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21 June 2014, 11:34 AM   #1
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Ran by Adam Crane and partially by his "sister" Rosa.

23 June 2014, 12:34 AM   #2
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When the car pulled into the lot behind the record store, Adam Crane got out of the car and waited for the two patiently. He could be easily dated 1960s England, as his wardrobe screamed 1980s pre-Goth. He had a soft face like Rosa, with similar, but not quite eyes and hair. They looked close enough, but there accents were far from similar. "Wot were you thinkin', Rosie? You coulda taken that guy." "Adam, he vas an elemental. He vould crush me."

23 June 2014, 01:28 AM   #3
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Clara stood in front of the large record store window that displayed various
colorful records. She wore her pastel pink, short sleeved crop top, high wasted pastel
blue skater skirt, white over the knee socks with a single black strip around the tops and
old, worn, black Dr. Marten mary janes. She bit down on her lower lip as she tried to look
past the records and into the store. She had just bought an old portable record player and
was on the lookout for nice records. Clara had a passion for vintage items and enjoyed
thinking about items connected to the past, wondering what who owned such items before her
and what experiences they had gone through. She pressed her head against the window and
cupped her hands around her eyes.

23 June 2014, 02:00 AM   #4
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"My brother hates vampires and hates that I sympathize with them. You need to be careful
though. Vampires are weak to fire and he's a fire elementalist. I control all of them. He
caught sight of a strange girl gawking in the window. "You should probably handle her. You
know, be a good employee. Just a thought." He sat on the hood of Adam's car and sent an
icy wind through the air, just to mess with them.

23 June 2014, 12:39 PM   #5
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"Well then, I want you to go inside and stay outta sight. Same goes for you, Rosa!" He said walking inside through the back. He went up to the counter, and said his well rehearsed, "Hi, welcome to Sounds of the Universe, how may I help you?" ... Rosa led Aiden inside and upstairs to their flat. It was fairly large: three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

23 June 2014, 12:49 PM   #6
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"Nice place ya got here." Aidan smiled softly. He jumped onto the couch, getting
comfortable. "You a scholarship kid?" He asked her. No one wealthy would live in a flat.
He honestly would prefer to live in a flat but he wasn't a normal rich kid.

23 June 2014, 12:56 PM   #7
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"Actually no. My cohort Adam here comes from very old money, I think absolved royalty or something down the line. He vas the one that decided to live a regular life. It reminds me of my childhood. I like it." Rosa said, hunting for a remote and turning it on. Avatar, the Last Airbender was playing on DVD. "Better than My Little Pony, I guess."

23 June 2014, 01:11 PM   #8
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Aidan let out a light laugh. "You know, I've never met a girl so open like you are. It's
kind of cute." He rolled off the couch and landed on the floor. He went through the
fridge, looking for snacks and drinks. He had already made himself at home.

23 June 2014, 01:17 PM   #9
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It was Adam who liked human food, so it was his stuff in the fridge. Mostly junk food and soda, but in the back there were mason jars filled could figure it out.

23 June 2014, 01:27 PM   #10
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He grabbed a can of soda and went back to the couch. "Your both vampires right?" He
asked. "I mean like you aren't a turned vamp, right?"

Abigail walked into the shop, wearing a cute lolita dress and her hair was up in pig
tails. She was wearing bright red lipstick and black eye shadow. She was stunning though
all pureblood vampires were. After being wounded earlier, she was forced to change. It
still hurt a little but she was fine for the most part. She looked through the records.
She glanced at the cute human and licked her fangs. Henry's blood didn't satisfy her.
Hunter's blood was disgusting. She was still very hungry. Her eyes laid upon Adam and she
growled. She couldn't kill the human here.

23 June 2014, 01:42 PM   #11
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Adam looked at her and gave her a sharp grin before continuing to work with the customer. ... "Uh, I don't understand what you mean?" She asked. "I remember the day I was turned. It was a dreary March day, I vas the only survivor from a bombing. They burned and blew our street to the ground. And this guy, Mister Beckett, let me come vith him. He turned me. Ven I voke up next, the var vas over."

23 June 2014, 01:52 PM   #12
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Abigail was caught off guard but she turned her back to him. When she saw a wanted poster
in the window, she ripped it down. It was of her and she was considered dangerous. She
rolled her eyes as she tore up the wanted poster. She tossed it in the trash. She went
back to looking through records.

"So you were turned... well as long as your not a pureblood, I don't have a problem with
you." He flashed her a grin.

23 June 2014, 02:04 PM   #13
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"Now Adam, he's a different story. He has retrograde amnesia, he doesn't remember anything before June 5, 1979. From vat I can research, he's a turned as well, but I just plain don't know."

23 June 2014, 02:10 PM   #14
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"I know a vampire that's similar to that. Well, rumor has it that she woke up on the side
of a highway covered in blood with absolutely no memory of anything. She's a pureblood
though and my biggest enemy. She's tried to kill me on multiple occasions because my step
dad killed her master."

23 June 2014, 10:26 PM    #15
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"Oh I was just wondering if you had The Beatles' Ask Me Why and Anna Single from
1964?" Clara asked the man before hearing another enter the shop. She looked to see
another girl and looked back at the man to find him grinning which made her slightly
uncomfortable. "I mean, I know its a long shot that you might have it because I guess
there are rumored to be only six to ten known copies since it was a promotional item but I
thought I'd ask anyway." She glanced over her shoulder at the other once more before
turning her head back forward and held her hands behind her back.

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