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My stories from my old note book:The un-normal girl?

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20 August 2009, 11:44 AM   #1
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That day when i thought i was normal,I wasn't.
    One day I was at school and I was told to bring the attendance paper to the main
office.I went out the big oak door and entered the hallway.While I was walking I see Shaun
just waiting  in beside the boys bathroom just staring at me like he was making me as a
    "Hi,"I said quietly.
    "Hey,"Shaun said.
     I just walked away from him until suddenly Shaun grabs me and confesses to me.
    "I like you Mika,"He said.
     I freaked out like all those girls in those movies.I push him away and ran as fast i
could.I finally arrive to the main office.I see Ms. Bulffon just typing on the computer.I
kept quiet so i wouldn't see Shaun on my way back.
    "I can't believe Shaun the bad boy leader likes me,"I thought to myself.
    "I'm not as noticeable though.."
    "Or maybe i am."
     Ms. Bulffon took a look at me and snatched the attendance sheet from me.
    "Oh no I have to face him again..."
     I walked out of the main office slowly.Until i didn't see shaun beside the boy's
bathroom.He must of just ran away since he just confessed to me.When i came in my class i
see a bunch of my classmates over my desk just staring and talking.When i come more near
my desk i see a rose  with a note on my desk.I felt nervous that the rose was from Shaun.I
asked my classmates to move a side for me to sit.I grabbed the rose to go inside my desk.I
read the note in my mind.I feel  like i can hear Shaun's voice in my head as i read it
    "I like you Mika...I hope you like me too..."
      On the bottom of the note had yes or no.I couldn't decide so i just left the note in
my desk...What should i do?! 

Tell yes or no in the comments i hope u like the story...i know its kinda short but i dont
write long stories.

21 August 2009, 10:15 AM   #2
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how old are they? like, what grade? and i think Mika shouldn't like him at first but then
in the end she does.
if that's what you meant by saying, "say yes or no in the comments"...
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21 August 2009, 11:03 AM    #3
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yea thats wat i meant hmm lets see like maybe in the 7th shauns age would be
13 and mikas age would be 13 too...same grade yea yea...

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