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Awesome Game!

20 November 2008, 03:17 PM    #1
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This is an awesome game!

You might be confused at first.


You are a cat.

You role how many spaces you get to go!

Remember-- Its safe to check the scent (there is a button after every turn you move
without an encounter) so you know where items are.

It also good to explore the place (you have to be next to the occupied cell) before you go
in it, so you know somethings there.

You try colloecting things for the end of the place (all the way at the top) 

Just go where there is a star (if you explore it)

You have to defeat the enemy to get it.

REMEMBER, do NOT stop your turn on a river, or sea, or you will drown and your game will
be over! (its ok for a stream or puddle)

Make sure to keep and eye at your hunger, thirst, and health!

Get plant (coltsfoot, horsetail, marigold, ect) to rise health

Get water (dew, water puddle, or shallow places on map) to rise thirst

Get food by hunting, make sure to explore where an animal is before you hunt. Horses are
enimies, same with rouge cats!

Have fun!!!


Its cool because you get to get your own name (depending on first name and hometown, mine
is Bluefur. (Bluestar's warrior name!!)
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