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Golden Sun Parody

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Haha. You know, I'm not really sure if posting fanfics and parodies are allowed
here. I'm assuming they are? :3
If not, I'll take this down.

No Prologue. I'm too lazy to type it~

Title: None as of yet.
Author/s: My cousin and I. He supplies me with a few ideas, but I do most of the actual
writing. :3
Genres: Adventure, Parody and Fanfic
Rating: K+ ? So far, I have nothing particularly mature, but I'll raise the level if I
find something.

- - -


A tall boy of fifteen walked down the streets of suburban Vale, his footsteps making no
noise against the pavement. The strap on his black messenger bag bore his initials, LG;
Leon Gűnther.

He stopped in front of a small but quaint house, done in shades of blue and white. Leon
dug into his pocket as he approached the front, and then fit the key into its slot as he
reached the door. It made a slight creak, and then Leon entered his home. His light blue
eyes peered through the doorway of the kitchen, half-expected a certain blonde Dakota to
be reading a book by the kitchen counter. No person, but a container filled with lasagna
was on the table. A note from mom had the heating instructions, and a postscript that said
she would be late.

Ignoring the fact that the plastic was microwaveable, he dumped the food onto a
microwaveable plate, stuffed it inside then punched in the time and heat. While waiting
for the lasagna, Leon threw his bag towards the living room as he passed, hearing a
satisfying ‘thump’ as it hit the sofa. He climbed up, each step creating a squeak
different from the last.

“Like a piano staircase.” He said aloud, the whimsical thought at the top of his head
as he entered his room.
The place was relatively large, but then again, only he and his mother lived in the house.
Leon then walked over to a nearby window and grabbed the leafy branch after opening it. He
clambered out the window and soon got his lithe form on the tree, trying to steady himself
against the swaying. Once he was stable, he gripped the rough bark of a strong branch
above him and slowly began his ascent. Once he reached the gutter, he held onto the metal,
and then heaved himself up onto the rooftop.

Sitting on his private spot, Leon felt himself become wrapped into his own world. His
chestnut brown hair had blonde highlights underneath the sun, and he simply felt at ease
with himself, as if the next person was in another dimension.

He knew that by the time he came back for the food, he’d have to heat it again, but Leon
could care less about it.
The wind was elusive, playing with his senses. Once you felt it tickling your skin, it
suddenly disappeared. Leon wanted something stronger, and soon the light stirring of air
became a pleasant evening breeze. He didn’t think about how and why that happened, it
always happened around him. Maybe he was just luckier than most.

After a few more minutes of staring off into space, with the last of the sun’s rays on
the horizon, he clambered back down, and went to the kitchen through the back door. Leon
then reheated his food, but this time, he made sure that when he ate it, it would be warm
enough to eat.

He ate his solitary dinner in silence, occasionally running for water whenever the meat,
cheese and sauce combination burned his tongue. Leon idly played with the idea of inviting
Dakota over, then shrugged it off after placing his plate in the dishwasher.

Leon felt like walking out, then wrote down a note and stuck it to the refrigerator door.
He took his phone and wallet from his bag in the living room, the grabbed the keys from a
nearby table at the hallway before the door. He soon turned the doorknob, and went out
into the silent evening.


“Are you sure he’s here?” asked a man in his mid-thirties.

“Of course I’m sure – I’ve been his neighbor since he was born.” replied a much
younger female, running a hand through the silky strands of her blonde hair. Bright eyes
showed annoyance towards her older companion, but she withheld her scathing remarks due to
respect. “See, that’s him now.”

Damian looked at the young woman beside him incredulously, disbelief in his eyes. “That
can’t be Leon. Even I wouldn’t wear a shirt with frogs singing music notes at that

“Oh you wouldn’t believe what he wears sometimes.” Dakota shook her head, her
cerulean eyes fondly watching over the lithe figure walking in front of them. “That’s
not even the weirdest shirt he’s worn.”

“Why is he walking out at this time? It’s in the middle of the night!”

“Shush your protective instincts. You’ll have to do something against your principles,
remember?” She rolled her eyes to exaggerate her point.

Damian kept his mouth shut at this, his bright blue eyes, showing contemplative thought.
He shook his head once, and then looked resolutely at Dakota. “Well, I’m going to have
to do it won’t I? Do as planned, ‘kay?”

She nodded once, and then started walking towards the direction Leon went, following him
as closely as possible without being suspicious. The neighborhood was quiet, the crickets
filling the silent night air. With this little noise, Leon heard the footsteps echoing his
own, turning around once to check for people, but upon finding no one, he returned to

Soon, the two of them reached the park, where Leon suddenly turned around to head back
home. Dakota, surprised by the sudden change in direction, wasn’t able to hide quickly
enough, and she ended up in plain sight in front of Leon.

“Oh, hey there Dakota. What’re you doing here?” They stopped under the glare of the
streetlight, but it wasn’t late enough that people would find having an evening stroll
strange yet.

Dakota laughed nervously at this. Lying was definitely not her forte. “I’m old enough.
I should be asking you that.”

Behind Leon, Damian was hidden behind a nearby tree at the park, and he waved his big
hand, a signal they had agreed on. Dakota brushed a hand through her hair an inconspicuous
manner, though she forgot to remain looking at Leon.

“What’re you looking at?” Leon asked, looking behind him to see if there was a

Dakota, shook her head, quickly trying to catch Leon’s attention. Thankfully, Damian had
foreseen this possibility and immediately retracted his hand before he could catch a
glimpse. The most he would have seen was a blur of movement, which could easily be
mistaken as a trick of the darkness or a night animal.

“Um, listen. I need to talk to you about something. Can we go there?” Dakota gestured
towards the swing, and she had to seat them that they couldn’t see the tree where Damian
was hidden.

The metal groaned in protest and, for a moment, Dakota held her breath, afraid that her
butt would land on the sand. Leon took the one to her right, a questioning expression on
his face.

“So what do you want to talk about? You seem kind of nervous.”

Dakota used the swing a bit, seeing as it could hold her weight. “So, um, how are your
studies?” Strike one, she said to herself, seeing already the obvious mistake she
made. Leon would point out the obvious soon enough.

“Something’s definitely wrong.” He answered calmly. “You never ask me about

“You’re right. Listen, Leon, I’m really sorry.” She nervously touched the smooth
stone on the ring she was wearing, knowing it played a vital role in their plan.

“For what?” He was obviously puzzled, that much she could tell from his expression.
Dakota merely shook her head in answer, and then ran her hand again through her blonde

At that signal, Leon’s vision suddenly became hazy, his body feeling rather heavy.
Damian continued to channel the power properly, his delude working wonders on someone who
hasn’t learned to control his own powers yet.

“Hey, Dakota!” His voice rose, a note of panic evident in his words. “What’s

“I’m sorry, Leon, but we really need to do this.” Leon struggled against the
psyenergy, but his strength kept draining away from him. Dakota fervently clutched the
ring on her hand. Soon, Leon found himself dizzy, unable to tell right from left.

“***! What’d you do to me?” Dakota sucked in a breath. This wasn’t even the worst
part of she was about to do. That would come in a time span of a few hours. Carefully, she
started channeling her own energy, this time using through the ring.

In a few moments, Leon had the irresistible urge to shut his eyes and become lost in
dreams. But now wasn’t the time for it! But it was completely beyond his control. He
nearly collapsed into a sleeping pile on the ground, but thankfully, Damian managed to
catch him before he did that just that.

He and Dakota sighed in relief; the first phase of the plan had gone well. It wasn’t
until Damian had Leon in her car that she checked the ring again. It was damaged. She
visibly flinched, then pocketed the broken ring. It wouldn’t do to worry about it now.

People’s lights were still on, so they drove slowly and stealthily, the dark blue color
of the vehicle blending in perfectly with the night. She kept her headlights on though –
people would find it suspicious if they happened to see a car driving in the thick
darkness without them.

Dakota suddenly pushed the brakes as she reached Leon’s house, and hurried Damian into
searching Leon’s pockets for the keys. Damian found them, and quietly made his way to
the house, opening the door just enough to let him in. The door made a loud creak, and he
winced. Thankfully, Caroline wasn’t there yet. He stuck his note on the refrigerator
door, and then made his way back outside, making sure to lock the door behind him.

This time, he made haste to reach the car, nearly jumping in onto the shotgun seat and
slamming the door shut. “Do we have enough stones to reach Kalay?”

“Yep, I restocked on them just before I picked you up earlier.” Dakota then hit the
pedal and soon they were going out of Vale, on their way to a place where an important
gathering awaited them.


It was strange.

The house was unmoving. Usually, Leon would be in front of the television or up in his
room, but while she was outside, there was no light coming from any room.

Just to make sure, Caroline made her way to the kitchen, and sighed in relief as she
spotted the empty container on the table. Beside it was the note she’d written, and she
it away. Leon had probably called it a night and was safely sleeping up in his room.

She grabbed a glass, intending to drink some water. As she reached for the fridge’s
handle, a new note caught her eye.

Caroline turned deathly pale. It couldn’t be the same person. With white hands, she
clutched the paper tightly, wrinkling it with her death grip. She read the note, and soon,
her eyes filled with tears. No. He already took away so much. Not him too.

But she couldn’t do anything about it. With tears in her eyes, her proud façade refused
to let them fall. She climbed up the staircase, not bothering to check Leon room, as she
already knew it would be empty. She Carol entered her own empty room, laying down on the
bed, her face pressed against the pillow.

Soon, consciousness slipped away. And only then did she let her tears fall.

- - -

Word Count: 1,906

:3 Boy, that was fun. This is an extremely rough draft, so excuse a few errors. I'd love
some feedback! :D

Oh, and don't say something silly like "Too long!" :T I've sat through longer.

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