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Reborn: Chapter One

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“Someone who calls you beautiful, not hot, who calls you back when you hang up on them,
who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, who will stay up all night long
just to watch you sleep, someone who kisses you on your lips, who wants to show you off to
the world when you’re not wearing any makeup, and you’re still in your pajamas, who
will hold your hand in front of his friends, someone who will risk their life to save you.
 Someone who is constantly reminding you of how much he loves you and cares about you, and
who will look at his friends, and say, ‘that’s her’.”

Book One- Emma
Part One

Never again would I decide to go too fast in a relationship.  One that put me through
depression, and pretty much killed me.  If it weren’t for my best friend, Ben, I would
be dead right now.  And, I wouldn’t be walking down this street right now praying that
someone would just help me.  Because that’s what I need.  And Ben’s the only one
that’s willing to give it to me.  But, he isn’t here.  He’s in my home, trying to
help me, and look for me.  But what he doesn’t know is that I don’t want that.  I
don’t want him to go through Hell and back for me, because I don’t deserve it.  I
deserve much worse.  I fell for Tyler’s tricks, and now I just want to take it back. 
Take back everything that happened between him and I.  Take back what happened when I
tried to kill myself.  I wasted all my first times on him.  My first kiss, my first
boyfriend, the list goes on and on.  And I wish someone would’ve told me.  If someone
would’ve only told me, I would’ve been okay, but people kept their thoughts to
themselves.  And now, I’ve changed…a lot.

Chapter One- Someone Who Stays Awake Just To Watch You Sleep

I heard my alarm go off at 5 in the morning.  Well, I thought it was my alarm, but it was
“Ben, what are you doing?”  I answered.
“Can you come over here?”
“Yes now.”
“Let me grab my jacket, and I’ll walk across the street.”
“Okay.  Bye.” 
I hung up.
I put on my jacket, and left a note on the front door for if I was gone longer than I
would expect to be.  It was cold outside, and I pulled my hood up even though I knew I
would look like a dork.  I crossed the street and walked into Ben’s house.
He was standing right in front of me, and I walked into him, but he caught me.  It looked
like we were hugging each other, but we weren’t.  I let go and said thanks.
“Emma, I wanted to talk to you seriously for a little bit.”  He said after we’d sat
down at the table.
“Remember when you and Tyler were still together, and he convinced you to-”
“Yeah, yeah I remember.”
“Well, I’m worried about you, okay?  And you’ve been acting really weird for a
while…and I’m extremely worried about you Emma.  So,”  He pulled something out of
his jacket pocket.  “Please, just take this test, and let me know.”
I looked down at it, and he handed it to me.  “A pregnancy test?”
“Emma, what Tyler did to you was wrong, and we both know that.  But, I’m really scared
for you.  I don’t want you harmed in any way, and I don’t want you to be alone
anymore.  It makes me feel like you’re going to try to kill yourself again.”
“Ben, I’m not with Tyler anymore, and that’s the only reason I tried to kill myself.
 Because I was so unhappy with or without him.  It was crushing me into little tiny
pieces, and I couldn’t take it anymore!  I just wanted my life over with, you know?  And
that recovery was the hardest thing for me-”
“I just don’t want you to be any unhappier, and I want you to know what’s coming
ahead in your life.  So just, would you please?  For your best friend.”
I got up, and headed down the hall to the bathroom.  I took the test and sat in the corner
of the bathroom against the wall, and waited for it to show up.  I sat nervous as someone
could be, knowing that Ben had to be the same way.  Probably sitting against the door
waiting for me.  It was the longest 2 minutes of my life.  And when the test strip showed
the result- Pregnant, I burst out in tears.
“Emma?”  Ben knocked on the door.
“Come in.  It’s okay.”
He opened the door and sat right next to me.  He pulled my head closer to his chest very
“Thank you.” I said to him.  I figured he couldn’t understand me, but he knew what I
meant.  We’d been friends for too long.
He nodded.  
“You’ll be okay, I know you will.  I’ll be here for you, okay?  No matter what.”
His hand was extremely warm against my neck.  It felt nice.  
I closed my eyes, but I couldn’t fall asleep.  And my intentions weren’t to fall
asleep anyway.
“When did your mom leave for work?”  I asked.
“Literally right before I called you.”
I sat like that with him for the longest time.  Then, he was the first one to speak.
“When did it happen?”
“On his birthday.  September 23rd.  And it’s October 19th…Ben, I’ve been pregnant
for almost a month, and I didn’t know it!”  I looked at him with red eyes, and
realized he was crying too.
He looked down, and I felt a tear roll down my cheek.
“Do you think I should let Tyler know about this?”  I asked him.
“He should probably know he’s a father, but I wouldn’t tell him right away.  He
might go out of control, and you’d never know with him.  After what he did to you, I
wouldn’t trust him with anything.  He should know he’s a father, but he might try to
harm you or the baby.  So, I wouldn’t tell him.”
It was weird sitting there with my best friend, we’d never sat like this before.  
After maybe 20 minutes, my phone rang.  I grabbed it out of my pocket.  It was Tyler.  
“Ben, what do I do?”
“Do you want me to answer it?”
“If you want to.”
“I do.”
I handed it to him, and he flipped open the phone, and put it on speaker.
“Let me talk to Emma.”
“She isn’t here.”
“Listen Meyer, I know she’s with you, let me talk to her.”
“I’m not in the same room as her.”
“Then walk into the room she is in.”
He handed it to me, and I took it off speaker phone.
“Hello?”  I said.
“Hey.  I miss you.  Do you still want to change your mind?”
“But I don‘t miss you.  And I never wanted to change my mind when I left you.  It
wasn‘t a mistake either.  So why should I?”
“Because I know you still love me, and I still love you.”
“I do not love you.”  I hung up.
It was quiet for 2 minutes then I said, “Ben, I’m scared now.  He’s going to come
find me, and then he’s going to kill me.”
“We’ll leave until he finds someone else to mess with.”
“Somewhere that he wouldn’t expect you to be.”
I turned towards him, and held onto his shoulders.  “He will not give up!  I would know,
of all people.  That’s how he gave me this baby.  He didn’t give up.  He’s a good
liar Ben.”
“I know, I know.”  He looked directly at me for about 10 seconds.  “We’ll leave as
soon as we can.  I’ll get the next plane ticket to Seattle.”
“Ben, you’re a genius!  I always said how I never wanted to live in a big city.  The
first place he’ll look is small towns.”
“And, you shouldn’t pack a lot.  Because we don’t want it to look like you’ve
left.  We want it to look like you’re still there.”
“I’ll only pack necessities, and money.”
“Me too.”
“Will you come help me?”
I got up, and he followed me across the street, and into my house.  The note on my door
was gone, and so was my mom’s car, so I figured she had gone off to work.
We both ran up to my room, and I grabbed my suitcase from when we went to Arizona.  Ben
and I packed everything I needed, and I wrote the hardest letter to ever write, to my

Don’t worry about me.  I’m okay, I’m with Ben, and by time you’ve read this,
we’re probably in Seattle already. I won’t be able to call you, because knowing Tyler,
he’d probably figure out a way to find me if I did. I’m sorry I didn’t let you know
earlier, but I didn’t know earlier than about 45 minutes ago that I was leaving.  I’ve
been pregnant for about a month, and I just found out at 5:30 this morning.  I’m leaving
because Tyler just called and said he wanted me back, and I told him no, so I’m worried
that he’s going to try to harm the baby or me. And, I’m pregnant with his baby, and
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, because I didn’t know.  I love you so much, and I’ll
be back as soon as I can.  Even writing this to you is a risk that I had to take.  I love
you so much.  Don’t forget this.  I’m doing this for our safety, and I can’t wait to
see you.    Don’t forget about me.  
I love you.
-Your baby girl

I folded it up in an envelope, and put it on the fridge, and wrote in big letters,
“MOM”  to where I knew she would see it.  
I picked up my bag, and went back to Ben’s house, where he packed, and wrote his letter
to his mom.

Don’t freak out like I know you already are.  I’m okay, and I’m with Emma.  I’m in
Seattle with her, and no I haven’t run away with her.  She’s in danger.  And, we’ll
be back as soon as we can.  She’s pregnant with Tyler Michel’s baby.  And, he just
called her asking for her back, and she said no.  Now she’s worried that he’s going to
try and harm her and the baby, and we’re getting as far away as possible from him.  When
everything’s okay, we’re coming back.  Don’t call me.  That’s a way that Tyler
could find us, and we can’t take any risks.  I love you so much.
I miss you already.

He did the same thing, and walked out with me.  
“How are we getting down to the airport?”  I asked.
“My car.  We have no choice.  And if Tyler sees it there, he’ll have a heck of a time
finding us in all those planes.”
We put our stuff in the trunk, and he drove off.  
“Now we know he’s awake, so this is a risk.  And, I want you to know that I’ll do
anything I can to protect you.”  He said to me.
“Thank you.”
It took us 10 minutes to get to the airport.  And, when we got there, he was no where to
be seen.  
We walked up to the desk, and asked for tickets to the next flight to Seattle.  
“Your plane leaves in an hour and a half.”  The lady said to us.
He grabbed my hand, and ran off to security.  When we got there, the last person on the
flight was being checked.  
We took our shoes off, and all metal.  The guard passed us, and we ran off to buy 2
glasses of water, and check to see if our bags were able to be carry-on.  Both of them
were, and so we skipped the checked bags area, and went off to the waiting area for the
plane.  We had about an hour until the plane lifted off.  So, Ben and I planned.
“What’s our excuse if anyone asks?”  I asked him.
“We’re going on our honeymoon.”  He handed me a fake wedding band.  It was just a
plain band.  He said that it was his mom’s old ring from her first marriage.  
I was tired, and so I laid my head back on the chair.  I didn’t fall asleep, and when
they said we were on boarding call, I propped up, and Ben stood in the line with me.
“Look convincing.”  He whispered to me.  
I moved closer to him, and held his hand.
I smiled.  We handed the lady our ticket, and boarded the plane.  It felt weird with my
best friend.  I felt like I was some L.A. agent under cover or something.  It was the
strangest feeling.   
“So, have you thought of any names yet?” He asked me.
“Well, I actually had a few picked out almost my whole life.  I only have one for a
girl, and two for a boy.”  I said.
“Let’s hear them.”
“Joshua Michael and Matthew Lee for a boy.  And Roxanne Lily.”
“Why 2 for a boy?”
“I thought that maybe if he didn’t look like a Matthew, I’d name him Joshua, and if
he didn’t look like a Joshua, Matthew.”  I said.
“Oh, well, what about a girl?”
“I haven’t thought about any more for a girl.  I kind of like Bethany, but I don’t
like Beth.”
“So, then just have her go by Bethany.  What would be the middle name?”
“Bethany Ruth.”  I said.
“That’s pretty.”
Some guy sat next to us, and I prayed he wouldn’t ask why we were going to Seattle, but
sure enough those were the first words out of his mouth.  
“We’re going on our honeymoon.”  Ben replied.
“In Seattle?”
“No, it’s just a stop on the way.”
I squeezed his hand, and he flinched.  
When the guy wasn’t looking he turned over to look at me.
“Then where are we going?”  I whispered to him.
He thought for a second.  “Hawaii.”
“Okay, now I have the story strait.  Thank you.  When did we get married?”
“October 1st.”
“And where was the wedding?”
“At our home church.”
The guy got up and I think went to the bathroom, even though we weren’t even moving yet.
“Do you think our moms are going to call us anyway?”  I asked.
“Probably, we just can’t answer it, but then, if we don’t, they might just come to
Seattle, and that’d be horrible too.  So, we have to keep our conversation short.”
I wiped a tear from my eye.  
“Are you okay?”  He asked.
“No.  There’s this freak trying to come and kill me, and now I can’t even talk to my
“I know.  We’ll just have to deal with it.  And, we’ll get this over with as soon as
we can.  Because, I can’t stand to see you like this.”
“You know me too well.”  I half-smiled trying to make the situation better.  But, I
couldn’t.  I looked up at him, and he seemed extremely nervous, like me.  
“We have to seem happy if we’re going on our honeymoon.”  I said.
He smiled.  “Okay.  That means you have to be happy too.”
“And, what if they ask how old we are?”
“We could pass for 20, right?”
“I guess.”
“We’re 20, then.”  He said.  
The guy came back, and sat down next to Ben on the end seat, and I was at the window seat.
The captain made his little speech, and then the flight attendant made her’s, and we
lifted off.  It wasn’t the most fun lift-off ever, I just hate flying.  So, I closed the
window, and then closed my eyes.  
“You hate flying, don’t you?”  Ben asked me.
“I thought you knew everything there was to know about me.”
“I do, just clarifying.”
I opened my eyes and looked at him.  “Then yes, I absolutely hate flying, and I can
never sleep on planes.  It’s nearly impossible for me.”
“I bet you could.”
“In fairytale land.”
“Just try, okay?”  He asked.
I sat my head back on the chair, and closed my eyes.  And that’s all I remember.  

When I woke up, I was laying on the window.  I looked up at Ben, and he laughed. 
“I told you.”
“How long was I asleep?”
“Around an hour and a half.”
I looked over across the plane, and grabbed Ben’s arm.
“What?”  He asked.
“Do you remember Tyler’s best friend, David?”
“Yeah, why?”
“He’s sitting directly across from us.”
Ben looked at me with fear in his eyes.  “Oh my Gosh.”
“This sucks.”  I said.  
I opened up the window slowly.  I hoped David hadn’t seen me.  Because if that was Tyler
that he was talking to on the phone, I would literally be dead.  
I looked at David, and tried to hear what he was saying, but over all the people talking,
and the engine, it was extremely hard. So, after about 2 minutes, I gave up.  He was on
the phone for a while, and I don’t think he noticed me, because he never looked over to
I looked at the time on my phone, and it was about 8:30.  My mom gets off work at noon.

The rest of the plane ride was fine, because Ben and I barely said anything to each other
the whole rest of the time.  
When we landed, we made sure David was off the plane before we even got up.  So, then
after he was off the plane, Ben got our stuff, and handed me mine.
“Are you going to rent a car?”  I asked him when we walked out of the airport.  
“No, I’m just going to walk everywhere.”  He said sarcastically.  

After we rented a car, we drove down to a hotel, and prayed that Ben’s reservations had
gone through.  The person at the counter was really nice to us, and said her name was
Grace.  She seemed about 23, but claimed she was 27.  She said our room was on the 2nd
floor of 3 floors.  We walked up to 211, and I realized Ben had gotten a 2 bed room.  
It was the scariest thing, being there, and realizing what was going on.  It was so much
harder.  But, Ben made me feel much more comfortable.  It was easy to be around him.  And,
I quickly realized how hard it was to be away from him, and how nice it was to hear him
speak to me.  That’s how a best friend should be.  
“Do you think I’ll ever find him?”  I asked Ben.
“What do you mean, ‘him’?”
“The right person.  I mean, obviously, I’m not the best at that.  Do you think that
eventually I’ll find who I’m supposed to be with?”
“Of course I do.  Honestly, I think you already have, and you just don’t know it. 
You’ve probably met him already.”
“Really?  You think so?”
“Of course I do.  I think I’ve already met the girl I’m supposed to be with.”
“I don’t know who.”  He said.
“I mean, who would you like to end up with?”
“Someone that’s just as in love with me as I am with them.”
“You know what my cousin Kyanna always told me to look for in a guy?”
“Someone who calls you beautiful, not hot, who calls you back when you hang up on them,
who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, who will stay up all night long
just to watch you sleep, someone who kisses you on your lips, who wants to show you off to
the world when you’re not wearing any makeup, and you’re still in your pajamas and
doesn‘t care if people think he‘s crazy, who will hold your hand in front of his
friends, someone who will risk their life to save you.  Someone who is constantly
reminding you of how much he loves you and cares about you, and who will look at his
friends, and say, ‘that’s her’.”
“And, you have that memorized?”
“Yes, I do.”
He smiled.  “Well, you’ll find someone, and that someone’s going to be the luckiest
man in the world.”
I smiled.  “You know what else she told me?”
“What else?”
“Always move forward, going strait will get you no where.”
My phone rang, and it was my mom.  Which confused me, because it wasn’t noon yet.
“Emma.  Where are you at?”
“Seattle.  Why are you home?”
“I got off early today.  I’m coming there.”
“Mom, you can’t.  It’ll put all of us in even more danger, and that’s exactly what
we don’t need.  I’m already freaked out enough.  Mom, I do want to see you, I just
can’t.  And I shouldn’t be talking to you either.”
“I know, I read the letter.”
“Then why did you call?”
“I wanted to make sure you’re okay.”
“Well, right now I’m fine, I have to go.  Bye.”
I hung up.  
“That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”  I said.  
“I know.”
He came over to sit on the side of the bed next to me.  “That’s what’s going to
I stared at the floor, but I knew Ben was looking at me.
“Why don’t you just let him kill me, Ben?”
“What?  Why would I let him kill you?”
“There’s no reason for me to live, and I see no point in this if you’re just risking
your life to save me, someone who has no reason to live the rest of their life.”
“There is a reason for you to live the rest of your life.”
“Why?  Name one good reason.”
“The baby.  That’s the best reason.”
I looked at him.  “I can’t.  I don’t see how I ca

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I don’t see how I can raise this baby.”
“Emma, you’re out of high school, not going to college-”
“My career.  Remember?  I’ll be in a band, and I’ll play guitar.”
“You aren’t thinking about abortion, are you?”
“Ben, do you think I’m that stupid?!”
“Well, then why do you think I was thinking about abortion?  I’m completely against
all that crap.”
“Then what were you planning to do?”  He asked me.
“I wouldn’t let that happen.”
“It’s not up to you.  It’s my decision.”
“But, you said you wanted to be in a band.  How would you do that if you were dead?”
“I’m sure God has a band up there.  And again Ben, it’s not your decision.”
“But, you’re my best friend, so I should have some say.”
“I do agree with that, but over all, it’s my decision.”
He grabbed my hand.  “I don’t want to see your life end like that.  I’ve seen too
many people end up like that, and you’re my best friend.  And, I don’t want to see
your life end like that.”
“You know what, I’ll be right back.”
“Where are you going?”  
“To get some coffee.  I’m tired.”
I walked out of the room, and grabbed one of the keys.  I was going to die anyway, and I
saw no reason of just living until I die, I figure I might as well just give it up.  
I poured myself some coffee right outside the room, and walked back in.  Ben sat in the
same exact spot, and I sat next to him again.
“Why?”  he asked me.
“Didn’t I already tell you?”
“I just don’t understand why someone would willingly do that.”
“Well, I am one of those people, okay.  And, you’ll just have to live with it.”
“Fine, okay.  Kill yourself.  I just want you to know how everyone here, and in Illinois
is going to suffer from it.  And just because you’re depressed, and you’re going to
commit suicide, all these other people, including myself are going to be just as depressed
without you, because of some guy that was an idiot to you!”
He walked away, and out of the hotel room, without a room key, or his things.  And then, I
sat there, and I cried.  I didn’t ever realize what an impact it would make on his life.
 I wanted to get up and I wanted to run after him, but I couldn’t find the strength to. 

About 15 minutes passed, and I ran outside the room with a key, and my phone.  I got on
the elevator, and I pressed the 1st floor button.  Grace would know where he went.  I
I ran down to the lobby, and I went up to the front desk where Grace was at.  
“Where did he go?”  I asked.
“He went outside, and that’s all I saw.”
“Thank you.”
I ran out the doors, and saw the car still parked.  I ran to the end of the parking lot,
and saw that he was sitting in the car.
I got in the passengers side, and looked at him.  He was looking strait forward with his
hands on the wheel.  If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought it was some
stuffed dummy.  But then, I saw a tear roll down his cheek.
“I thought you would’ve been dead by now.”  He said.
“I didn’t know I meant that much to you.”  I said.
He turned his head and looked at me confused.  “You mean more to me than a lot of
people, Emma.  You must not know me if you didn’t know you meant the world to me.  I
love you, Emma.”
“I love you too, but I thought I was just your best friend.”
“You are my best friend, I just feel like you’re my sister, not just my friend.  And,
if it were my sister killing herself, I would do anything to make her stop.”
“Even if stopping her meant taking a bullet for her?”  I asked him.
“If that’s what it took, yes I would take a bullet for her.”
“Well, I’d take a bullet for you too Ben.”
He smiled.
“Now, would you come back?”  I asked him.
He turned on his iPod, and played one of my favorite bands, Secondhand Serenade. 
I started to softly sing the words to Fall For You, and then I closed my eyes.  I didn’t
plan on falling asleep, and I wasn’t going to.  So, when I felt sleepy, I opened my
eyes.  He was looking at me.  I laughed.
“Well, it’s nearly noon.”  He said.  “Do you want early lunch?”
“No.  I’m not really hungry.”
“Okay, well, there goes that idea.”
“Personally, I kind of like sitting out here.”
He laughed.  “That’s okay too.”
The song on his iPod changed to Green Day, another one of my favorites.  Except, Green Day
was my favorite.  
“Is this my play list?”  I asked.
“From my iPod.”
“You have my play list on your iPod?”
He smiled.  “Yeah, for moments like this.”
Time Of Your Life played in the background.  
My phone rang, and it was Tyler.  I sighed.  
“It’s Tyler.”  I said.
“Don’t answer it.  Because if you do, it’ll show him where you’re at.”
“Didn’t he say that when you broke up, he didn’t want you anymore?  Then why does he
insist on calling you and asking for you back?”
“Because he’s an absolute freak.  And he doesn’t know I’m pregnant.  If he knew 1)
I’d be dead, and 2) He wouldn’t want anything to do with me anymore.”
The phone stopped ringing.  
“What if this all ends out horribly, Ben?”  I asked.
“What do you mean?”
“He finds us, and then kills me.  What would you do?”
“I don’t know what I’d do without you.  It’d be hard to live without my best
It started to rain.  And, I mean pour down all of a sudden.
“I think we should go inside.”  He said.  
I got out of the car, and I met Ben at the front of the car.  I put my hood up, again
looking like a dork, and ran into the lobby.  Ben was soaked from head to toe, and despite
my hood, so was I.  It was freezing outside.  My teeth were chattering, and so Ben walked
with me to the elevator.
I unlocked our door, and automatically curled under the sheets, and put my head on the
“Why can’t it be tonight yet?”  I complained.  
“Because it’s this morning.”
He turned the T.V on, and I closed my eyes.  He laid down next to me, and I turned over to
look at him.  
“You still cold?”  He asked.
“It would help if it was warm in here.”
“Yeah, it would.”  His hair was still dripping wet, and so was mine.  “I have an
extra jacket, if you want it.  It’s dry.”  
He got up and got into his suitcase, and pulled out a sweat jacket.  I got out of my bed,
and slipped it on over my t-shirt.
“Thank you.”  And I got right back in my bed, and closed my eyes

I woke up and he was still sitting next to me.
“Well, it’s kind of night time.  It’s 5 o’ clock.”
“I slept for that long?”  I said.
“I’m sorry.  You could’ve moved.  You sat here for 8 hours, and didn’t move?”
“Nope, I didn’t move at all.”
“Oh, Ben, you didn’t have to do that.  I feel bad now.”
“Don’t.  It’s okay. Really, I don’t mind at all.”
“Thank you Ben.”
He smiled.  “It’s what best friends are for.”
“I can’t believe you did that.”
“You hungry now?”  He asked me.
“Yeah, I am.”
“Do you want me to just pick something up from Applebee’s or something?”
“Sure, I don’t care.  I’ll come with you.”
It was still raining outside, but Ben said I could keep his jacket.  
I kind of felt bad for leaving him out in the cold, but he said he didn’t care.
When we got in the car, he asked, “Do you know how to get to Applebee’s?”  
I sighed.  “Ben, I’ve never been to Seattle.”
“That’s great.  We can just go ask whoever is at the desk for directions.”
We got out of the car again, and a lady named Serena was at the front desk.  Instead of
giving us directions, she called a delivery guy, and said he’d deliver it for free if
you just tell him what you want.  So, we waited in the lobby for Michael the delivery guy,
and he gave us our food.  
We went to our room to eat, and then we both took showers to get ready for bed.  
My shower was quick, and I changed in the bathroom.  Ben had already taken his shower, and
was laying down in the bed closest to the window, watching the T.V.
I sat down on my bed, and realized that I probably wouldn’t sleep all night. Ben and I
were still wearing our fake rings.  But, he asked for mine back.
“Why?”  I asked him, while handing it to him.
“I’ll give it back tomorrow, I just want it for tonight.” 
“I want it to look more convincing, so…”
“So, what?”
“You’ll find out tomorrow.”  
All throughout the night, we talked, and talked.  It was the best thing ever.

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