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17 October 2009, 01:27 AM   #1
The Founder; Athea Dalton [15]
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Welcome to Blank Canvases! I'm hoping that you guys read my lame description on the club page, so if not. . . go read it NAO! Haha, jk. Well, for starters, I'll ask that you talk to me first before you make a new topic, if you don't, I'll most likley delete it. I'll make a topic for character forms shortly, but first, we should probably go over a few rules. 1: Treat everyone as an equal, treat them as you would like to be treated. Common respect. 2: Please do not fight in the club, take it to a message or letter please. 3: Type correctly with correct grammar please. I do NOT want to see script form. EX.. Anne: *sees George* Hi george! George: *smiles and waves* Hi! However, this is accepted. EX... Anne looked up from her book and spotted George crossing towards her. "Hey George!" She called, raising her hand to wave. George smiled at the bubbly girl and waved back. "Hey!" He said and took a seat next to her. 4: I don't care how many characters you have, but please do not have a signature that is super long! 5: HAVE FUN! :D
Athea Dalton

20 February 2010, 04:54 PM    #2
Guest Poster
Hai Andrea. <3
We are painfully inactive today.
And yesterday.
And tomorrow. x]
Optional to read.
But you should read it.

Oh, oh. 
And I got an idea.
You know how you read Percy Jackson and The Olympians?
I finally got the books. o3o
But I only finished Lightning Theif so far.
We should make a roleplay out of that. :]

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