Volt tackle, Mega
2. - 
3. - 
4. - 
5. - 
6. -

Picture/Description: Finian appears to be a frail boy with Bleached White hair who
usually wears a black T-Shirt and Rusty Red pants with a matching Jacket and hat. His
shoes are the same color as his pants and blend in pretty well. His eyes on the other hand
give him a extremely gentle look being light blue and usually covered by sunglasses. His
Raichu is Usually right next to him walking along with him. His back has a large scar in
the shape of a lightningbolt. He's pretty tall around 5'6". He always has a rope with him
and his backpack full of things for emergencys.

13 March 2011, 07:30 PM   #8
The Founder
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OH, YOU GUYS AND YOUR HIGH LEVELLED POKEMON. That's it, I'm not doing what I first
planned. LOL.

Though, little Matryoshka over there, I notice, IS AN OVER-ACHEIVER. Tsktsktsk. > w > I
want his badge, srzly.

Hex Maniac Casper - Sixteen - Male - Fag "How about we give all these strangers a show?" Scolipede - Damian / Maractus - Cybil / Zweilous - Forrest / Misdreavus - Morticia

13 March 2011, 08:13 PM   #9
Guest Poster

13 March 2011, 09:21 PM   #10
Guest Poster

13 March 2011, 09:27 PM   #11
The Founder
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Posts: 16

attacks though, too. >:L
I seriously expected him to be flamboyantly gay.
Hex Maniac Casper - Sixteen - Male - Fag "How about we give all these strangers a show?" Scolipede - Damian / Maractus - Cybil / Zweilous - Forrest / Misdreavus - Morticia

13 March 2011, 09:33 PM   #12
Guest Poster
O hush you luv Xd hahahha i have the attacks lol i have the pokedex bookemarked on my laptop hehehhe Xd and grrr why did you expect him to be flamboyently gay?

13 March 2011, 09:54 PM   #13
The Founder
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Last edited by Mendelevium, 13 March 2011
 Okay, just making sure, love. xD

Jeez, it's sad when the founder is slower than all the other members. //sobs OHWELL.

Name: Casper Daniels Age: Sixteen Years Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Homosexual Battles or Contests: A little bit of both, whatever finds fit. He loves showing how strong his 'children' are, and how beautiful they can be. However, he devotes most of his time finding random trainers out in the open and causing them hell. Seen As: Hex Maniac Casper Pokemon Count: Four beautiful 'children'. His newest 'child' is Morticia, who is being breed to be a champion like his other's. Badge Count: Gyms ~ Seven ; Contests ~ Seven [equal devotion!] Personality: Chilled, very elusive, and seemingly to be rather naive and arrogant about everything. He's a rather noisy parasite and loves to challenge other's to battles, never bothered at all if they want to or not. Even so, he'd rather fall asleep underneath a tree than really go out and about anywhere, but you can usually find Casper hanging out in ghost-invested places or parasite-infected forests. A boy deemed with refined choicings in his Pokemon, he's a pretty good opponent, and is loyal to his pokemon, sympathetic to them all the time. However, to people he lacks these emotions to. He can be a bit sarcastic, especially if you've declined his offer. Despite being a Hex Maniac, he will take in Pokemon if they have or can learn poison or ghost type attacks, even if just one. Ghost and poison types are his best friends, bluntly put. But he does keep Dark-type moves, or a dark type pokemon, which is Forrest in this case, to help protect his other 'children'. Watch out, he can be a bit of an imp sometimes. History: So not gonna' do. List of Pokemon: 1. ~ Scolipede - Damian - Male - Lv 51 - *Poison Point* - Attacks: SteamRoller, Venoshock, Toxic, Megahorn. 2. ~ Maractus - Cybil - Female - Lv 50 - *Water Absorb* - Attacks: Solarbeam, PetalDance, Poison Jab, Needle Arm. 3. ~ Zweilous - Forrest - Male - Lv 42 - *Hustle* - Attacks: Dragonrush, Crunch, Dragonpulse, Work up. 4. ~ Misdreavus - Morticia - Female - Lv 14 - *Levitate* - Attacks: Psywave, Confuse Ray, Astonish, Spite. 5. - EMPTY 6. - EMPTY Picture/Description:
Hex Maniac Casper - Sixteen - Male - Fag "How about we give all these strangers a show?" Scolipede - Damian / Maractus - Cybil / Zweilous - Forrest / Misdreavus - Morticia

13 March 2011, 09:56 PM   #14
Guest Poster
EEEEEKKKKKK FAN GIRL SQEUAL he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing ahhhh r u shure i cant have someone rape in in the streets? please please please

13 March 2011, 11:07 PM    #15
Guest Poster
 Hehehe His lips >3<

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