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14 June 2008, 12:13 PM   #1
Guest Poster
This is Mrs.Carrisquillo's classrom[i know her name might be a little hard to say.Anyways
she teaches Language Arts/Literacy.She is the nicest&sweetest teacher you could possibly
have.have fun in Mrs.Carrisquillo's class,am sure you will.^-^

The Classroom

15 June 2008, 12:23 AM   #2
Guest Poster
*walks in and take mi seat at a desk in the back* *yarns* i so dnt want to be here today!

15 June 2008, 01:01 AM   #3
Guest Poster
victoria walks in and sits way in the back so she's not noticed hopefully

15 June 2008, 01:04 AM   #4
Guest Poster
sazuki reaches down in her bag not being noticed and takes out something to eat since she
missed lunch

15 June 2008, 11:54 AM   #5
Guest Poster
uhmmm who's gonna be mrs.carrisquillo??we need more members.

22 June 2008, 06:43 PM   #6
The Founder
Joined: 8 Jun 2008
Posts: 169
everybody is supposed to be in here
pink hair brown eyes anime girl
Pink haired anime girl

24 June 2008, 05:43 PM   #7
Guest Poster
yah...where is everybody,are people skipping class or asre they confused with their

25 June 2008, 01:04 AM   #8
Guest Poster
~victoria~uhh mrs.Carrisquillo i think they need a schedule because we don't have one now
so yeah  think they are confused

25 June 2008, 05:23 PM   #9
Guest Poster
I'll be Mrs.Carrisquillo

25 June 2008, 05:23 PM   #10
Guest Poster
~~~~~Mrs.Carrisquillo~~~~~:That's not My fault-hotstuff112002 is supposed to give
everyone a schedule.

26 June 2008, 05:42 PM   #11
Guest Poster
ok now we have schedule's hotstuff112002 posted them for everbody to see  and im gonna be
a cheerleader if you wanna be a cheer leader just ask ms.mars

27 June 2008, 03:56 PM   #12
Guest Poster
sazuki and clemintine stand up and leave

28 June 2008, 10:56 PM   #13
Guest Poster
Ok thahnks...~~~Mayali~~~:Heads off to try out for cheerlading team.

28 June 2008, 11:05 PM   #14
Guest Poster
((ooc:lol!!!!! just go to ms.mars classroom))

29 June 2008, 01:46 AM    #15
Guest Poster
Darien sighs, sitting at a random desk he puts his feet up, lays back, and rests his

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