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The main idea of a great story.

13 April 2009, 12:21 PM   #1
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The main idea of the story is that a girl (Elizabeth) is killed--but not dead. If that
makes any sense at all. Her mother is dead, her father is verbally abusive. When Elizabeth
is killed (I haven't decided how yet.) she is transported to a... place. I don't know the
details of the place yet, but whatever. She meets a boy, looking around the age of 17, 3
years older than she. He tells her that he has been her (let's call it-) Guardian since
her birth. Elizabeth has been destined to become a Guardian since before she was born.
Humans can only take on their Guardian Form when their human body is dead. There is always
a pair of a certain type of Guardians alive. Once the second of the pair is brought into
the Guardian world, it is the first's job to train them. The first are trained by a pair
that has come before him/her and customizes his/her training to fit their special
characteristics. Each pair has a special thing they can do. Elizabeth's pair are foxes.
Foxes, because foxes are told to be liars in legends and stories. They are liars in the
reasoning that they can change the outside look themselves, and, when they get more
experienced, other things and creatures. Which is as a lie, in the way that a lie's
telling can always be changed, but the inside truth never changes. Some other pair's
powers I have thought of are: the ability to control elements, control sound, and...
that's about it. I would welcome suggestions as to other abilities, and titles. Some
titles I have now: The Guardians, The Black Fox (Did I forget to mention that the Fox Pair
can morph into foxes? Black Foxes.), and that's it. Any questions, just ask, because I
know I didn't nearly cover everything needed for it to make sense.

18 June 2009, 04:53 PM    #2
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the guardian thing sounds kinda familiar

but otherwise it sounds cool

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