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The Outer Land Tales

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... >_> I'm not sure how this works exactly, buuut... I'll just do what everyone else is

Vognas is a small, insecure, flying monster that lives in a cupboard and is more miserable
with his life than he'll let himself admit. However, that'll change as he just got the
most important job in the whole Outer Land: being a guide to God, a girl with just her
uncle and brother. Despite this, he just might lose his job as his past and old reputation
is called into question... and what about those that might not be so happy with God making

Chapter I: Beggar's Night


"Yes, tonight. Is that acceptable?"

She purses her thin lips and glares at the figure. Hanging from a tree that towers over
the small lake she is in, he cocks his head to the side questioningly. He sneers as she
fidgets and stretches her arms out on the muddy bank. The moonlight shines down upon the
lake, making the woman's dark skin appear pale and her green eyes empty.

She doesn't respond instantly, instead letting the water move against her scales. She says
as her tail dips into the water, "It's allowed, I suppose. As you know, they'll be nearly
alone tonight, as usual. Are you... prepared?"

His mouth rips into a grin, revealing several jagged teeth, and says, "Oh, but I am."

He drops from the tree and she watches the creature fly off. He fades from sight, his
small body blending in with the black sky. She continues to stare after him before she
dives under the cold waters.


"And the Groye returned to her home to rest, cackling the entire time. And as she entered
her home, she forgot that she had gone home to take one of her rocks to break the
necklace, and instead she fell asleep."

The girl looks crossly at the young boy sitting in front of her, who, in return, says,
"That was out of character."

"Too bad. Now get dressed or the houses will run out of candy and you'll get a rock," She
says as she clicks off her flashlight and sets it on her desk.

He grumbles, "My name is Kyle, not Charlie Brown."

She stands up from her botchy and orange sleeping bag. "I never said you were. If you
were, I'd be Sally, not Suse. Except Sally would be the older sister. I just said you'd be
getting rocks."

"They don't even do that anymore!" Kyle whines, following suit.

Suse mumbles as she scans the room, "They'd make an exception for you. Where did you put
our costumes?"

Her younger brother shrugs and she glares. She begins walking around the small room. It's
empty except for a few things, such as a dirty, unused bed in the corner, two sleeping
bags in the middle, and a desk sitting directly under the single window in their room.
Books lay strewn over the desk, a handheld Gameboy Advance on top of the stack, and a
large, heavy flashlight sitting near the edge. She brushes her frizzy hair out of her eyes
and she hurries over to the only door in the room and pulls it open. The door creaks
angrily and she steps out into the hall.

Kyle scurries next to her. "What if we can't go Trick or Treating because we can't find
our costumes?"

He chokes as he is tugged into the bathroom. Suse jerks open the door and stabs a finger
at the plastic bag lying on the counter. She pulls a cheap black dress from the bag.
"Don't know where they are, huh?"

Kyle says as he shakes his sore hand, "Well, I didn't know where they were!"

She pulls out a witch's hat. "Yeah, right. Shut the door and get dressed."

He clicks the door shut and watches his sister pull out his vampire costume next. He takes
it from her and pulls the white shirt over his sleeveless blue one. As he tugs on his
cloak, she says, "Going to wear your pants over your pants, huh

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