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This place has been dull. So it's time to add some life!

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This place has been dull. So it's time to add some life!

((Info from wikipedia. Pictures from photobucket))

Karin Hanazono (花園 花鈴, Hanazono Karin?) Voiced by: Mai
Nakahara - jonan607
    Age: 12-13
    Karin is the protagonist of the series. Her name literally means "The Flower Bell of
the Flower Garden," with the "Flower Garden" as her surname and "Flower Bell" as her given
name. Karin used to live with her aunt because her parents died a long time ago, but she
moved in with Kazune and Himeka after they found out about her goddess powers. She is an
outgoing person, even though she does bad in school and sticks up for her friends. She is
in 7th grade. The ring Karin originally thought was her mother's ring allows her to borrow
godly power. Her ring is silver and has the power of the goddess Athena (Aphrodite in
Chu). Karin, at first, was in love with Kirika Karasuma but later falls in love with
Kazune, not just because she finds out that Kirika is a woman. It is later revealed in the
last volume of the manga that Karin is actually Kazuto Kujyou's wife (Suzuka Kujyou),
which was stated in Volume 7 that Karin was returned to her child form by Kazuto Kujou.

Kazune Kujyou
Kazune Kujou (九条 和音, Kujō Kazune?) Voiced by: Miyuki
    Age: 12-13
    Kazune is the main male protagonist. His ring has the power of Apollo Greek god of sun
(in the sequel, he has a different ring with the power of Uranus). He is in 7th grade.
While he acts cool during much of the story, Himeka states that in the past, he was weak
and cried frequently, only becoming his present self when he turned ten years old, after
knowing who he was. While Himeka loves bugs, Kazune hates and fears them; in Kamichama
Karin, Himeka reveals that Kazune's fear of bugs developed when he had tried to save
Himeka from some bugs when they were little, but instead, fell into a ditch where the bugs
started to attack him until he passed out and he was even at risk of dying. Even though he
is a clone of professor Kazuto Kujyou, he is incomplete and passes out after transforming
in god form. He often speaks Karin that she deems sexist, talking about things like the
inherent stupidity or weakness of girls. Kazune is in love with Karin (and tells Michiru
such), and has known since the age of ten that Karin is his wife, Suzuka. He himself is
the clone of his "father".

Himeka Kujou (九条 姫香, Kujō Himeka?) Voiced by: Noriko
    Age: 12-13
    Himeka is Karin's friend and Kazune's "cousin". She is also Suzune's sister in
Kamichama Karin Chu. She is one half of a goddess; the other half is Kirio's younger
sister who is also named Himeka. When one Himeka becomes stronger, the other becomes
weaker. Since she was a young girl, she has always defended Kazune, who was a bit of a
crybaby when they were little. She loves bugs and is a good cook. She is in 7th grade.
Like Karin, she does poorly in school. It is later revealed that she is Kazuto and
Suzuka's daughter. She tells Karin at one point that while she has a strong affection for
Kazune, it is not necessarily a romantic attachment, as Kazune is "kind of like a brother
and kind of like a dad" to Himeka (referencing Kazune's identity as a clone of Himeka's
father). She also witnessed Kazune and Karin kissing in the anime.

Kirio Karasuma (烏丸 キリオ, Karasuma Kirio?) Voiced by:
Shintaro Asanuma
    Age: 15
    Kirio is the main antagonist. He is the student body president of Sakuragaoka Academy.
He tests the protagonists and fights them outside the campus. Karin refers to him as "Mr.
Glasses Man" (meganekko), "Four eyes-san" or "Glasses Guy". His only true relative is his
twin sister Kirika, but he does have another "sister" by the name of Himeka. In the anime,
he is a running gag character; often leaving before ever winning and revealing his plot to
Karin and the others while they didn't know, thinking they did. His ring has the powers of
the god Ares. Later in the series, his ring is destroyed by Kazune. He gets possessed as
the person who split the two Himeka with the ring he is wearing, but in the end Karin and
Kazune saved him.(episode 26)

(Before Death)
shii chan
(After Death)
shii chan icon kamichama
Shii-Chan(Nike) (しーちゃん, Shii-Chan(Nike)?) Voiced by:
Nanae Katou
    Shii-Chan is also known as Nya-Ke. She is the ally goddess hidden within Karins's dead
cat, Shii-chan. Her spirit was finally released with the soul of the cat died and she took
over the body. From then on she helped Karin on her adventure.

Miyon (, Miyon?) Voiced by: [[ | ]]
    Age: 12-13
    She is Himeka's friend from grade school. They're very close; She has a crush on

Yuuki Sakurai (, Yuuki Sakurai?) Voiced by: [[ | ]]
    Age: 12-13
    Karin's classmate, who rocks at the violin. He has a crush on Miyon.

Kirika  Karasuma
Kirika Karasuma (, Kirika Karasuma?) Voiced by: [[ | ]]
    Age: 15
    Also has the power of a god. She is Kirio's twin sister and Karin's former crush. At
the beginning she pretends to be a guy, but Karin later discovers Kirika is actually a

Michiru Nishikiori (, Michiru Nishikiori?) Voiced by: Akira Ishida
    Age: 13-14
    A transfer student from Britan. He also has the power of a god like Karin and Kazune.
When he was young, he got into a car accident which left him orphaned. He was in critical
condition and would not of survived if it weren't for Professor Kojou. Though he was okay,
one of his eyes were not. Professor Kojou had to replace one of his eyes. That is why one
of them is blue and one purple (purple being his original eye colour). Most people (like
Karin and Himeka)call him Michii. He was in the hospital for some time so he is a year
older then most of his classmates. He had very tight bonds with the professor and treated
him like his dad. When he arrived to Japan he mistook Kazune for Professor Kujou. Even
though he is not able to use his god powers until episode 26(anime) and the sequel called
Kamichama Karin Chu(in the sequel, he has power of Neptune),(manga, anime not out yet).
When he gets to know Karin too well, Kazune got jealous and kissed Karin. Michii is a very
nice person with a joyful personality. He also trys to help Kazune by giving help
information about Professor Kujou. 

Kazusa Kujyou (, Kazusa Kujou?) Voiced by: [[ | ]]
    Kazune created her the same way he was created. She can transform into a bird and has
the same powers as Kazune. She looks a bit like Himeka except blonde.

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