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13 November 2010, 07:04 PM   #1
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The moon was high in the sky as half of the clan was out at the gathering. I had stayed
behind tonight because I had seen no point in both me and Cloudheart going, what if
another cat had needed my help? Cloudheart and I had talked earlier and had decided it was
best to leave the matter of the prophecy's until later. I sat at the base of the camp's
entrance with my tail curled around my paws. Yawning I heard something not to far away..


"Ssh! don't make such nosie! It's a surprise attack." One cat hissed. My ears perked and I
turned my head to look. Faintly I saw a cat with white fur and black spots. Fear rushed
through me and without thinking I cried.

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13 November 2010, 07:27 PM   #2
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Ravenfeather was in the medicine den wondering how not many cats had gotten hurt. The
surprise attack, luckily, didn't get to launch before the rest of FireClan came crashing
to the camp. There were a few scratches, but that was it. The rouges, which we knew they
were rouges, didn't have a chance for a full-on attack. "Are you sure you don't need any
help checking, Cloudheart and Almondpaw?" Ravenfeather asked, watching the two as they
looked at the scratches. "No, Ravenfeather. Go get something to eat. You need it."
Ravenfeather bowed her head and padded to the fresh-kill pile. "Can you believe Icestar's
claims?" hissed Larkclaw. Ravenfeather shook her head as she cat down next to him and
started to eat her vole.
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13 November 2010, 07:39 PM   #3
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"Sunpaw! Leafpaw! Are you alright?!" I went into Cloudheart's den, and saw that Sunpaw
was being treated by Almondpaw, while Leafpaw was tended to by Cloudheart. They both were
covered in blood with a few deep gashes. "Heh, you should see the other guys!" Sunpaw
said, puffing out her chest, then wincing from the pain. "If you can't sit still, these
wounds will never heal properly!" Almondpaw desperately told her. "Aww, c'mon! Most of
this blood is theirs!" Sunpaw said. "Well, at least that tells me you're ok Sunpaw." I
said and smiled. "What about Leafpaw?" Leafpaw was trying to keep still as Cloudheart went
about her work. "Sunpaw wouldn't be this bad if it wasn't for me..." She said with her
ears flattened. "I was cornered by a couple of them, and just as they pounced, Sunpaw
pushed me aside and took the blow instead." I looked at her. She only had a few scratches
here and there. "It's no ones fault besides those mange-ridden crow-food-eating rouges!"
Sunpaw said. "Hold still!" Almondpaw told her. "Almondpaw, go take a look around camp and
see if anyone else needs treatment. I'll take over Sunpaw, Leafpaw's finished." Cloudheart
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13 November 2010, 07:43 PM   #4
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Ravenfeather ran into the medicine den with Larkclaw. "Icestar said something about
rouges! Do you think these are the same ones? Do you think they were planning to attack
FrostClan to?"
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13 November 2010, 07:53 PM   #5
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Featherpaw stood outside the den, pacing slowly. "why would they attack?" She asked, her
eyes clouded with worry.

14 November 2010, 04:38 AM   #6
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"I don't know." Said Embereyes, licking her wounds. "But something tells me they'll be
back with reinforcements. They all ready know what we're capable of." She said. For some
bazaar reason, Talonclaw had the least amount of wounds. Maybe because he was such a
strong fighter. Luckily, none of the elders got hurt. "Tsk, tsk. Honestly, don't worry
about us. If they even came near our den we would of shred them to pieces." Said
Lilywhisker, an elder. "Isn't that right, Darkmask?" She said. "Hrm! Young 'uns think they
know best these days." He replied. "I just hope my dear Foxstar and Lionshine are all
right." He said. Embereyes was giving out orders. "Stock up the fresh kill pile for the
injured. Clean your wounds and go to Cloudheart. Make sure the kits are OK. Oh Sunpaw, you
can't be serious going hunting with that wound?" The camp was busy. Tawnykit, Swiftkit and
Featherkit came out of the nursery. "Is it safe to come out yet?" Said Swiftkit
cautiously. Embereyes nodded. "Oh good!" Said Tawnykit. "We're going to see the elders."
She said. "Shortear is going to tell us the story of the four ancient Clans that lived by
the lake." Added Featherpaw excitedly.

14 November 2010, 05:38 AM   #7
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The clan was in bad shape after the attack. Who knew outsiders could put up such a fight?
I had seen more wounds on many cats than I had ever wanted to. But this was the
consequences of battle. Cloudheart and I in our spare time went out to hunt since some of
the others were hurt far to much to bother with hunting. We'd also restock our supplies on
our way back with some fresh kill. Just because we were medicines cats didn't mean we
didn't know how to fight and hunt. And lest be forgotten I had started out as a warrior
apprentice. Setting down a moss ball full of water before one of the injured cats I hopped
over to another one.
I'd had no time to discuss the prophecy's with Cloudheart. It seemed like Starclan wished
it not to be told to her. Taking a moments pause I looked up into the sky and closed my
eyes. Oh Starclan, what are your wishes?

I pushed my head through the nursery to find Stolenhope the only one there.
"How's the kits?" I asked as I laid down a moss ball I had went out and fetched.
Stolenhope looked up at me with her beautiful eyes.
"Now were hurt so they all seem good. Cloudheart and Almondpaw didn't spend much time
fussing over them after looking at them once. I'm glad the clan returned when they did."
Stolenhope responded. I nodded and watched her lick the water from the moss ball.
"In deed. So am I." The burning feeling in the pit of my stomach had been explained. There
had been an attack, one perhaps I could have prevented if I hadn't ignored that sign days
ago. I had left my sister vulnerable and right in the midst of attack. I had no right to
be her guardian. But Almondpaw assured me enough that she could take care of herself fine
enough. Still I didn't believe it. I saw how her eyes had dimmed since Leopardpaw's
disappearance. She no longer had her sister of the same season with her and that depressed
her. From the moment she had been born to the moment Leopardpaw had dissapeared Almondpaw
had been close to Leopardpaw. They had done everything together and I sometimes joined in
with them back when they were kits and I was an apprentice. There had even once been a
prophecy about the two of them, or so our mother said. But then again no one could trust
what our mother Brambleheart said. She had gone insane early due to trying to protect her
kits against a fox on an outing. But sometimes I found myself wondering, what if the
prophecy Brambleheart had told me about was true? And Fireclan had just gotten itself two
kits that would alter the lives of the clans alongside two other cats that had been born
in the same season? Shaking my head to loose the troubling thoughts of my lost sister and
crazy mother I went back to tending to the queens.
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14 November 2010, 06:33 AM   #8
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Cloudheart rushed to and fro. A lot of blood had been lost. Luckily it was the rogue cats

Sliverpaw ran into Cloudheart's den. "Cloudheart? Almondpaw?" He called out. Sliverpaw
looked to his bleeding paw. It stung a bit
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14 November 2010, 06:41 AM   #9
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I rushed out to see Silverpaw at once. "What did you do?" I asked as I gave Silverpaw a
quick look before dashing back inside and grabbing some cobwebs to stanch the bleeding.
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14 November 2010, 09:18 AM   #10
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Embereyes decided to go hunting. She passed through the ferns near the mountain side,
when she found a black and white kit sheltering under them from the spitting rain. It
looked scared to see her. "Are you lost?" Said Embereyes.

14 November 2010, 09:25 AM   #11
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Blazekit looked up at the cat.
"Oh, uh i dont know."
she looked around she remembered the beast that had took her mother.
She had now statred shivering.

14 November 2010, 09:40 AM   #12
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"You look cold. Come into my camp and you can tell me what happened." Said Embereyes.
They walked back to FireClan camp. Everyone stopped doing their job and looked in
curiosity. "Is Foxstar around?" She said. "Yes, she's with Lionshine in the nursery." Said
Pebbleshot. "Come with me." Embereyes said to the small kit. They went into the warmth of
the nursery. Duskfrost's kits, Tawnykit, Frostkit and Skykit, were tumbling about near
their mother. "I am Firestar! Leader of ThunderClan! I am the bravest of them all!"
Squealed Skykit. "Not fair! You were Firestar last time!" Said Frostkit. Foxstar was with
Lionshine and her suckling kit in the back of the den. "Foxstar, I found this kit near the
ferns." Said Embereyes. Foxstar look at the kit. "What is your name?" She said.

14 November 2010, 09:42 AM   #13
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Blazekit looked at the other cats and then the one who asked hte question.
It took her a while to blurt out kit.

14 November 2010, 09:50 AM   #14
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"Blazekit," Said Foxstar. "You may shelter in the nursery until we decide what to do with
you." She said, then left the nursery. Duskfrost's kits we're still play-fighting, while
Lionshine's kits were napping with their mother. Embereyes sat down. "Now, tell me your
story." She asked.

14 November 2010, 09:56 AM    #15
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Blazekit flinched at the memory."Well...uh. um."She sighed as she sqeezed her eyes shut.
"Well, my mom was walking me to a patch of grass but i hate dirt so there was a dirt patch
so i walked around it. My mom just walked on it. A flying thing had grabbed her and flew
off. I miss her. I want to see her again.!Shes my mommy and now shes gone for maybe
forever." Blazekit was worried now she darted to a corner and curled up as she wanted to
be away from here and with her mother. "Mommy." she kept whisper. She wanted to be with
her family. She walked back out of the corner back to Embereyes. Her eyes looked tired and
worried. she sighed as she walked to a nice place and laid down and looked at ember eyes.
"Sorry about that. i miss her a lot." She looked down.

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